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Are you looking for a magician in Shropshire, Shropshire? We've selected more than 54 magicians available for hire in Shropshire. We also recommend to see: function bands, jazz bands, string quartets, swing bands

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Verified bookings 94
Reviews 44

Merlins magic or clown show

Recent review: Absolutely delighted with Merlin's magic show!!! He entertained the children at the party held in a hotel bar after our Naming Ceremony and had them all screaming and laughing in no time. It really made such a fantastic atmosphere and was the highlight of the children's day. He mingled with all the

Available in Shropshire from £50. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 4

Paul Ray

Recent review: Paul is not only a fantastic Magician but a very funny man. He gave us a right old laugh and I would hire him again and again. He interacts very well with all audience members. He arrived 30 minutes early and was very presentable. Great man Paul is!

Available in Shropshire from £250. Based in Shrewsbury

Verified bookings 31
Reviews 13

Ed Sumner Magic

Recent review: Ed was amazing, and added to the Magic of our prom! He interacted with all of the guests and amazed everyone. He didn't leave anyone out and introduced himself to everybody. He was very confident which was better for all of the people who attended, and took charge of the situation at hand. He was gr

Available in Shropshire from £375. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 5
Reviews 7

Simon Sez

Recent review: Booked [this act] for a Christmas party and it was BRILLIANT ! Really funny and tasteful - even the non believers were amazed. We will definitely book again - highly recommended. Cotton Mill, Stoke on Trent

Available in Shropshire from £450. Based in Stafford

Verified bookings 6
Reviews 2

Slightly Unusual

Recent review: Steve's versatility to cater to exactly what was right for our party and guests was fantastic. He entertained the kids and adults in equal measure & genuinely helped make the day a great success. Thank you Steve!

Available in Shropshire from £300. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 4

Chris Peskett Magician

Recent review: Chris was fantastic, everyone was extremely impressed and amazed! He mixed in with the crowd really well and had a great rapport with all the guests. I would 100% recommend him! :)

Available in Shropshire from £350. Based in Rugeley

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0


About: Mystery and Entertainment that leaves an impression. We are the father and son entertainers known as Mindsways - mind-reading with a twist of humour. We will work to get your guests laughing, keeping them entertained and mystified by what we do, all whilst making sure your event is memorable an......

Available in Shropshire from £100. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 14
Reviews 4

Scott's Magic

Recent review: Scott was fantastic. He did a show for very mixed ages from 1-80 years that was appropriate for us all. We had such a good, happy, fun time. Thank-you very much.

Available in Shropshire from £From £120. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 3
Reviews 2

Jay Adkins Mind Magician

Recent review: Jay was there in good time, I thought that he's entertainment was very good, it was mixed feelings as some said he was good, others that it was a bit too long, getting bored. I like they way he interacted with the guest. I would have him again if I had another function to prepare.. Well done Jay

Available in Shropshire from £180.00. Based in Kidderminster

Verified bookings 5
Reviews 3

Craig Davies Magic

Recent review: Original, charismatic, funny and genuine a true performer! Craig’s close up magic worked amazingly well within the night’s entertainment package he was a joy to host and dived deep into encouraging people into the overall experience of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess Christmas Ball.

Available in Shropshire from £120. Based in Staffordshire

Verified bookings 2
Reviews 2

David Oakley

Recent review: David provided really good entertainment at my 50 th birthday party. He helped to get people talking and to mix up the different groups. The card tricks were great and the bendy fork trick kept everyone wondering. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Available in Shropshire from £250. Based in Stafford

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0

Chris Stokes Magic

About: Professional, versatile and contemporary walkaround magician and mind-meddler- perfect for any social event from weddings and private parties to large-scale corporate and charity functions. Chris is an Equity member whose working style has been described as a cross between Dynamo and Derren Brown......

Available in Shropshire from £300.00. Based in Newcastle Under Lyme

Verified bookings 1
Reviews 1

Kris Krendo

Recent review: I booked Kris Krendo to provide entertainment for my sister's hen party on the 28th of April. His tricks were amazing, he was funny and he went above and beyond to ensure that everybody felt included. We are nearly two weeks since booking him and he is still the talk of all the guests! Easily the hi

Available in Shropshire from £190. Based in Wolverhampton

Verified bookings 3
Reviews 0

John Aubrey Entertainment

About: A wedding and events entertainment company that offers a range of entertainments throughout the day and night....

Available in Shropshire from £50. Based in Kidderminster

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0

Andrew Healey Entertainment

About: I am a children's and adult entertainer. I can entertain a small party or big events. I can do stage magic for children or close up table magic for adults. I juggle 5 clubs , knives or balls and 3 fire clubs and fire breathing. I am able to walk on stilts which attracts a lot of attention and lov......

Available in Shropshire from £200. Based in Bewdley

Verified bookings 4
Reviews 2

Hafla Entertainment

Recent review: A brilliant performance! the audience were captivated and talked about the performance after the show. It was very engaging and pitched at the right level. Professional and efficient service and communication from looking at quotes to booking the event. Thank you so much.

Available in Shropshire from £175. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 3
Reviews 5

Phil Taylor

Recent review: The first and foremost thing that I need to mention here is Phil was an absolute professional from the very time we shook hands till the end when we shook our hands. The way he was asked about all the details regarding the things I would be or would not be OKAY with, is really genuine and great. I f

Available in Shropshire from £250. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 4
Reviews 3

John Holt

Recent review: I booked John for my husband's surprise 40th birthday party. We had it in a private bar so John did close up card tricks to groups of 2-6 people at a time. He stayed with us for an hour and gradually made his way around everyone. He was brilliant...and funny. His tricks were really good and all

Available in Shropshire from £275. Based in Cheshire

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 1

Careena Fenton

Recent review: Careena is an impeccable performer; her elegant take on magic is refreshingly original. In a business awash with stale presentations, her sophisticated delivery engages and beguiles.

Available in Shropshire from £450. Based in Wolverhampton

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 15

Owen Strickland Magic

Recent review: We booked Owen for our daughter's wedding at Moxhull Hall.He arrived on time and worked solidily throughout the drinks reception. He was very professional and everyone was talking about how brilliant he was. Having Owen at the reception was certainly worthwhile I'd definitely book him again. Thank y

Available in Shropshire from £300. Based in Walsall

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0

Duncan William - Birmingham's Premier Magician

About: Duncan William is Birmingham's Premier Magician offering close up magic and mind reading at weddings, private parties and corporate events. His magic simply astonishing and combines more than just sleight of hand and extends as far as sleight of mind with dazzling mind reading demonstrations. ......

Available in Shropshire from £250. Based in Birmingham

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0

Stuart Millward (Magician)

About: If you're looking for a magician to entertain guests or clients then look no further. Ignore the image of a traditional 'old school' magician, with Stuart there are no 'doves' or 'vanishing handkerchiefs', imagine instead, signed playing cards appearing in unlikely places, solid metal objects ben......

Available in Shropshire from £300. Based in Halesowen

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0

MisterEY Entertainment

About: With many years’ experience, MisterEY Entertainment is one of the Country's most fascinating professional magical entertainers With the natural ability to captivate and mesmerise his audience, MisterEY Entertainment performs some of the most mind-blowing magic tricks right in front of your eyes.......

Available in Shropshire from £130. Based in Staffordshire

Verified bookings 1
Reviews 1

Charlie Robinson Magician

About: Charlie is a young magician based in Worcestershire and is available for performing at any event where entertainment is required! From kids shows to weddings, dinner parties and anniversaries, Charlie has magic for any occasion. Charlie is a member of the young magic circle and has been learning......

Available in Shropshire . Based in Droitwich

Verified bookings 16
Reviews 7

Ian Dee Comedy Hypnotist

Recent review: We hired Ian for a staff Christmas party and would recommend him to anyone. Ian was due to start at 8pm but with some of the guest running late Ian was more than happy to delay the start time . Once on stage he was brilliant and had everyone in the room laughing. It was the first time we had done so

Available in Shropshire from £450. Based in Coventry

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What event planners say about our suppliers

We asked Jack to attend our works leaving do on 31st August. None of us have ever seen hypnotism in person and thought it would be something different. The morning of the leaving do I started worrying that it was going to be a bit too serious for a rowdy group of drunken work colleagues but I was completely wrong. Jack came into the room and wasn't just an amazing magician but was also hilarious and had us laughing from the minute he walked in the room. The mind reading was incredible, he managed to talk about my dog I had when I was 5 years old who passed 4 years ago completely out of no where and managed to tell me her name, what sort of dog she was ect. One of our colleagues was forced to telling us his wife was 8 weeks pregnant that night because Jack called him a 'family man' and mentioned that something exciting was ahead of himself and his wife. One of the quietest boys in our office was hypnotized to call everyone Steve and dance like Michael Jackson that just left us in tears of laughter. It was easily the best entertainment we could have had and I can't wait to ask Jack to come entertain my family and friends in Summer 17. Thank you, Jack!

as asa sasssssssssssssssssssss

Johnny G has provided puppet parties on two occasions for our children’s 5th birthdays and did an amazing job! Full of enthusiasm and fun, he managed the gaggle of excited children brilliantly and had most of the parents giggling too! Great value for a successful party experience.

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