Whether you are having a birthday party, office party, private gathering or any other sort of getting together, it can be tough to decide on a party idea that all of your friends will love. With this helpful list, you can use these ideas to make your next party a raging success.

Ugly Sweater Party

Nothing brings people together quite like an ugly sweater party. When party-goers know that they will not be able to try to dress up in outfits that are “cooler” than everyone else’s, it truly adds an interesting wrinkle to the proceedings. Instead of shopping around for party gifts, your friends and loved ones will be frantically hunting through bargain bins and thrift stores for the ugliest sweater known to man.

The ’70s, ’80s or ’90s Theme

Theme parties to celebrate a bygone era are great excuses to break out old clothes and listen to the music that defined your childhood. You may end up deciding on a ’70s theme, which is great for lovers of bell bottoms, disco, and free love. Or you can nudge things ahead a decade to the 1980s when leather and hair metal had an immense impact on our personal style. Now that we’ve all aged enough to see the ’90s as a memory, a ’90s theme gives us an opportunity to break out the big cell phones and our baggiest jeans.

Color Parties

This option gives you the chance to choose a theme/motif that is based on color. Perhaps you would prefer to have your guests show up dressed in all black or all white. Or you can choose a color that is much easier to find food and drink in and have an all blue or red party. Selecting a random color to use as the basis for your next soiree will truly stretch your creative muscles and ensure your party stands apart.

Sports-Related Party

The next time a big game is about to happen, why not get everyone together so that you can all consume food and beverages and enjoy the game as a group? Sports are a communal activity and way more fun when you have a large gathering to take in a game with. You may or may not want to serve alcohol, depending on the sort of sports fan that you plan to have in attendance.


Instead of traveling all the way to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, why not bring these cities to you? You can use gambling themed decorations and hang a big pair of fuzzy dice from the ceiling. Best of all, it is a great excuse to get together with close friends and loved ones and play a few games of poker and blackjack. They are easy games to learn and guests will have a great time dueling against one another.

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