Kids at weddings can be a delight or a fast-track to chaos, to the point that many couples specify “Sorry, No Kids” on the invitations. If you are inviting the children along to your wedding, it’s important to factor in things that will keep them amused, entertained, and occupied throughout the day, reducing the risk of tantrums, meltdowns, and the wrong kinds of tears.

Here are a few easy ideas that you can introduce to your wedding day, without breaking the bank.

Craft Table

Mum and dad probably won’t want their little one’s best-dress spoiled with paint, but crayons, pencils and plenty to colour in and decorate can be a great way to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours. Why not ask them to draw a picture of your wedding for you to keep as a memento of the day?

Candy Corner

Without sending them too loopy on e-numbers and sugar, a treats corner can be a great way to keep the kids sweet. Stock it with sweets, fruit, juices and other treats that the kids (and grown-ups!) can help themselves to, and keep some wet wipes handy for those sticky fingers!

Games Station

Fun for children AND adults, a games station is a great budget addition to your wedding reception. Get together your favourite board games, a few random charity-shop-finds, throw in some Jenga, tiddly-winks, and some playing cards, and let the games commence!

Children’s Entertainer

If you know there’s going to be a lull in proceedings, that’s probably when the young ones are going to get bored, frustrated, and start causing disruption. A kids’ entertainer is a great way to keep them happy and burn off a bit of restless energy with some party games and activities.

Kids Dining Area

A fantastic way to make the kids feel like a special part of your day is to create their own dining area with kid-sized chairs and tables, colourful settings, and their own menu. Rather than having to sit at the big tables with the grown-ups, let the young ones eat together at their own pace, with some sparkling juice or fresh lemonade so they can join in the toasts.


If the kids at your wedding are too old to appreciate party games, wow them with a great, interactive magic act. They might even learn some tricks to dazzle the adults with, later in the evening!

Face Painting

For an outdoor wedding, face painting can be fun for all the family, adding an extra splash of colour and sparkle to proceedings which can make for some fabulous photos, and happy faces all-round.

An I-Spy Wedding Day Activity Book

If there are only a few kids around on your wedding day, an activity book can be a great idea. Include a range of activities like things to spy in the ceremony venue, things to find at the reception, word searches, spot the difference wedding pictures, and space to draw their favourite parts of the day or their perfect wedding outfit. Announce a prize for the best-completed activity book, given early in the evening, before the younger ones are ready for sleep.

If you know there are going to be a lot of kids at your wedding, it’s also worth considering bringing in a couple of babysitters to take care of them throughout the afternoon and evening, allowing their parents to relax, and everyone to enjoy your wedding day.

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