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Archery for You

Mobile Archery for Events with Fun Archery Games

Have-a-Go Archery with one-to-one supervision! This package is a great choice for Weddings, Fairs, Fetes, Community, and Charity events and will bring extra fun to it.
From: £240 per event
Archery for You

Mobile Archery Group Session With Fun Games & Competition

Perfect choice for family celebrations, stag & hen parties, team buildings. The program will be tailored to your needs with fun games: balloon popping, apple shooting, mini-competition, etc.
From: £260 per event

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Price from: £179

Our mobile archery range can be hired for corporate and private events. We bring all equipment necessary to provide a complete archery shooting range at any suitable location (indoor & outdoor). This includes bows, arrows, targets, protective gear, safety netting, guidance and coaching. We tailor the activities to your needs based on the number of participants, age, abilities and experience.

Archery is popular at all events and suitable activity for almost anybody. We offer 'have a go' archery for big events and group sessions for team buildings and for friends and family events. Archery for You will make sure that your guests will have a fun archery experience.

'Archery for You' is a mobile service so as long as you have a suitable outdoor or indoor location, we will bring the archery experience to you. Although we are based in Poole-Bournemouth (Dorset), we are happy to travel to other counties. In case you have a suitable venue, please contact us for further details.

All our activities are led by an Archery GB qualified coach and/or an instructor. For the events we have public liability insurance, the activity leaders have DBS check, and there will be a trained first aider at all events. We have experience working with people with disabilities and we have gained experience working with children as well. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards to ensure you have a fun and safe archery experience.

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  • What should I wear when shooting?

    We advise wearing reasonably close-fitting clothing, avoiding long flowing clothing (e.g. scarf) and tying your hair up if you have long hair. Regarding your footwear: avoid high heels and open-toed shoes. You might want to remove loose jewellery, your watch and your ring. We provide armguards to protect your forearm from injuries. We also provide tabs to protect your fingers from repeated contact with bowstring. We can support you with chest guard as well that prevents your clothing from coming in contact with the string.

  • What kind of bows can I shoot?

    In our activities, you will shoot with recreational recurve bow. You can also try other types of bows such as hunting recurve bow (field bow), Olympic recurve bow, American longbow (flatbow), horse bow, etc. These bows are heavier to draw and suitable only for adults.

  • How long is an archery session?

    It depends on your needs. A session ideally lasts at least for 1,5 hours, nevertheless the more participants you have, the more time you will need. You can book a half day or a whole day event if that suits better. We will need set up and break-down time that depends on the scale of the event and takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour each. Set up and break-down time can be longer if safety netting is used behind the targets.

  • Who can try archery?

    Age: Our mobile archery range service is suitable for people of all ages. The minimum age limit cannot be set accurately based on the age only. Ability to do archery is linked to the ability to draw the bow. In general, archery is suitable from the age of 7 to 107 (okay, if you are 110 you can still come). There is no maximum age limit for archery, lots of people take up archery as a sport or recreational activity after retirement. We have bows of varying draw weight and sizes so children, adults and senior citizens can all enjoy archery. Please note that if the participants are small children or people with special needs, it might become a one-to-one support at the shooting line. Disability: Most people, irrespective of age or disability, can take part in archery. Within certain physical parameters, we are able to help you to do archery. Archery can be very beneficial for people with many disabilities as it increases strength and endurance, develops stability, sharpens focus, builds confidence and improves social relationships.

  • How do I know that my land/field/outdoor or indoor venue is big enough to accommodate archery?

    Outdoor operational area: the minimum requirement for “have-a-go” events is a 20m x 8m space. In the case of 'have-a-go' archery, the shooting distance is maximum 10m, targets are placed on the ground and backstop netting is used. The minimum safety zone is 20m clear space behind the targets, free from public paths and pedestrian access and 10m each side of the range. For indoors, the minimum operational area is similar, but there is no need for overshooting area. We will use safety netting behind the targets. Before every event, we will conduct a pre-assessment evaluation of the venue.

  • What happens in bad weather?

    If there is high winds and heavy rain, we cannot operate our mobile archery range. Normally we are happy to wait until the weather clears up. In the event of really bad weather before the activity starts, a full refund will be issued. In case a sever weather condition puts a stop to your event part way through, you will be given a prorated refund.

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'Archery for You' offers "have a go" archery and introductory courses for events and private archery coaching for individuals or small groups. It can be a 90-180 minutes archery experience for a group with several targets, fun games and mini competitions OR a half /full day 'have a go' archery for bigger events with two targets and one-to-one tuition.