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Thai House is one of the most authentic Thai-cuisine food stalls situated in the Lower-Marsh Market of Waterloo.
Hi, my name is Aydin. I am an enthusiastic food-business owner in London for the past 5 years. I got a chance to visit the country of Thailand in 2010 where I met my chef Nut who was working in the hotel I stayed at. I was simply mesmerised with the taste of her Thai food at the restaurant of the hotel. It was at this moment that I came across the idea of selling Thai cuisine in London. London is a city of diverse cultures and the people of this country love to experiment with their taste-buds! Nut was more than happy to accept my offer of setting up a food-stall in London. She could not wait to get on board and start feeding the people of the UK. They loved it! They wanted it everyday!
The demand for Nut's Thai food was growing month by month and my stall started getting attention. Melis, a popular Instagram food blogger from London has also understood the important nutritional value of Thai food. The fusion of so many different cultures in London adds so much more value to "Thai House" and most importantly the health benefits of eating Thai food has also created a niche for us in the food market.

What is unique about us:
-Our Thai curries are made authentically with the use of original Thai recipes from Thailand.
-Our Chef is one of the best Thai cooks in all of London who is also learnt the art of cooking Thai cuisine from Bangkok, Thailand.
-My food is a high source of protein. This is for all the “Vegan lovers”! Come and check out our "Chick-Pea and Spinach Curry".
-Our prices are very reasonable. Profit is not important, I care about the value that Thai food brings to the health-industry and want to become a significant promoter of healthy food habits.
-The quality of our ingredients and raw material is carefully selected and hand picked by me.

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Thai House

Authentic & Delicious Thai Cuisine Meal

Thai House is offering an authentic Thai cuisine cooked by one of the best Thai cooks in London. My interaction with clients will be such that they feel like coming back to us again and again. The food is cooked in our kitchen which has a 5 star food-hygiene rating and will be served directly from the food van in disposable food plates and cardboard boxes which has proven to be the most convenient and environment-friendly method over the years. I’m a soft-spoken Turkish entrepreneur who has started this Thai stall in Lower Marsh market in Waterloo. I love interacting with different customers and have a very approachable personality. The food will be served form my food van which you can see from my photos. Also, you can select which type of food you want from the images in my package. Any questions please ask.
From: £12 per person
Thai House

Vegan Thai Cuisine

This package from Thai House is specially made for Vegans and Vegetarians. Made with hand-picked vegetables and vegan dairy products like coconut milk, almond milk etc. it is the perfect menu for birthdays, parties and university events. Our interaction with clients will be through the Poptop platform first for the negotiation of the package and then exchange contact details to confirm the deal. Then, we will be happy to answer all queries and issues regarding the catering and pricing. Our services are liked by the people of London for we are considerate and passionate about customer satisfaction. We believe that the customer is always right! Thus, our style of presentation and serving is very engaging and caring and moreover our menu choices are highly customisable. I am Andrey Bioserov, the owner of Thai House in the Lower Marsh Market of Waterloo. I am very friendly and caring customer assistant at my stall.
From: £12 per person

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Thai House is one of the most authentic Thai-cuisine food stalls situated in the Lower-Marsh Market of Waterloo.