If you’re looking to bring a unique winter theme wedding ideas, you should be considering all the marvellous aesthetics that winter has to offer! Winter is one of the most magical times of the year! There are various, wonderful ways to bring the winter feels in, without the winter chills.

If you’re planning a unique winter themed wedding it’s time to get a move on, and Poptop’s got 26 ideas to make your winter wedding a little more festive!

26 Unique Winter Themed Wedding Ideas

1. Winter Prints

The first introduction your guests will have is their save the date or wedding invite. You want this to set the tone for your wedding from the very start, so make sure they’re as wintery as your wedding.

If you’re looking for a classic take on a winter look, you could try wreaths in deep forest green with crimson berries and of course a bit of sparkle to frost the whole look.

Rustic woodlands are also in trend, and when does the forest look its best? Obviously when Jack Frost’s worked his wintery magic to transform the dull and muddy to a snowy dazzle. Use trees and branches mixed with snow and a few faux forest folk like deers to create that winter woodland effect.

Alternatively, you can go for winter at midnight appearance by using dark and ominous colours with gold foil lights. This effect is bold and fabulously chic.

Whether you decide to go all out festive or minimalistic and wintery, make sure that your guests are feeling that Christmas vibe from their first look at your invites.

2. Mistletoe Kisses 

On your big day, I’m sure you might be looking for any reason at all to sneak a kiss from your loved one and mistletoe is a perfect excuse! Why not start off by hanging a bunch of mistletoe above the alter for your first kiss? 

Take the mistletoe around with you for the rest of the day to create a fun picture and guarantee a kiss from your partner throughout the day. You can even give your guests a small bunch of mistletoe to spread love through your wedding day!

3. Winter Jackets

While we love all things winter, there is one exception, how cold it is! But this just gives you an excuse to bring out all those fabulous winter coats that get locked away during the summer. Here’s a few suggestions on how to keep cosy and quirky on your big day!

Leather jackets, they come in all different styles and colours and any of them would go perfect for an alternative look with a fabulous ball gown, or any gown for that matter.

Tartan shirts are a new addition to a winter cover up, but they add a pop of colour to your dress that would work perfectly if you’re planning a rustic woodland wedding.

Either of these suggestions can also be personalised to give the look your own touch, and new married name. And for those of you who are looking to go chic, fur shrugs are still a fabulous winter accessory and they will keep you warm for sure!

4. Winter Warmer

One of the best parts about winter is that alcoholic drinks have evolved so that you can keep warm and still have some fun. Keep your guests feeling cosy with these winter warmer cocktails and drinks!

Kick your wedding reception off in style with piping hot Mulled wine, filled with winter fruits and of course, wine!

If you want something more traditional, try some boozy egg-nog. You can even make this without dairy so all your guests can join the party. And of course, everyone’s favourite winter drink, a delicious Baileys Hot Chocolate! A real crowd pleaser for any winter themed wedding.

If you’re feeling a little extra, perhaps add a pimp your drink selection. Complete this station with a few different flavours of Bailey’s, extra fruit for your mulled wine and cinnamon sticks as part of your little festive details.

5. Winter Woodland Wonderland

We may have mentioned this before but we are a little bit obsessed! This theme ties in two increasingly popular themes, winter and rustic. It’s sure to give your winter wedding a magical look! 

Tier your table centrepieces with log slices, adding moss and ‘snow’ to give it the winter woodland effect and maybe include some wild winter flowers to top it all off! If you want that extra sparkle for your winter woodland, add some glitter to your wood slices!

You can also use wooden logs to create candle holders, maybe just for LED candles as we don’t want any accidents. But they still give your tables a charming woodland appearance.

For those of you who want to go for the full winter forest illusion at their wedding, Birch trees look fantastic! The way they bend and twist to create a magical impression means your winter wedding will be just as magical as you are!

6. Winter Colour Scheme

Winter colours are some of the most beautiful, so choosing the perfect mix for your winter themed wedding might be difficult, so we have pulled together our favourites to help you on your way.

Deep burgundy is very popular at the minute, tie this together with a navy blue and accented with gold and blush pink for a festive glow. Or go for a more chic look with black velvet, emerald green and, of course, gold! 

And for all those minimalists out there, simply white and silver are a great way to go for a wintery wedding.

7. Voguish Velvet

Velvet is becoming more and more popular at weddings, the fabric is most associated with Christmas/winter and it’s very chic. Use hints of velvet or go for the full effect with these velvet tuxedos. Your guys will look dashing!

If you want elegant gowns for the ladies that still keep them warm, then velvet is a great way to go, the colours and textures all give a wintery feel and they’re very trendy at the minute. You can even use velvet touches throughout your decor with velvet chairs or velvet ribbon ties for your flowers.

8. Stylish Sequins

Any colour of sequins can bring that winter sparkle into your wedding. There are so many different ways to use sequins to embellish your decor!

Give your ladies some winter sparkle with a little (or a lot) of sequins on their dresses. Dress up your cake in sequins for some tasty glitz. Bring them into your table decor with either fun table runner or go the whole sch-bang with a sequin table-cloth! 

9. Wintery Cakes

For an alternative wedding cake in keeping with the winter theme, why not go for a chocolate yule log? These can add magical forest touches, you can also top these off with two little foxes surrounded by berries, instead of the traditional bride and groom.

Add touches of snowflakes to your cake to give a whirlwind of snowfall. Or, if you want to go for a naked cake you can use winter flowers and berries to create a more rustic vibe.

10. Accent With Snowflakes

Bring in those small details with mini snowflakes throughout your decor! Use them to tie your chair sashes or napkins together. Or include them in your table decor, whether you go for large or small snowflakes they’re a beautiful way to tie your winter themed wedding together.

11. Christmas Trees

If you want to create a more festive feel to your winter wedding, try to put mini Christmas trees in the centre of your tables then provide your guests with baubles and lights to decorate themselves. You can later repot these trees in your own garden for all your future Christmas trees together.

12. Lanterns

If you want to have a glowing entrance to your wedding, guide your way to the altar with the help of these lanterns that will give your wedding that magical, winter feel. 

And for those of you who are planning to venture outside into the winter’s night, use shepherds hooks and lanterns to brighten your night.

13. Lights Everywhere

Create a festive glow with fairy lights throughout your wedding venue. It’s a very simple yet effective addition to your Christmas themed wedding. Use a light curtain as a backdrop to your top table at your wedding reception. You can also use them to lighten up your table decorations. And even string them alongside your wedding cake.

14. Jingle Bells

For those of you wanting to bring the Christmas spirit to your wedding, why not give your guests some jingle bells, they can use these to replace tapping glasses during speeches or to encourage the happy couple to share a kiss.

15. Candy Cane Name Holders

If your wedding date is a little closer to Christmas, why not bring in some festive favourites?! Candy canes will bring a pop of colour to your table decorations and they’re so easy to make if you’re a DIY bride! They could also be a little après le dîner menthe for your guests.

16. Reindeer Gift Bags

Whether you decide to go for the winter themed or the full Christmas effect, these reindeer treat bags are fun for any child attending your wedding day. Super easy to make and the kids will love them.

17. Winter Themed Adults

Of course, you want to give your guests a memorable gift for joining you on your big day and winter themed gifts make the best favours. Jars of ready to make hot chocolate are so sweet and perfect favour for your wedding guests.

Or you can fill mason jars with popping corn and a sweet flavour to match! For a great way to say thanks for ‘popping’ by.

Give your guests something they will always have to remember your big day with a personalised mug, perfect for hot chocolate and this ties in perfectly with our next suggestion.

18. Hot Chocolate Station

Everyone loves the extra details and thought that goes into a wedding, so here’s a perfect one for any winter wedding.

A real crowd pleaser and a very simple idea! For a little uniqueness, add some Christmas flavours like mint and cinnamon to partner with your marshmallows and whipped cream for a sweet winter warmer. 

19. Roast a Marshmallow & Party S’more

If you want a fun activity for your guests and a super sweet treat, try a make your own s’mores station. Or if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor fire pit at your venue or you can bring one in, this idea will bring some winter fun to your winter wedding. Why not go the extra mile and complete the look with personalised marshmallows.

20. To Have & To Hold Incase You Get Cold

If you’re planning a winter wedding then it is highly likely that it will be pretty chilly outside! Provide your guests with cosy blankets to take outside with them so they can enjoy the winter’s evening. Another unique idea is to weave scarves in between the chair slats for a cosy gift and a quirky take on a chair sash.

21. Winter/Christmas Films Backdrop

One of the best parts of entering the winter season is getting to curl up on the sofa and watch movies all day every day with no judgements.

You can bring this kind of theme into your winter wedding by playing your favourite winter or festive classics on repeat throughout the day, all you need is a blank wall and projector and they add a great background to your winter wedding.

22. Wreaths For Days

Wreaths are a fabulous addition to any winter wedding, they fit well with the theme and there are so many different ways to dress up the venue with them!

You can use mini wreaths as place holders for your guests’ name. They can even be used as a table centrepiece with hanging flowers and tealights to create a more magical effect. These wreaths can be designed with any type of flowers and greenery or event feathers if you want your decorations to stand out. They symbolise growth and everlasting life, a beautiful symbol you might want to bring into your wedding day.

23. Crafts Table

If you’re having kids at your tables it might be a good idea to plan a few activities to keep their hands busy. Use white and silver pipe cleaners to make some snowflakes to take home for themselves. There’s also ‘Snow-dough’ – essentially white playdough but add a scarf and top hat and you have some snowmen too!

24. A Little Treat For Your Chilly Feet

We’ve all seen the flip flops provided for when the reception party really starts going but it will most likely be chilly so why not provide soft slippers instead?! Just remember to make sure the soles are rubber to avoid guests slipping and sliding all night long! 

25. Let Love Sparkle

If you’re looking to end your winter wedding with a bang (or a sparkler), why not provide your guests with one as their wedding favour. These can then be used to light your path as you and your newlywed partner leave the venue. The festive sparklers also create a fantastic effect for any photos of your big day!

26. ‘Let It Snow’

If you’re planning a winter wedding you will never be able to predict the weather. Use your confetti to ensure your wedding is snowy and bright, it creates a stunning effect for your photos as well.

Final Thoughts

While you have decided to go for a winter wedding it’s important to keep your theme personal to you and your partner, whatever that may be. It’s the tiny details that you’ll remember as these are usually the most special to you both.

Also, investing in your winter accessories for your big day will never be something that you regret! 😉

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