Live music is becoming more and more popular for couples planning their wedding day. With more brides and grooms-to-be focusing on what they want most and prioritising music more and more, it is unsurprising that live musicians have grown in popularity over the last few years.

It’s not all singing and dancing though! Finding the perfect fit for your day can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you sorted with this easy guide. So, how do you actually go about hiring live musicians for your wedding day?

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‘How To’ Guide

1. Speak to the Venue

Before you consider having live music on your Wedding day, speak to your venue to ensure its possible. For varying reasons, venues may have limitations on live music, so get clued up about any restrictions first.

Most of the restrictions surround sound and timings. But it’s not just about noise! Consider the amount of space that the band will need to perform, whether they need access to electricity or any changing rooms and how long they may take to set up.

Top Tip: Make sure to notify the band of any restrictions beforehand so they can modify their performance where needed.

2. Set Your Budget

Whether it is your dream to have a string quartet as you walk down the aisle or a 4-piece 80s band to get everyone grooving, you will need to set your budget first of all.

The price you can expect to pay for live music can vary dramatically from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. Outline how much you are willing to spend early on so that you can find options to suit. It doesn’t have to be a band either! There are plenty of solo musicians or duos that create an incredible atmosphere too!

Top Tip: Don’t forget to consider any travel and/or accommodation costs that may come into play.

3. Explore Your Options

It is likely that you wont be able to see your favourite Wedding musicians play in person before the big day. That doesn’t matter though! With so many high quality audio clips, videos and reviews to look through, you are bound to find some favourites to suit your big day.

Consider the types of music you like and look through the setlists to see whether the songs on their suit the sort of vibe you want to create on the day. After all, you want everyone dancing!

Top Tip: If you want a particular song played, make sure to let the musicians know early on.

4. Book Your Live Music

When booking your wedding music, make sure that you have all of the necessary questions answered and have double checked with the venue. It is likely that you will need to put down a deposit and then the final balance will be settled closer to the event date.

Make sure you have taken all of the costs into account, including any fees for learning extra songs. Check in with the supplier as to whether the final balance needs to be paid on the day or beforehand.

Top Tip: Make sure you know whether the deposit is refundable or not just in case plans change!

Questions To Ask…

Your Venue

  • Does the venue allow live music?
  • When & where can musicians set up?
  • Do you have a sound system?
  • Are there noise restrictions?
  • Is there a dancefloor?
  • What time can the musicians play until?
  • Is there enough access to electricity?
  • Will food be provided for the band?

The Musicians

  • Do you have public liability insurance?
  • Is all of your equipment PAT-tested?
  • What time will you arrive at the venue to set up?
  • Have you performed at my venue before?
  • Do you do a sound check prior to performing?
  • Do you have to finish by a certain time?
  • Is there a setlist? Do you take requests?
  • Will the singer be the same?

Ways To Include Live Music

Ceremony Music

Your Wedding Ceremony is the most personal part of your day and your ceremony music should reflect this. Choose a solo musician, duo or trio to provide the elegant background music but not take the spotlight away from you.

Drinks Reception

Now that the ceremony is over, its time to guide your guests over to the drink reception. Depending on the sort of vibe you want to create, you might want to have some roaming musicians to entertain your guests for bigger parties and set the mood.

Wedding Breakfast

Time for some more lowkey music. This is all about having those wonderful conversations, so solo harpists or pianists are a great option to provide background music for you.

Evening Reception

Now the party really gets started. You’ll want everyone to get up and dancing, so if you are thinking of having live wedding music, you might want to save it for a showstopper at the end of the night!

Sexy Saxophonists

Who doesn’t love the smooth sound of a saxophone? It isn’t difficult to see why these solo musicians are fast becoming popular amongst couples for their special day. Not only can a saxophonist set a cool atmosphere for some background music, but they also can team up with a DJ or even a band to bring some incredible depth to any occasion.

Roaming Around

Are you wanting something entirely unique at your wedding? Something that adds a bit of WOW-factor? Why not hire a roaming band?! These bands are usually entirely acoustic so they are most suited to smaller weddings, but there are also other bands that hook up to wireless amps to get the full band experience with the dance and mingle element too!

Big – Little Bands

Who needs a huge 7-piece band when you can get a great atmosphere with just a couple of musicians?! Couples are choosing smaller ensembles to pack a big punch at their weddings in the coming months. Not only is it a more cost-effective option, but with more couples downsizing their weddings and focusing on the important people, its the perfect fit!

The 90s Are Back, Baby!

It is almost unsurprising that 90s classics are back. The 70s and 80s bands have been popular for a while now, so its only right that the 90s are coming into their own era at weddings. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of Britney or Steps to get the party started. Throwback to the 90s and have the time of your life.

To Conclude

Live music is the perfect way to add some depth to your wedding day, enjoy some incredible entertainment and get everyone up and dancing. With so many different options to choose from and so many different ways to add live music in to your wedding day, you are sure to be inspired and find those perfect musical moments.

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