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Surprise Your Guests with Hilarious Comedy Waiters

Our waiters always provide a hilarious, memorable surprise anywhere they go. The entertainment is carried out with the guests able to eat, drink, and chat with each other.
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We are comedy waiters who tailor each of our shows to the event at hand. All of our waiters are highly skilled improvisers with characters they've honed over many years of various private and corporate events. The waiters entertain for one hour, usually during the meal. The "show" starts with them emerging with wine to pour for the guests, this is an excuse for our actors to interact, in character, with the blissfully unaware attendees. The waiters are quite subtle to begin with. Then the Maitre D' character blows their whistle to get their staff to line up for an introduction of themselves. The Maitre D' will also make a specially tailored speech about the event and its guests which has been previously put together using information from a questionnaire filled by the client. Then it's back to work for the waiters who, as their cover is now blown, are braver than ever. The close interaction with the guests is now added to by spontaneously bursting into a song, poem, or something of the like, to the delight of the whole room. After that the Maitre D' has had enough and it is time for another line up, that also entails a finishing act. The whole show is carried out with the guests still able to eat, drink, and talk to each other.

"Café Kolbert were absolutely hilarious and the entire wedding party just loved you. You hit just the perfect pitch and pushed to the limit of comedy without offending anyone. You set the tone for the rest of the day and I know that our Guests are going to talk about your performance for a long while."
Ann Smith, Mother of the Bride

"Thank you for the great show you put on for our wedding - it set a wonderful tone for the rest of the day, and everyone we've talked to about the wedding since then mentions how great they thought it was. It was the thing I was looking forward to most (after the ceremony!), and it was wonderful to see all our guests laughing."
Pia Fussing, Bride

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Ginette Broome

Aug. 30, 2018

Excellent comedy duo, hilarious



  • Do you do open-air acts?


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A show tailored to your event. We have conversations with you and your venue prior to the event to personalise it to be the best it can.