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Verified bookings 17
Reviews 5

It's Your Photo Booth

Recent review: We had Its your photo booth at our Party - Absolutely Brilliant! - Turned up and set up in plenty of time and guests loved it- Hilarious and you get a permanent record of everyone who attended. Can't fault it!

from £295.00. Based in Buckinghamshire

Verified bookings 6
Reviews 8

Sprinkle With Fairy Dust

Recent review: Had some personalised sweets for wedding favours and the service was brilliant. Kept me up to date all the time with messages and love the finished result. Very reasonable prices as well. Would highly recommend.

from £60. Based in Nottingham

Verified bookings 1
Reviews 9

Desire Special Occasions Ltd

Recent review: Great food, great room decor, lovely staff, VERY professional and worth EVERY PENNY. All my friends and family were well impressed....������

from £6.00. Based in Sheffield

Verified bookings 11
Reviews 4

Hafla Entertainment London

Recent review: Caitlin is a fantastic dancer and organized a fun workshop after her show. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to have a belly dancer at their party.

from £125. Based in London

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0

B-bar by Toast Events

About: Fab Mobile bar , friendly staff good times. Based in the Midlands we are happy to travel to your venue -see you soon...

from £50.00. Based in Nottinghamshire

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