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Scoff and Nosh

Big Pans from Around the World

We use a variety of large pans: paella pans & Korai'is up to 3 ft across, large woks, and casserole pans so it is very visual. Guests watch the food being cooked.
From: £9.50 per person
Scoff and Nosh

Authentic Spanish Paella Cooked in Huge Pans in Front of Your Guests

Try our delicious and authentic Spanish paella at your next event for a unique experience for your guests; paella can be 'free from' everything; dairy, gluten, etc. It can also be vegan
From: £9.50 per person
Scoff and Nosh

Authentic Spanish Paella Served with Canapes & Salads

Try our delicious and authentic Spanish paella at your next event for a unique experience for your guests. Paella can be 'free from' everything: dairy, gluten, etc. It can also be vegan.
From: £13.65 per person

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We supply Authentic Spanish paella, using the very best ingredients from Spain, cooked in pans which range in size from 4 to 225 guests. We can cater outside for any number. For event inside, we can either cook outside and bring the paella inside for guests to help themselves from the big pans or we can put the paella into small pans on the tables. If we cannot cook outside, we can use our electric pans

We provide a full range of sides from tapas to salads to frites and everything else for a truely memorable Spanish experience

We only use the very best ingredients; mainly La Bomba rice from the Albafera region ( it absorbs 3 times its weight in water and fattens out rather than growing longer like long grain so it takes in huge amounts of flavour ), saffron from Castilla La Mancha, paprika from Murcia and a whole host of spices and flavours from many parts of Spain and North Africa

Paella originally was a true peasants food from around the Valencia region in Spain. Inland the paella would have been mainly rice and vegetables with maybe rats, frogs & toads, rabbits, snakes; in fact, anything that was free and cheap. On the coast, the rice probably would not have had so many vegetables but would have had all the seafood that they could not sell ( including monkfish that was so ugly no-one wanted to buy it whereas now it is expensive as people have realised that the flesh tastes amazing )
Spanish paella is mainly rice but the English prefer it with a greater ratio of meat, which is what we supply. The most popular is chicken & chorizo ( which was actually invented by Jamie Oliver in the 90's and not very well liked by the Spanish so beware; if a restaurant in Spain if doing Chicken & Chorizo, it is catering for tourists not locals )

Paella can only be cooked well with the right ingredients but it mainly requires passion; it needs a subtle touch and a need to truely care for it. We have been cooking paella for over 20 years and are still learning !!!!

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Certified review

Aidan Woods

May 4, 2024

Overall good, the paella was tasty! But the food took quite a while as he was on his own and apparently he was using backup equipment due to a larger job the day before, also our guest who asked for a vegan dish was given one with mussels in it. BUT! The man was very pleasant, he arrived promptly and set up completely independently and 9/10 of our guests thought it was great!

Certified review

Clare Heyhoe

Oct. 29, 2023

Steve was great - very accommodating, unobtrusive, patient and everyone loved the food! Compared with others his paellas were very good value indeed. I highly recommend Steve and Scoff & Nosh.

Certified review

Rebecca Stanbury

Oct. 21, 2023

Thanks Steve for the delicious paella! It was perfect for my friends party.

Certified review

Kathryn Brown

Sept. 2, 2023

Steve was completely amazing at our wedding. Everything was made according to the schedule we provided and served up punctually. The food was completely delicious - everyone had enough food and really enjoyed it! Steve made a special portion for one of our guests who had a legumes allergy. No other special arrangements were necessary as the choice of paella and tapas satisfied most dietary requirements. Would definitely recommend Steve!

Certified review

Eve Griffiths

June 18, 2023

The paella was delicious and the service was impeccable. Thank you!

Certified review

Dan Thurman

May 13, 2023

Our guests all really enjoyed the food


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Paella served from huge pans
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