Poptop UK Supplier Podcast: Tom Anderson

podcast artwork for Tom Anderson - man holding guitar in black shirt

The art of wowing the crowd while listening is key to being a function singer and guitarist. 

Tom Anderson is able to do both of those things every time he performs on stage. 

In this interview, we explore his development as a musician and his understanding of his audience. 

Let’s take a look at his stats:


Bookings confirmed on Poptop: 109

Money generated: £28k

Active service listings: 1

Average review rating: 5⭐


Tom Anderson is a singer and guitarist based in Liverpool. He performs at a variety of events from parties to weddings, so he knows how to entertain a crowd. Not only does he provide his incredible service at different events across the country, but he also works as a session musician and producer for a variety of artists. Showing his passion for music and versatility as an artist.

Check out his interview in the latest episode of the Poptop Supplier Podcast.

Episode Breakdown


Interview: 00:21

Quick Fire Questions: 21:24

Outro: 23:20

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