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Price from: £1150
Full day wedding photography from £1150, other coverage is available. Photobooth starts from £350, other coverage and offers available.

I'm an alternative wedding photographer working across the South of England and beyond! I own a gorgeous little photobooth called Prints Charming, and together we create bloody BONZER images of people having a stupidly good time.

I work in an unobtrusive, but involved way... does that make sense? Like, I'll be there ALL DAY, but I'm much more of a guest than a supplier... I'll have a little sniff around the drinks and food available and I'll be chatting to your Nan, but I'm secretly like a wedding ninja and I'll capture things and leave you thinking "was she even there then??"

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  • Do you work alone or do you have a team of professionals?
    A little from column a, and a little from column b. I work alone mostly, but I can definitely work with my close friends who are also photographers!
  • Do you send all the photos taken?
    Ohhh no. No, you'd hate that. Also, it'd be very boring indeed. I take thousands of photos at weddings, mainly to correct exposure, focus, slightly different cropping. There's usually about 10/15 versions of group photos, or where I've taken the same shot 4 times just to make sure I get the laughiest laugh, or the cheekiest expression. I give you the best, and all of the best - there'll still be 100s of images, and I never exclude a photo unless it's a duplicate, or super unfortunate looking - you know?
  • What's the delivery time for photographic report?
    Up to 6 weeks, I usually advise. Sometimes it's faster!
  • Do you offer any tool to display the photos online?
    I do! I have a gallery site where you can view, download and purchase print items.
  • What kind of technology do you use?
    I use Canon cameras, canon lenses and a Macbook Pro at home. My backup computer is an iMac and the photobooth has a MacMini inside it. I've got gadgets, me. Does a confetti cannon count as technology?
  • Do you cover more than one wedding a day?
    Not unless there's a separate photobooth booking in the evening... It's rare, and I wouldn't be the one attending both!
  • What does the wedding package include?
    Tip top photos of your beaming faces, all edited images in an online gallery for friends and family, and a USB packaged up with love and affection.
  • What services do you offer?
    I offer personal, individual wedding and event photography which focusses on YOU and all the daft stuff you get up to. I document everything as a slightly comedic and sometimes sarcastic fly on the wall. I'll josh about with the best of the groomsmen, and fix your hair/tuck the bridesmaids labels in like the best of them. I'm a wedding all-rounder, and just love photographing!
  • Do you have the rights to publish the wedding photos?
    I do, as per my contract the images belong to me and I am able to use them for anything I'd like to. I am a human though (!!), and understand that some people have their reasons for wanting to keep their wedding/event private. If asked, I can absolutely not include your photos for advertising or portfolio work, but my default is to use your gorgeous faces to convince others ;)
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, do you have a replacement photographer?
    Several, actually! I work within a close network of photographers who all provide emergency cover when needed. I have a very close group of 4 people I can ask, and if they're unavailable it falls to the network of emergency cover photographers - all vetted and about 40 in number!

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All day wedding photography from preparations to the dancefloor and beyond.

3 hour photobooth services with optional guestbooks and much more other nonsense...

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