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Sieko is a professional magician with over 30 years experience in performing magic. His magic is unmistakable as he blends sleight of hand, with mentalism to provide the audience with a truly unique experience. His passion for magic started as a young boy. He has performed for audiences across the globe and loves performing magic. As a professional magician, he is able to entertain your guests at your corporate event, staff Christmas party or wedding. As a professional magician, Sieko is able to match his performance to the type of event and audience. His magic is sophisticated entertainment perfect for an adult audience.

“When I perform magic for an audience my primary goal is to entertain my audience. In my own way, I create a world of wonder, a moment in time where an audience can just to let go. I create moments that an audience can take with them and remember forever. “

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands his love for magic started at the age of 9, performing for family and friends. It wasn’t long before he joined the College of Magic in Cape Town to refine his skills as a magician. His passion and love for magic has grown over the years and has taken him across the globe. Currently, he is an active member of the Cape Town Magicians circle.

Performances consist of a variety of different types of magic. Every show is individually tailored, the length and content specifically created for each audience and occasion.

His preference when performing is the intimacy of close-up conjuring, demonstrating the impossible for small groups of people. At such shows, he performs with cards, coins and other objects. For bigger occasions, he is equally comfortable performing on a stage or mingling with guests at a reception, or strolling between tables at a banquet, in order for larger numbers to see his close-up performance

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2 Reviews:

, Aug. 14, 2015

"Sieko, Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening. Our idea of hiring your services as “pre-entertainment” for a 30th birthday party turned out to be the “main attraction!” Unlike “cheap- style” restaurant or TV magic, your tricks were astounding to say the least, as you mingled with our guests. I tried following you for a while hoping to catch a repeat and maybe get a clue, but unfortunately for me each time you came with a different trick and never gave me a chance. I researched the art of magic as “sleight of hand” but I can’t explain how you question audience members to think of a card, then instantly take out a deck where that card is the only one facing up?! Or when we were all holding the pack of cards, and could feel the pack which we covered with our hands, then you made it “disappear?!” I had to force myself to reason that magic is not real, but you could easily convince me otherwise!!! You did a great job mixing socially with the crowd and made your tricks blend almost too easily with the crowd and conversations, almost as if it was all rehearsed! You truly are a professional, we all enjoyed having you around, and please give my personal details to any client who needs a reference or indication of just how good you really are! Thanks once again, I definitely want to use you again, if you haven’t “disappeared!” Eckardt Winks PSIRA registered security consultant"

, Dec. 9, 2011

"Dear Sieko, Thank you for a wonderful performance! You are a true professional and it is very rare to work with artists’ like yourself, who can captivate and transform an audience at executive level. I was looking for a magician who could entertain high profiled guests, ensuring a level of world-class entertainment and not just a kiddies magic show and you excelled on all levels. I look forward to working with you in the future! Regards Event consultant – MTN"

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Do you do open-air acts?
I have performed street magic many times and am completely comfortable to work at festivals and open air environments
How many people will you perform for?
I have performed for audiences across the globe consisting of a few people at a dinner table to hundreds of people at a company function. I am comfortable in any setting.
Will your magic suit my event?
As I have over 30 years of performance experience I really understand what clients require. I am flexible and able to adapt my performance to your audience. I can entertain a group of CEO's as effortlessly as I can mingle with a bunch of students. I have also been in the business long enough to let my clients know if I can't live up to an expectation.
What type of magic do you perform
I perform a range of magic: - close-up magic - mentalism - manipulation - stage magic - Parlour magic (small audience - intimate setting )
How long is the act?
Depends on what the client requires. Usually, my walkaround magic is about 45 min - 1 hour but can be extended on request. Parlour shows are 35 - 45 mins

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