Remember, Remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot! Celebrating bonfire night is a huge British tradition which is rooted in history for many families all across the UK, so why should this year be any different? Check out this range of ideas to give you some inspiration on how to celebrate Bonfire Night in your own Guy Fawkes bubble!

1. Light a Fire
2. Bang, Crackle & Pop
3. Learn the Story
4. Get Your Chef Hat on
5. Seasonal Picnic
6. Keep Cosy With a Cocktail
7. Make Your Own Guy Fawkes
8. Take a Snapshot

9. Wear a Mask
10. Go Away for the Weekend
11. Do it Digitally
12. Something for the Kids
13. Bobbing for Apples
14. Night Wandering
15. Hire a Food Van

1. Light a Fire 🔥

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, buy or collect all of your spare firewood to hold your own bonfire! Make sure you have plenty of space and a bag or two of marshmallows to roast. One of the only good things about the weather getting colder, is cosying up by a fire, wether you’re indoors or out. If you don’t have a garden, light some candles and get out the fairy lights to set the mood!

2. Bang, Crackle and Pop 🎆

Are you a lover of fireworks? If you can’t attend a public firework show this year, why not make your own? A couple of small Catherine wheels or sparklers are all that is needed to help you celebrate this important day! You can usually buy them very cheaply from supermarkets and because they don’t make loud bands like larger fireworks, they’re great for kids and pets too.  

3. Learn the Story 📖

Everyone knows the phrase ‘remember, remember the fifth of November’, but do you know why we remember this date in British history? Why don’t you spend some time this year brushing up on your history and learn a bit about Guy Fawkes? Just make sure you have a hot chocolate and some cinder toffee in hand to accompany you… 

4. Get Your Chef Hat On 👩🏾‍🍳

…Which brings us onto tasty treats in general! Bonfire Night brings tons of great food options along with it. From the classic bonfire toffee, parkin cake, caramel apples and sausages cooked on the fire, to the more contemporary options of baked potatoes, s’mores and pumpkin soups. The perfect Autumn/Winter menu! There are a whole smorgasbord of recipes online to make you spoiled for choice of what to make, and to keep you toasty warm and your tummy full. 

If you don’t fancy spending time in the kitchen, why not hire a private chef to do the work for you? There are so many season menu options with a range of prices to fit to all budgets, so check them out!

5. Seasonal Picnic 🍰

Why not pack a picnic and get yourself out in the fresh air, there are so many lovely country walks to go on with beautiful picnic spots. So, wrap up nice and warm and make the most of the Great British Countryside with an autumnal picnic. 

If you don’t want to wander far, why not order a picnic, or afternoon tea package to be delivered? Treat yourself or surprise someone with tasty nibbles for your picnic.

6. Keep Cosy With a Cocktail 🍹

If you’re not in the mood for food, why not make some wintery cocktails or mocktails to keep you nice and cosy (and perhaps a bit jolly!). Mulled Wine or non-alcoholic apple cider are perfect for this time of year! Luckily, we’ve got every cocktail you’ll want to make right here🍸 !

If none of those are taking your fancy, treat the kids (and your pals) to a creamy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream!

7. Make Your Own Guy Fawkes 🧵

It is tradition to create a model of Guy Fawkes around this time and put him on the top of the bonfire. Why not get creative and make your own straw scarecrow model, do a drawing or even make a plasticine model of the man who is the reason we celebrate on the 5th of November!

8. Take a Snapshot 📸

Grab your sparklers and your camera and make one of these cool sparkler photos! Either make a shape with your sparkler and use the long exposure or stand in a line with your friends and spell out a word. There are great instructions online if you need some tips and you can easily use your phone, so what’s stopping you?!

9. Wear a Mask (Not That Kind of Mask!) 🎭

You have most likely seen the famous Guy Fawkes mask before, but you may not have know that it is based on him! Why not buy or make your own and host a competition to see who makes the best Guy Fawkes mask. Winner gets to light the first sparkler or roast extra marshmallows!

10. Go Away for the Weekend ⛺️

This year, Bonfire night falls on a Thursday which gives you the perfect opportunity to get away for a long weekend somewhere nice in the UK. Whether you want to spend some time in the countryside glamping or if you want to save some pennies and hire a tent and go camping in your own garden (or living room!), it will certainly set off your November with a bang.  

Check out our bell tent hire options, to get everything sorted in time to spend a night under the lit up sky!

11. Do it Digitally 💻

Okay, so you are probably fed up of having to do everything virtually, but if you have young children or pets, real life fireworks are not always the best option. So, there is nothing stopping you from finding some spectacular firework displays online to watch. And the best part? You have a perfect view right from your sofa. 

12. Something for the Kids! 🤡

Bonfire Night is super exciting, so we wouldn’t want the little ones to miss out! Why not entertain them with a magic show or a clown to keep them occupied for an evening? If not, games and activities are readily available online, so there’ll surely be something for them to enjoy the evening too.

13. Bobbing for Apples 🍎

This fun (and sometimes difficult) game originates from the celtic harvest festivals in early Britain. All you need are some apples (red ones are usually used but this isn’t a necessity) and a bowl or bucket of water – easy peasy! If you don’t feel your face getting wet, try the alternative game of hanging a ring donut on a string and trying to eat it without using your hands. 

14. Night Wandering 🌖

Autumn is such a beautiful season, especially when it isn’t raining! So why not wrap up warm, make yourself a flask of hot chocolate and go for an evening walk and keep your eyes peeled to see if you can see any fireworks from other celebrations! If you are really keen, find a high vantage point for the best views. 

15.  Hire a Food Van 🍩

A fan or crepes? Big lover of hotdogs, or fish & chips? Check out hiring a food van to surprise your friends and family. The best bit is, the whole street can get involved with a socially distanced outdoor celebration.

So the big firework shows and community bonfires might not be going ahead this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in the spirit of Bonfire Night. At Poptop, we believe in celebrating the little things and nothing should stop you from spending some quality time with your families this November, so get involved! 

If you are looking for something a little extra to spice up your Bonfire Night, check out the services we have available in your area here.

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