If your idea of the perfect wedding involves walking down the aisle of a beautiful church in a white gown with the groom waiting for you at the top with a tear in his eye then you are no different from the vast majority of modern brides as traditional church weddings are still very popular.

If like many people these days this is not your first wedding then it may be difficult to find a church willing to carry out the whole ceremony but most will be willing to carry out a blessing and you can still walk down the aisle and have music and hymns.

Top Tips On Organizing A Church Wedding

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  • Contact your local Clergy as soon as you have some dates in mind. Popular churches can be booked years in advance especially if you want a Saturday wedding date in the summer.
  • You will both be expected to meet with your Clergy and discuss the reasons behind wanting a religious ceremony. The making of vows and marriage in a church is taken very seriously.
  • During your meeting you can discuss ways of making the ceremony personal to you both by choosing readings and hymns that may have a special meaning or adding your own personal touch to your vows.
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  • Some churches have restrictions so ask if your photographer or videographer will be allowed inside the church. The use of confetti can also be an issue so it is best to ask.
  • Consider having the church bells ring out at the end of your ceremony. This can be quite spectacular but it will also incur an additional cost.
  • Having some Doves released as you walk out of the Church would be worth considering for that extra special romantic touch.
  • The most common process for a traditional wedding is the reading of the Banns. This means that on three consecutive Sundays in the Parishes of the bride and groom prior to the wedding the Banns will be read out to give the public a chance of voicing any opposition to the marriage. You will both be expected to attend these readings. For more information about how to Register for marriage please click here.
  • Traditional church organ music may be exactly what you want but you could also consider the church choir or a string quartet but these will add to the cost.
  • If you are not sure what music you would like played at your wedding it is a good idea to buy a CD of wedding music then you can choose your favourites.
  • Insist on a full rehearsal prior to the big day. Make sure everybody knows their position and what they are expected to do during the ceremony, this will minimise the risk of any potential problems occurring on the day.

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