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I can produce high speed portraits to entertain your guests. My strengths are helping people to feel relaxed and at ease when I’m drawing them: we can chat and I still get the person’s face on the paper. People will be amazed at the speed at which they will recognise their friends/family when watching me work. Working on A3 paper (twice the size of normal office paper) it is possible for me to produce a black and white portrait in approximately 10 mins.
For the last 3 summers I have been performing at the Fringe, drawing faces at high speed on the Royal Mile. I was the resident portrait artist at the Kelpies (in Grangemouth) in the summer of 2015. In 2018, I had a portrait accepted into the Paisley Art Institute’s 130th Annual Exhibition, where one of my portraits hung on the wall of a museum for a couple of months.

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  • Do you do open-air acts?
    Yes, whilst working at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival I am based outside. I would need an umbrella or a marquee to allow me to work in rainy weather.
  • How long is the act?
    I can produce a portrait in 10 mins, my minimum booking time is 2 hours.
  • What type of magic do you perform
    I make people's face appear at high speed on a sheet of paper.
  • Will your magic suit my event?
    My magic of fast portrait production will amaze your guest. I can work with people in all age groups - babies to people in their 80's. All I need are co-operative people who wish to be drawn.
  • How many people will you perform for?
    I can perform in front of any number of people, however I will remind you here that I can produce a portrait in 10 mins, that's 6 faces an hour!
  • What is included in the wedding package?
    Well the wedding package includes a black and white portrait of both the bride and groom together on the one piece of A3 paper for an extra £150. (Half the normal price!) and for an extra £50 I can provide this framed. This portrait contains more detail than the fast portraits I produce for the entertainment of the guests.
  • What other services to you provide?
    I always bring cardboard tubes for people to take their portraits home in. I can work detailed A3 portraits of people or pets for £150/face. This can be done from photographs.
  • Do you need specific materials or conditions to offer your service?
    If working from a fixed space inside (a quiet corner of a room), then ideally I need 3 chairs - and space to set up an easel. If working "mix and mingle" style I only need willling models.
  • How much time do you need to prepare for an act?
    Ideally 30 mins set up time is required. This set up time is always including in any quote you receive from me.
  • How long do you need to set up?
    Ideally 30 mins set up time is required. This set up time is always including in any quote you receive from me.
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
  • What experience do you have working with children?
    I have two children myself and I understand fully that asking a young child to sit still for a long time is sometimes impossible. So they do not have to. It was whilst at the Kelpies that I learned to draw moving faces, most of my customers were under the age of 5. I tell silly jokes and sing songs, make silly faces even. Children generally have to look at me and we can chat and I still get their faces drawn on the paper.
  • Are you DBS checked?
  • Do you limit the number of children that we can invite to our child's Birthday party?
    If you want me to draw a portrait of every child then I would limit the guest list to 12 children. If you are not concerned about every child having a portrait of themselves drawn - then I would advise not more than 20.
  • Do you do caricatures?
    No, my aim is to get a face on the paper which looks like you. My work is described as a portrait.

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I can work from a stationary position (a quiet corner perhaps?), or a ‘mix and mingle’ style moving amongst guests. Comments from happy customers: Molly Horsley’s comment from the Fringe 2019. “You drew me and my two daughters too! We love it x”. Marc Hall said about my portrait of his dog. “Amazing portrait of my best mate Mordy! Highly recommend!”
The portraits are placed in cardboard tubes to allow for safe travel home.

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