In the deep depths of January comes a shining light at the end of the tunnel, it’s Robert Burn’s birthday and Burns Night! Therefore, whether you are Scottish or you just need something to uplift the end of this dreary month, why not celebrate the life of Rabbie Burns on the 25th of January?

We all need a little pick me up at the moment!

Why Celebrate Burns Night?

If you haven’t bumped into him already, Robert Burns is the most famous Poet to come out of Scotland. His romantic ballads and traditional and humorous poems contain some world famous and thought-provoking lines. If you haven’t already, check this guy out!

The National Bard, had a easy way of expressing emotions from all walks of life, whether writing about human beings, animals or inanimate objects. For nearly 250 years, the glorious words and verses have been cherished by people all over the globe. In his honour, Scots remember Burns’ birthday on the 25th of January in celebration of his life and incredible poetry.

How to Celebrate Burns Night

Hand in hand with Burns Night comes good food, good company and good poetry. Traditionally, families and communities gather together to celebrate, but as this can’t happen this year, we have got a few suggestions!


Haggis or “great chieftain o’ the puddin-‘race” as Burns referred to it, should be the centre of all Burns Night menus. If your a veggie or a vegan, there are plenty of alternative options around. Alongside haggis, traditionally neeps (swedes) and tatties (potatoes) are served with a whisky sauce. And for desert? How about Cranachan with whisky cream, berries and toasted rolled oats? There are tons of recipes online to help you to create your own twist on this traditional menu.

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If you are a big fan of whisky, this is probably the holiday for you. Whisky is the second most important thing during Burns Night (after the haggis of course!), so make sure you have some in your liquor cabinet. If you want to cook a traditional meal, make sure to have some on hand as it features heavily. If you aren’t the biggest whisky fan, why not try a whisky cocktail or a Burns Night drink instead!

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Similarly, the night wouldn’t be complete without some poetry. Good ol’ Rabbie has written over 500 ballads, poems and songs, so your sure to find one that suits you. Or if you’re only interested in the classics, why not take a glance at the popular famous ones! Address to a Haggis (1786), Auld Lang Syne (1788) or Is There for Honest Poverty (A Man’s a Man for ‘ That) (1795) are some very famous ones. Check out the BBC for a huge list of all of Burns’ works.


Customarily, bagpipes are unsurprisingly another essential element for a Burns Night celebration. Highland pipes are the instrument of choice for bagpipers to play. Possibly the most important elements of Burns Night is the bagpipers piping in the haggis to , ‘A Man’s A Man For A’ That’. Guests stand while the procession come in and the haggis is placed in the centre of the table on a silver platter. (Yes, haggis is that important!)

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It’s all about the tartan! If you have a clan tartan or not, traditionally guests will darn their Highland dress for this special occasion. But if you don’t have you kilt handy, why not have a look online to find you clan’s tartan? Or find some of your favourite patterns and colours to dress up for an evening of fun!

Happy Birthday, Robert Burns!

In conclusion, whether you want to get involved with this glorious Scottish tradition, or you really just need a dram, why not organise a celebratory tribute to one of Scotland’s most talented poets.

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