When planning your bridal makeup, consider the look you want, the makeup products you need to achieve that look and whether you have the confidence and skills to apply the makeup yourself.

Try a number of makeup looks in advance of your wedding day to find a look that you feel comfortable with. Most brides want to achieve a polished but natural makeup look and be confident that the makeup will last all day and look good on the wedding photographs.

Bridal Makeup Top Tips

Tip One: In the run up to the wedding it is important to adopt a good skin-care routine. You may want to consider a facial sauna or deep cleansing facial massage for a radiant complexion. Don’t have these treatments too close to your wedding day in case you suffer redness.

Tip Two: Eyebrows frame your face and proper shaping can have a dramatic effect. If you are planning to have your eyebrows plucked or waxed, visit an expert a few days before the wedding so that any redness has time to calm down. Eyebrows can be filled with a pencil or powder using an angled eyebrow brush in a colour matching brows to fill in any sparse or over-plucked areas.

Tip Three: If you are having fake tan applied prior to your wedding then this should be carried out by a qualified beautician and include a trial run to see how the colour takes to your particular skin-tone.

Tip Four: Ensure your skin is well moisturised on the morning of the wedding, prior to makeup application.

Tip Five: Careful planning is essential when it comes to bridal makeup. Your wedding theme should be consistent with the bridal makeup as it provides a beautiful scenic flow. However, it is not the only factor that should be taken into consideration. First of all, the eye colour, hair colour and skin tone should compliment the bride’s natural colouring. Therefore, if the theme colours do not suit your face opt for a makeup that enhances your natural features and use neutral tones.

Tip Six: Use a foundation as close to your natural skin-tone as possible with a matt finish. Yellow-based foundations and powders are particularly good for toning down redness. For a lighter coverage, consider mixing a little moisturiser with your foundation.

Tip Seven: A good tip is to build blusher colour gradually for a more subtle effect and if the result is too bright or dark, tone down with powder or a more neutral blush colour.

Tip Eight: When choosing lip colours, choose a colour that you feel comfortable wearing and that suits your skin-tone e.g. warm skin tones would suit more yellow-based colours where cool skin tones would suit more blue-based colours. For long-lasting lip colour line lips with lip liner, apply one coat of lipstick, blot and re-apply. Apply gloss or balm to give a shinier finish to matt lipstick.

Tip Nine: When choosing eye colours choose shades that you feel comfortable wearing. If you want a more dramatic look around the eyes, consider balancing this with more neutral coloured lips or alternatively if your eye colours are soft and natural, consider balancing this with a stronger lip colour. Always use a top quality waterproof mascara.

Tip Ten: Finally, lightly apply loose powder or powder compact to set your makeup.

If you don’t feel comfortable applying makeup yourself, consider having a makeup lesson focused on a bridal makeup look that you can replicate yourself or alternatively hire a professional makeup artist. Don’t do it yourself if you are not confident with your skills as it will show on your wedding photographs forever.

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