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Price from: £100.00
For our buffet menu all prices are listed as a suggested portion per head, and as a rough guide a cold buffet will start at around £7.00 per head and a hot and cold buffet at about £9.00 per head, however we can tailor to suit your personal budget. We understand it can be a little confusing to gauge the amount of food to order. Therefore we are happy to create a menu for you - you can select the dishes you would like from our menu and we can work out the quantities appropriate for the number of guests and budget you have, so you can relax and let us do the work for you. Also, if there are dishes that you would like which aren't on the menu please do ask as we are happy to be flexible. To get started please let us know the following information; Date and time of event: Number to be catered for: What is your budget: Venue address: Are there kitchen facilities: Is there an oven/fridge on site: Would you like a hot buffet, cold buffet or combination: Are there any allergies/dietary requirements to be catered for: Let us know if you would like us to create a menu for you and if there are any dishes you would like included: SKRUMPY BUFFET MENU Hot Dishes *All hot dishes and soups available as buffet portions 5oz / 2 ladles and as full portions 10 oz / 4 ladles Chilli – £2. 25 / £4.50 Thai style curry - £2.25 / £4.50 (Fragrant with crispy spring vegetables in a creamy coconut sauce with a dash of lime) Southern Indian style curry - £2.25 / £4.50 (Aromatic with chickpeas, mushrooms and sweet potatoes in tomato based sauce) Chicken style chasseur - £2.25 /£4.50 (with Quorn chicken, mushrooms, butterbeans, wine and garlic) Hearty sausage and tomato casserole - £2.25 / £4.50 (in a spicy tomato based sauce peppers mushrooms) Moroccan tagine - £2.25 /£4.50 (sweet potatoes, mushrooms, beans and courgettes in a tomato based sauce with Moroccan spices) Hot side dishes Half jacket potatoes - £1.00 Rice - £1.00 Fruity couscous - £1.20 (with apricots and toasted almonds) Soups Chunky curried butternut squash soup - £3.00 (with fragrant spices and coconut) - £3.00 Leek and potato soup - £3.00 (with cream, garlic and white wine) Creamy mushroom soup - £3.00 (with cream, garlic and white wine) Spicy tomato and lentil soup - £3.00 Pastries and savouries Lime & coriander falafel patties - £1.00 Mini spicy samosas - £0.75 Mini spring rolls - £0.75 egg mayo style vol-au-vents - £1.00 Quorn chicken and sweetcorn vol-au-vents - £1.00 Mini sausage rolls - £0.75 Mediterranean style pizza slices - £1.50 Pepperoni style pizza slices - £1.50 Cheese and onion style quiche slices - £1.50 Mushroom and pepper quiche slices - £1.50 Slice of mushroom and sweet chestnut loaf - £1.00 Olives with roasted peppers and feta - £1.00 Sliced and buttered French stick - £2.00 Potato /tortilla chips - £0.50 Fruity couscous - £0.75 Grated cheese - £0.75 Range of sandwiches; Quorn chicken with mayo and sweetcorn - £0.75 Cheese and relish -0.75 Ham style slices and tomato - £0.75 Eggless mayo - £0.75 Dips Smoked aubergine hummus - £0.50 Roasted pepper hummus - £0.50 Plain Hummus - £0.40 Sour cream - £0.50 Sweet chilli dip – £0.20 Salads Coleslaw with with mayo & toasted sesame seeds - £0.75 Leafy summer salad with cucumber, peppers, sweetcorn, tomatoes and onion with a sweet mustard dressing - £0.50 Carrot salad with harissa, feta and mint - £0.75 Potato salad with spring onions in a lemon and herb dressing - £0.75 Rice and bean salad - £0.75 Sweets Individual mini cheesecakes/slice of cheesecake Vanilla, topped with berry fruits - £2.0o Lemon and lime - £2.0o Chocolate - £2.00 Chocolate orange - £2.00 Caramel - £2.00 Chocolate brownies - £2.00 Range of mini cup cakes - £1.oo Chocolate and brandy mousse - £2.o0 Trifle - £2.50 Fresh fruit salad – £2.00 SKRUMPY HOT MENU Appetizers French onion soup with cheesy croutons - £3.50 Creamy and fragrant carrot and coriander soup, served with crusty rustic style bread - £3.50 Curried squash, lentil and coconut soup, served with crusty rustic style bread - £3.50 Creamy mushroom soup with garlic and white wine, served with crusty rustic style bread - £3.50 Lime and coriander Falafel patties with smoky roasted pepper hummus and salad £4.50 Mini samosas with sweet chilli dip, mint yoghurt dip and salad - £4.00 Melon Mojito, Melon with a refreshing lime and mint dressing and a dash of rum - £4.00 Shared platter of canapes - £4.50 (per person). Hot Main Dishes Lasagne, made with slow roasted Mediterranean vegetables in a herby tomato sauce, layered with pasta and topped with a rich cheese sauce. Served with minted new potatoes. or garlic bread and salad - £9.00 Moussaka: Rich spicy lentil mince with field mushrooms and green peppers, layered with roasted aubergines, sliced potatoes and a creamy cheese sauce. Served with garlic bread and salad - £9.00 Creamy mushroom and chicken style casserole with white wine and garlic, served with roasted potatoes or dumplings and seasonal vegetables - £8.50 Spicy tomato and sausage casserole with red wine, served with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables £8.50 Sweet chestnut and mushroom roast served with potatoes diaphinoise or creamy potato and leek mash with seasonal vegetables and red wine gravy - £9.50 Cashew, lentil and cheese wellington. Delicious mix of cashews, lentils and onions topped with a cheesy sauce and wrapped in a crisp puff pastry parcel, served with creamy mash, seasonal vegetables and red wine gravy - £9.50 Portobello mushroom pastry parcels. Sliced mushrooms with baby spinach and pine nuts and a white wine and garlic cream, wrapped in a crisp puff pastry parcel, served with creamy mash, seasonal vegetables and red wine gravy - £9.50 Peppers stuffed with a delicious combination of mushrooms, lentils, vegetables, rice and herbs, topped with a rich cheese sauce, served with garlic bread and salad - £9.50 Winter vegetable tartin.Thyme roasted carrots and parsnips on a layer of celeriac puree in an upside down puff pastry tart. Served with a provencal made with onions, courgettes and mushrooms in a rich tomato sauce sprinkled with grated cashew cheese - £9.50 Morrocan roasted vegetables - Slow roasted peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, aubergines and button mushrooms with chick peas and Morrocan spices, served with with fruity couscous (lightly toasted almonds, and succulent apricots) - £7.00 Red Thai style curry with chicken style pieces in a fragrant and creamy coconut sauce, served with spring rolls, poppodums, chutney dips, rice, naan bread - £8.50 Southern Indian style curry with chick peas, mushrooms and sweet potatoes in a rich and fragrant tomato based sauce, served with onion bhajis, sweet chilli sauce, mint yoghurt dip, rice poppodums and naan bread - £8.50 Desserts Cheesecakes; vanilla topped with berry fruits, key lime, caramel or chocolate. Sold as a large cheesecake to share, 1 individual cheesecake, or 2 mini cheesecakes per person - £4.00 Warm chocolate brownies served with ice cream - £4.00 Banoffee pie ; a pastry or biscuit crumb base topped with a rich layer of toffee, bananas with a creamy coffee flavoured topping - £4.00 Eaton mess; a tasty combination of crispy meringue, berry fruit and cream - £4.00 Chocolate orange and brandy mousse. A smooth rich chocolate and orange mousse laced with brandy for even more decadence - £4.o0 Pumpkin pie with pecan crumble, a shortcrust pastry base with spiced pumpkin topped with toasted pecans - £3.50 Bread and butter pudding, traditional style creamy tasting with succulent sultanas/apricots and nutmeg - £3.00 *We can provide soft drinks, subject to discussion with you. *We can provide eco-friendly tableware if you would like. *We can also provide table cloths & napkins, subject to your requirements. * There will be a nominal charge for transportation for distances over 5 miles from Northampton. * Deposit required at time of booking. * Payments to be made to A.Fifield account no: 72365032, sort code: 08-93-00.

Skrumpy Pumpkin offer a unique menu of delicious plant based food (vegan) - from canapes, buffet and party food, to sit down meals. We can provide dishes with an international flavour as well as tradi...

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What is included in the menu?
The transportation, setting up and clearing away are all included in the menu price. There may be a charge for transportation depending on the location of the venue. There will also be a separate charge if serving of food is required.
How does the open bar work?
The bar would be arranged by another company.
Do you also offer a wedding cake?
No, but we can offer recommendations.
Do you offer special menus?
We can offer gluten free dishes.
What kind of cuisine do you offer?
Our food is plant based. We are experienced in a wide range of cuisine from International to more traditional dishes.
Is it possible to adapt/modify the menu?
Yes, menus can be tailored to suit the customers needs. We provide many suggestions and ideas and are adaptable to any ideas the customer has as well.
Do you cook in the same location as the banquet?
Yes, if this is required.
What services do you offer?
Menu suggestions and ideas, preparation and provision of hot and cold plant based foods, table ware if required, transportation, setting up, serving food if required, clearing away.

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