Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. With the weather getting warmer, and restrictions lifting, you might be considering a Staycation this year. If this is the case, it is unlikely you will want to cook. Everyone would much rather chill out with your family and friends in a hot tub. So, why wouldn’t you book a Private Chef for your next Staycation and leave the kitchen to the pros while you relax?!

Everything You Need To Know About Private Chefs For Your Staycation…

1) You Can Spend Time With Your Guests, Rather Than in the Kitchen

The reason that most people book a Private Chef for their Staycation is simply so that they can spend more time with their guests, friends and family. Leave the cooking to the professionals and instead enjoy conversations with your loved ones. This way you wont miss out on any of those important moments and you will be able to relax rather than worrying about cooking times.

2) Restaurant Quality Food in Your Holiday Home

Most of us love to go out to the restaurant every now and again, but this might not always the top at the list of priorities while we are on Staycation. You might prefer to relax and stay at home and eat there. But as you know, Private Chefs are some of the most talented in their field and hiring one for your Staycation ensures you get the high end experience of restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home (or airbnb!). This creates an unforgettable dinner party experience and levels up your Staycation.

3) No Clearing Up or Washing Up to Do

Possibly the most important reason of all! Who likes to clean the kitchen after a delicious meal? Who enjoys doing all that washing up? We are pretty sure nobody is going to volunteer, so why not hire a Private Chef and they will leave your kitchen in a spotless condition. This way you don’t spend unnecessary time tidying up and instead leave it to the professionals. You get to enjoy your outdoor cinema or hot tub while the kitchen is cleared up.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to check whether your Staycation kitchen is kitted out or whether your Private Chef needs to bring his own equipment.

4) Cater for All Dietary Requirements

It can be difficult to cater for different dietary requirements at times, with some people having allergies or sticking to meat-free or vegan lifestyles. Leave it to the chefs and they will be able to organise delicious dishes for everyone, while balancing those dietary requirements and everyone’s preferences, likes and dislikes.

5) Less Risk of Something Going Wrong

Oh no, what’s that smell?! Naturally, by leaving the cooking to the professionals, nothing is bound to go wrong. You can sit back and enjoy your evening without worrying about burning or overcooking everything and instead spend quality time with those that matter most to you.

6) Enjoy Cooking Tips From the Professionals

Private Chefs know exactly what they are doing and it can be argued that they may be the highest level of caterers in their profession because of the numbers of diverse dishes they cook for clients every week. So, tantalise your taste buds with an incredible meal, but also let the chefs give you some food for thought with top tips, tricks and more!

Top Tip: Make sure to note everyone’s allergies, intolerances and preferences beforehand and make the chefs aware early on.

7) Great Way to Mark a Special Occasion

When you start getting a little bit older, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other achievements seem to lose their sparkle don’t they? Well they don’t have to! Why not mark that random 43rd Birthday, 16th Anniversary or that project completion at work with a Staycation and a relaxed evening with a Private Chef to cook for you.

8) Create the Menu With the Chefs

Ever gone to a restaurant and wanted to try something off the menu but then are put off by one ingredient? Well you’re not alone! But don’t worry, with a Private Chef you can lay all of your likes and dislikes on the table to design an exquisite menu that fits with your tastes perfectly and leaves your tummy happy.

9) Private Venue Makes Everything More Intimate

Restaurants can be noisy places with tables too close together (and if you are unlucky a draft). But in your own Staycation home, you are the designer of your evening. You can lay the table however and wherever you like, have the heating on, windows open and be as loud as you like. It’s basically the perfect solution, isn’t it!

Top Tip: If you have children, make sure the chef is aware. They can alter portion sizes and even make something different for younger palates.

10) Don’t Have to Spend Money on Drinks

Drinks can be expensive, especially if want to have a few bottles of wine or a cocktail on your Staycation. Well here is your answer – do it all yourself! With a Private Chef, they can be just that. You can provide your own drinks and have however much and whatever you like with no worries about extra drinks costs (or driving home from the restaurant).

11) Environmentally Friendly

The earth is our friend and wasted food is a huge issue. If you leave it in the hands of these pros, not only will you get delicious food but they will cook the perfect amount to leave you feeling comfortably satisfied and nothing will go to waste. A win-win for mother nature.

12) Perfect For Families with Kids

Little ones accompanying you on your hols? Staycations are the perfect time to get the whole family together or spend time with your best friends, but this can sometimes be difficult when the kids need to go to sleep and you’re still at the restaurant. Well this is that happy medium. Get the children tucked up in bed between courses and enjoy the good food and interesting conversation well into the evening.

Final Thoughts

Private Chefs are the perfect way to make the most of your Staycation! Enjoy some delicious food and most importantly, spend time with those that matter most, while they do the work. If you are looking for more Staycation ideas, check out our article full of top tips and inspirations.

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