Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift can be difficult, especially if you aren’t into the usual boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses and teddy bears holding love hearts. Why not look for a quirky gift idea to get you in the mood for valentines day without layering it in the cringeworthy, soppy stuff?! Here are some great ideas to get you started, for all budgets, all types of couples and all ages!

100 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Moon Lamp

Set the mood for a magical Valentines Day with one of these unique moon lamps and show your sweetheart that they are worth the moon and all of the stars. You can get one here.

2. Vintage Books

Is your partner a bookworm? Why not grab at their heartstrings with a good book? Maybe look for something by their favourite author, or a first edition of their most-read novel?

3. Harry Potter Egg Cup & Toast Cutter

Need an egg-cellent gift? What about a quirky egg cup to serve up the perfect Valentine’s breakfast? Check out these Harry Potter egg cup here.

4. Colour Changing Gin Kit

If your other half is a fan of gin, why not experiment with this colour changing gin kit from Firebox. Perfect for cocktail fans and alchemists alike!

5. Afternoon Tea Delivered!

Treat your partner to an afternoon tea extravaganza! Why not have a tea party in your very own Livingroom or if you’re unsure, buy them an afternoon tea voucher so they can treat themselves whenever they like!

6. 100 Scratch-Off Poster

There are so many different variations of scratch off posters to choose from, so you are bound to find the best option for your other half. And, why not do all of the activities together!

7. Detailed Tapestry

Why not treat that beautiful person in your life to a beautiful tapestry to match! Not only will it decorate their walls but you’ll leave a lasting impression on them too! Urban Outfitters has some great options!

8. Limited Edition Happy Socks

We all know someone that loves socks! They may even be your significant other, so why not splash out on a pair of crazy socks to show your love and affection. Happy Socks, have some very unique pairs that should inspire you!

9. A Slush Puppie Machine

Who doesn’t love the nostalgia of drinking a Slush Puppie?! This super cool present could make an amazing Valentines Day gift for your partner. You can get one here.

10. Personalised Marmite Jar

If you have a partner who LOVES marmite, why not gift them something incredible this year. You can check out some options here.

11. USB Mix-Tape

Back to the 80s, Baby! Create something special for your sweetheart this year with this awesome throwback. Write your own title and messages and pair with a fire playlist.

12. Pollinator Seed Bomb

Seed bombs are basically an explosion of flowers, and definitely superior to your regular bouquet. You could even make them yourself with this handy DIY guide.

13. Terrarium Kit

Or alternatively, bring the outdoors indoors with this gorgeous terrarium kit. The perfect alternative to a traditional Valentine’s bouquet and the best way to show your love!

14. Retro Games Console

If your partner loves retro gaming, look no further – a vintage game console is sure to level up your relationship. There are so many options online, your bound to find one of their favourites!

15. Crate of Craft Beer

For the beer lover in your life, get them a bundle of craft beers to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. You get double points if you store it in the fridge for them before gifting.

16. Glass Decanter & Tumbler Set

Why not buy a stunning glass decanter set to make a lovely addition to your partner’s kitchen or at-home bar. You can even get some personalised or engraved with their initials.

17. Perfect Little Teapot

If you’re thinking about something to make your tea time special, how about this nesting tea-for-two set – For the perfect number of people! Check it out on Oliver Bonas here.

18. Cosy Slippers

Want to keep your Valentine cosy this February! Why not get them some cute slippers to warm their toes (and their heart)!

19. Quirky Snack Boxes

Snack boxes are great, and even better when filled with tasty treats! Find the perfect re-usable snack boxes and fill with a picnic to share this Valentine’s Day.

20. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

If you work away a lot, or perhaps are studying abroad, a lamp like this could go a long way in letting your partner know you’re thinking about them this Valentine’s Day. There are tons online to choose from and they all do different things!

21. Harry Potter Hogwarts Dressing Gown

Even Witches and Wizards wear dressing gowns. Get cosy with your Potterhead and get ready to stay up all night long (for a movie marathon of course!).

22. Light-Up Stress Ball

Stress balls are a great small gift for someone who is always fiddling with something. This one even lights up!

23. Trinket Dish

A trinket dish is perfect to hold your keys, your jewellery, all of your bits and pieces. Why not find one with your significant other’s favourite animal or colour combo?!

24. Neon Writing Frame

Write notes to your partner on this neon writing frame as a funky way to decorate the house. Great to add something quirky to your living room and definitely an upgrade from writing on the mirror.

25. A Thoughtful Notebook

For a big stationary fanatic or just someone that needs to scribble all of their thoughts down. A good quality notebook might be the way to go. Choose one you can get personalised for an extra special touch.

26. Pub Quiz Trivia Game

Missing the pub? Love random facts that are only used in pub quizzes? Get your partner a pub quiz game and test their knowledge on all of the key subjects!

27. Your Face on Their Pants!

Why not get a little weird this year and plaster your face all over your partner’s underwear. Funny underwear is always a great idea – just be sure to get that good selfie.

28. Wooden Tree Slice Coasters

The perfect gift for someone special this year could be a natural set of personalised wooden coasters. This is the grown up version of carving your initials into a tree.

29. Huggable Alpaca Heating Pad

Cute, fluffy and warm – what’s not to like! Gift your Valentine something to keep them cosy on these cold winter nights and they’ll be sure to warm to you!

30. A Luxury Bath Board

If you have someone in your life that is addicted to bath time, why not make it even more special with one of these luxury bath boards. Perfect for relaxing this valentines day!

31. Disco Ball

If your partner is a groovy chick or a disco dude then this might be the perfect option for you. Throw on some ABBA and get boogying into their heart.

32. A Fjällräven Kånken Backpack

These trendy backpacks are both practical and all the rage at the moment so would be an awesome gift for a partner who is on the move frequently. Check out the website here.

33. Waffle Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and waffles are a great breakfast. Keep your sweetheart sweet all night round with a waffle maker.

34. Heat Changing Mug

Heat changing mugs can be a super cute gift or even a prank if your mug reveals a funny message. A great gift for someone who is always putting the kettle on.

35. The White Company Luxury Candles

These gorgeous luxury candles are the ultimate gift for the home and your partner, perfect for a romantic night in. They come in a range of sizes and scents so your sure to find the right one.

36. A Monthly Cheese Selection Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving, specifically cheese, EVERY month. Check out the BBC’s favourites here.

37. Concrete Table Lamp

Perfect for the light of your life, these lamps are highly fashionable at the moment and they’re built from sturdy stuff – like your relationship will be after this gift!

38. Designer Sunglasses

Okay so we know that February isn’t the sunniest month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock some awesome shades. Perfect for a fashionista!

39. 1000 Piece Puzzle

Puzzles are a great gift because you can spend the time to work on them together. On a rainy Sunday you can pull it out and tackle this activity together with a glass of red wine in hand. Very romantic!

40. Adopt an Animal

If your partner would prefer a charitable gift, then this could make an amazing present for any conscious animal lover. So many animals need sponsoring, making it the perfect thoughtful gift!

41. A Compact Polaroid Camera

This excellent little gadget is a lovely gift and also gives you and your beau a chance to get some lovely photos together. What’s more trendy than a polaroid camera?!

42. Exploding Kittens

A firm favourite in the Poptop office, this fun and addictive card game will have you and your partner crying with laughter – it’s great for parties too.

43. Cool Bar Table with Lights

Keeping parties in mind, this great little bar table makes the perfect addition to any get together. Light up your love with this super cool gift, you can find them here.

44. Limited Edition Converse

Converse are the shoe that seems to get cooler with age, so why not check out their limited editions as a Valentine’s Day gift idea for your partner.

45. Funny Bath Bombs

Treat your lover to a relaxing soak in the tub with a bath bomb, there are tons of alternative and funny adult bath bombs on Etsy, so check them out!

46. Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Essentials Kit

This gorgeous kit from Kiehl’s will do wonders and we all know that skincare is sexy! So, its the best gift right?!

47. Moody Octopus Plushie

These have been popping up all over the internet, and they’re so cute it is easy to see why. Finally you’ll be able to read your partners’ mood easily!

48. Pop Culture T-Shirt

Think of your significant other. What is their favourite band? Movie? TV show? Now stick it on a t-shirt! Easy peasy!

49. Jewellery Holder

This celestial jewellery holder is perfect for anyone with a love of the occult, but whatever your partner is into, you are sure to find the right jewellery holder for them. There are even personalised ones out there!

50. The Adventure Challenge Book

Get one of these books for your SO and you will never have to plan a date again. Filled with date suggestions, you’ll get to know each other better than ever before!

51. Mint Chocolate Cream Liqueur

For anyone with a sweet tooth, a mint chocolate cream liqueur is a delicious dessert drink. Spoil your loved one with a glass or two.

52. Bean Bag

This beautiful bean bag from John Lewis will make a stunning addition to anyone’s home or bedroom and will be great to lounge on.

53. Cocktail Inspiration

Everyone should read some books this year – maybe with a cocktail in hand. Get your partner a cocktail book that will shake things up a bit!

54. A Guitar

In love with a budding musician? Why not get them a guitar for Valentine’s Day? Not only will it be totally unexpected but they can serenade you with a love song (once they learn one!)

55. A 365 Day Jar

Fill a Jar full of activities, reasons why you love your SO, compliments or even special memories. Trust us when we say that this will fill their heart with love.

56. Watercolour Paints

Get creative with your lover this Valentines Day and gift them some watercolour paints and a luxury sketchbook for them to paint in.

57. RuPaul’s Top Drags

Remember the game Top Trumps? Well this is Top Drags! Perfect for the Drag lover with charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in your life this Valentine’s Day!

58. Your own Pikachu

This cute little guy will make a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day present for your favourite Pokémon trainer and will certainly make them say – “I choose you”.

59. Mobile Hanging Photo Clip

Why not explore your favourite memories by creating a gorgeous hanging mobile of all your photos together! Hang it up and wait to see their reaction – They’re going to love it!

60. Coffee Eco Cup

Reusable and environmentally friendly, an eco coffee cup is perfect for keeping your hot drinks (and your valentine’s heart) warm this year!

61. An Experience Day for Two

Spa? Snowboarding? Pottery Class? The options are endless, why not book an experience day and make memories with your significant other.

62. Funky Bottle Opener

Prise open their heart this Valentine’s Day with an unusual bottle opener. Get some bottles of their favourite drink to go along with it and you have yourself a winner.

63. Vogue – The Covers

This amazing coffee table book is the one for any fashion lover, so spoil your fashionista this year and get them a copy!

64. BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are a superb idea for anyone addicted to their Spotify playlist. BOSE have some great ones here.

65. Henry Screen Cleaner

A Henry the Hoover screen cleaner makes an ideal gift for a tech pro or someone who just loves their iPad.

66. A Stationary Subscription Box

The best gift for any stationary addict! Prepare to receive detailed love sonnets back because this is sure to leave a mark on their heart.

67. Your Own Personal Reel Viewer

A personalised Reel Viewer has to be one of the most romantic Valentines Day gifts of all time, that is, of course, depending on what photos you decide to use in it.

68. Inflatable Boxing Set

If you and your partner love to play flight, this might be a great way to up the ante. Your SO definitely wont be seeing red with this incredible gift.

69. Band Merchandise

If your partner follows a certain band religiously, why not get them some merchandise? T-shirts, badges or even shot glasses, your options are endless.

70. Eyeshadow Palette

For any beauty queen or makeup lover, an eyeshadow pallet could be the right fit. Bring out your partners artistic side and they’ll be made up!

71. A Cute Dinosaur Lamp

Calling all fans of Jurassic Park… This origami dinosaur lamp is sure to make anyone roar with happiness. You can find them here.

72. Calligraphy Set

For those who love to write, a Calligraphy Set would be an ink-redible gift! There are those who are perfect for a beginner who wants to give fancy writing a go. 

73. Art Deco Style Earrings

Funky earrings will always be a winner! Choose some in your lovers favourite colour or go for something that they might not usually buy for themselves.

74. Avocado Tree Starter Kit

Got a green fingered girlfriend? Or maybe your date loves avocados? Whatever it is, why not get them a super cool gift like this. Grow avocados and watch your love grow too!

75. Cork Globe

Travel the globe with your partner in crime with this cork globe. Plan your next adventures and colour in the countries you have already explored. Grab your suitcase and get exploring.

76. Silk Sleep Mask

Silk sleep masks will give your lover the best rest, perfect for nap time or other bedroom activities…

77. A Record Player

An ultimate gift for any music lover, a record player is sure to spin them right round and into your arms! Pair with a record from their favourite band and you’ve got yourself a winner!

78. Jellyfish Tank Light

Jellyfish are really cool, and so are these lamps! Light up your love with one of these funky lamps. Perfect for adding ambiance to any relationship.

79. Chocolate Games Controller

Whether a Fifa Fan or a Call of Duty King, a chocolate games controller could be a sure fire way to their heart.

80. A personalised Message From a Celebrity

You read that correctly! You can now pay for a personal message from your partner’s favourite celebrity, take a look at the selection that Cameo have listed.

81. Ring Light

Every Instagram Queen needs a ring light, not only so that they can take fire selfies but to light up their heart as well.

82. Write A Love Letter

Looking for something cheap? Or even something highly personal? Write your Valentine a love letter about all the things you like about them and happy memories. – They will love it!

83. Luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Box

It’s the perfect time of year to indulge in some hot chocolate, so treat your favourite person this year to something sweet.

84. 3D Printing Pen

Spark some creativity in your other half this Valentines Day and get them a 3D printing pen – perfect for sculpting your love together.

85. Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

Dream of the summertime with this unique and crazy) gift. We’re not saying you should put this up in your garden in the middle of February, but what’s not to love about this huge kitsch sprinkler?

86. Couple’s Planisphere

The perfect unusual gift is great for anyone who wants to celebrate memories built with their other half. With personalised engravings, this is sure to fill your heart with love.

87. Love Heart Soap Bar

Stay squeaky-clean this Valentines Day by gifting your partner a gorgeous smelling soap bar. Fresh and sweet! Just like your spouse.

88. A Family Cheese Board

A stellar choice for anyone who loves a good charcuterie selection and the personalisation makes it extra special – and a little cheesy too.

89. Funko Pop! Figures

You’ve probably seen these little figures Pop! up all over the place in recent years, so why not try to find your S/O’s favourite character?

90. Personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar

The perfect Valentine’s day present for any chocoholic! Get your beau the gift of good ol’ british chocolate this year to celebrate!

91. A Poem for Every Night Book

This lovely book shelf addition will give your honey a beautiful poem to read before going to bed each night. Great for poets, readers and bedtime story lovers alike.

92. Game Boy Alarm Clock

Wake up your love with this retro Gameboy alarm clock. Perfect for the gamer in your life and the best way to get them out of bed on time too!

93. Bulldog Ultimate Beard Care Kit

Hairy fellas unite! This is an awesome gift for anyone who has a bit of face-fuzz. Keep your lover stylish this Valentines day with this unusual gift.

94. Eco-Friendly Straws

If you haven’t already got some, metal or bamboo straws are a perfect replacement to single-use plastic ones. Why not gift your partner something that can be re-used forever and that will last as long as your love will (awh)!

95. Quirky Poster Print

Find an awesome poster for your sweetheart. You can make your own, or get one personalised and there are tons of ideas online to help you find the perfect print!

96. Mindfulness Colouring Book

Colouring books have become really popular in recent years as a great way to destress and to be a little bit more mindful in our day to day. Check out Waterstones for some great examples.

97. Pastel Pin Badges

Always a crowd pleaser, pin badges are a cute and easy gift. Find the right one and your SO will be jumping for joy.

98. Designer Scarf

Spoil your significant other with a scarf! Not only will it keep them warm in the winter, but they will look super stylish too.

99. The Book of Everyone

This personalised book really gives you the opportunity to show your love just how well you know them; a unique present personalised with photos of cherished moments and funny memories.

100. Adult Space Hopper

Bounce into their hearts this year with a retro Space Hopper and then bounce some more! Or even better, get two and host a Valentines Day Race!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our top 100 quirky and alternative Valentine’s Day gifts. We hope this list has been helpful and you’re inspired to find your soulmate’s ideal gift for 14th February.

If you’re looking for something extra, then why not think about hiring a private chef or a limousine ride? To see which services we have available in your area, visit Poptop’s website and fill in your details to view quotes for incredible services all over the UK.

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