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Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to look through.
As a Performer, I'm "PeteZa"; pronounced as Pizza which sometimes makes the children laugh!
I'm our circus ringmaster, clown, juggler, fire eater, knife thrower, china plate spinner, stilt-walker, unicyclist, bubble-man, balloon twister and circus artist with many skills, routines, props. Expect anything Custard Pies to our children's Human Cannonball! With family discos and human slinky shows in between!
Watch out for the almost legendary Big Bear's Big Balloon Disco! ( Actually it is! and it features at many top festivals)

I present many different things, fun one man circus clown shows, double act shows and full multi artist circus shows. Even Tented Big Top shows for parties and events. Even Huge pop-up children's play areas at events and festivals.
I've been doing this for way over 30 years now and have done many and most things in that time! Yes..the children i entertained are bringing their children to see me now!
I'm the Big Chief at Bigtopmania and you could check that profile on PopTop too. If I cant do it then I probably know someone in our extended teamwho can!
As well as lots of circus tents and marquees, we have huge amounts of kit to cover many types of events.
Tons of specialised children's play equipment, crazy bikes, wacky inflatables, circus skills equipment.
Of course a speciality is circus parties...the Greatest Showman lands in your garden! (Baby big top and all!).
Please browse the packages and ask!
Ideas and advice is always free!
I'm here to help you have a great time!

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Services From PeteZa


Cowboy Show - Wild West thrills and skills

Hi! Thanks for the interest! Here is a sample of our ents: PeteZa is a cowboy! With a bugle call here comes the Cavalry! Skilled in rope spinning, lasso, whip cracking, yea ha's. He can do a 30-45min show for you or mix & mingle or be part of a bigger show. It's a mix of comedy and skill. There may be horse riding (a horse on top of a unicycle!), whip-cracking/paper tearing; knife & ax throwing, a water pistol shoot out or loud proper Smith and Western pistol (firing blanks!). A Mexican Hat Dance, Kids Can-Can, and Fire Eating is a must! Visit the Saloon? Massive oversize Stetsons for the children and wobbly guns that fire around corners! You can have a go at rope spinning or lassoing the cactus, target knife throwing, horseshoe throwing. Bigger shows are possible; choose from the extras! Fancy a Can-Can team, a Rodeo Clown or Hula Hooping Squaw? Shows require decent space for the ropes & whips. Shows are tailored to ages and your requirements and suit parties &ev ents.
From: £300 per event

PeteZa & The Pirates - Pirate Show For Parties & Events

Hi! Thanks for the interest! Here is a sample of our ents: PeteZa is a pirate with comedy and skills to perform a perfectly piratical performance full of puns & Agh me hearties jokes! Yo Ho Ho & a barrel of fun! Sample show may include: You may walk the plank, fire a broadside, (yes children get (nearly) fired from a cannon). Get shipshape, climb the rigging, get hit by a wave, find treasure island & dig for treasure & golden bloon-bloons (double-oons), sea a shanty & sing the drunken sailor & get pieces of (After) 8, feed the parrot, (cue a carrot!) Don't forget the children's Beards! Oh, so much pirate fun can be had! The approx 45min show can have a backdrop and props and is quite possible by PeteZa the One Man Pirate but really good fun when done as a DOUBLE ACT by a pair of comedy pirates. Add huge fun with a proper Sailor who really climbs the rigging or a proper pirate covered in tattoos & earrings! Any show we perform will be tailored to your event, ages, budget, etc.
From: £300 per event

PeteZa The Ballistic Balloonatic - Balloon Modelling For Events & Parties

PeteZa the Balloonatic! Twisting balloons into all sorts of shapes, figures, animals, abstracts, party hats and of course dogs and swords! He has a specialty of various mini Balloon Babies! and they really suit themes, e.g baby snowman, baby elf, baby monster, etc. He performs as a clown or in many other costumes to suit your requirements. He can add various of his other repertoire and skills (eg juggling or circus tricks) or can just be a balloon man! (Google Clown PeteZa) Don't forget to ask about the fabulous "Big Bear's Big Balloon Disco!" where he DJs too or how he can add masses of ballon fun to your event or party. Balloon modelling is suitable for all sorts of occasions and locations. Its always very popular and they make great giveaways. Balloon modelling sessions can be all day or an hour or two. Happy planing and hope we can help you!
From: £180 per event

Fire Eater / Fire Performer / Fire Swirler - 1 Performer

Hi! Thanks for the interest! Here is a sample of our ents: Hire a skilled professional circus artist for your event or party. PeteZa is a multi-skilled artist presenting various items or booked to perform single items a number of times. He is fully insured, widely traveled, highly experienced, risk assessed, DBS assessed and highly competent in many if not all situations. He just needs somewhere to arrive and park, sometimes a dressing room area, a stage or event to perform at! It can be set to music and dramatically performed or comedy street show style or be more informal mingling shows. As a straight forward style of an act, he is as self-contained and no-fuss as possible. Show or work times maybe 3 or 4 x 45 min sets in a day as a general juggler or Various 15-30 mins as a fire performer. It’s all flexible! He drives a van.
From: £300 per event

Circus Show With 2-300 Seat Circus Tent & Full Show By 6+ Artists

Hi! Thanks for the interest! Circus Shows for Events & Festivals! Bigtopmania is a family-owned company providing circus shows, artists & entertainment. Performing almost anywhere! Huge amounts of our own equipment, a large team of artists & masses of creativity to help your event go down a storm. We will provide you with all the H&S you need. Here we suggest a 6 person team of multi skilled artists: ringmaster/ clown/ jugglers/ acrobats/ hula hoop/ trapeze / slack rope / china plate spinning/ bubble act. The tent (red&yellow186 sqm or red 226 sqm bigtop with seats) is often installed the day before the event. As self-contained as possible to make it easy for you.(We may need a power supply) We park our vehicles behind the attraction as we will have lots of equipment in them. The show is 45-60 mins long and can be repeated 2 or 3 times a day. Our show is usually aimed at families but we can be more risqué if you wish! We will take the tent down & leave a clean site.
From: £4800 per event

The Human Slinky Act

Hi! Thanks for the interest! Here is a sample of our ents: New for 2020 is our Human Slinky Show. It's ideal for a 5-minute type performance as part of a bigger show or as a 20 minute type interaction with guests. It's very hard work to perform, so can't be done too much longer than that but can be repeated after a break. Slinky dances, moves, collapses, extend; keeping an eye on you but keeping you guessing! The Slinky act could be part of a bigger package of entertainment. In these images, we did a lot more at the events! One performer is required but an assistant is very useful to get into and out of the costume and to bodyguard during wandering shows or you can help!
From: £360 per event

PeteZa.BubbleShow; Bubble Artist. Feat' Giant Bubbles and Kids in Bubbles!

Hi! Thanks for the interest! Here is a sample of our ents: "Peteza.bubbleshow" will put your children in bubbles, make huge bubbles, blow millions of bubbles, smoke bubbles, fire bubbles, bubble parties, bubble activities, light bubbles, helium bubbles, bubble sculptures. Bubble show itself @ 20-30-40 minutes long. We discuss your requirements. PeteZa will arrive at the venue or event In plenty of time to be ready. He will make sure the equipment is installed safely & the venue surfaces protected. Indoors it’s more possible to do complicated tricks & fuller range of effects. It’s good in a large hall. The children are asked to spectate. Outdoors it’s more flexible & big bubbles work well. He has a huge selection of fabulous bubble wands that will keep you guessing and a vast repertoire of bubble tricks. All party children will go inside bubbles! We can do a bubble session for the children to play with too. He drives a van. He has many more party skills too-just ask!
From: £300 per event

Clown PeteZa! Awesome Circus Family Entertainer

Hi! Thanks for the interest! Here is a sample of our ents: PeteZa! Unique Clown style circus family entertainer presenting a one man circus full of skills, comedy & audience participation. Highly skilled & experienced, performing 30+ years. PeteZa; Boss @Bigtopmania: lots of circus tents, equipment & bundles of ideas. Bigger shows very possible. Arrival in plenty of time; it can take a while to get the props in, set the stage, get ready for showtime. Very Self-contained. He uses a Van. Shows @ 45-60 mins long but can be short sketches to hours of mingling work. Full Party packages. Skills: RingMaster, Clowning, Juggling, Stilt walking. Unicycle, Bubble show, China plate spinning, Ball spinning, Audience participation, Balloon twisting, Custard pies, Lasso & rope spinning. Making children & adults laugh! Family Rave DJ, Mini Disco, Dance Party Games, Lots of routines loves entertaining, creates shows to suit theme & event. Need fabulous fantastic events? BOOK HIM!
From: £300 per event

Juggling Shows & Wandering Entertainment

Hi there! Thank you for your interest! Here is a sample of our entertainments: PeteZa is a juggler & has been hooked on it for over 35 years now. He is quite good at it & has many associated circus skills so please ask as he may be able to! He's juggled at all sorts of events & locations worldwide & is equally at home on stage, at parties or festivals, at corporate occasions & conferences, exhibitions & for film or tv. He has many costumes and juggles balls, clubs, fire, glow, fun & danger, etc! Let's assume you need a juggler at your event like a fun day! He will juggle all sorts of things entertaining the crowds for short sessions or can go on all day! Mini shows are a specialty in these occasions. If you want him for a party he will perform fun one-man circus shows for you! He can add circus skills workshops, balloon modelling, giant bubbles & many other things. He can adapt costume to themes such as wild west/pirates/ super-heroes etc.
From: £300 per event

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