Jordan Curley

Birmingham, West Midlands
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hello, i am Jordan Curley and 20 years old.

Styles of dancing i have done;
Disco freestyle
Rock N Roll
Musical theatre
Modern jazz

About my dancing life
I started dancing at the age of 8 and ive always had it as my passion. I have danced in many different theatres over the UK and i have also competed in disco freestyle competitions. I have won many awards but i had stopped disco freestyle and the others at age 14. I had then a break as i wanted to concentrate at school and college i then went back to dancing at 18 properly and the style i mainly do now is lyrical. When i preform i always make sure that i can understand the story line what the song is about, i will always make sure aswell that i can connect with the song. I now know how to use my face while dancing and thats what i do now in routines, i will always make sure i put all my heart and soul into it and show my emotion through it so the audience can feel something when i preform.

Cities i have danced at
Stoke on trent
Haden hill

Big things i have done while been at dance
At age 10 i had danced with Billy Eliott in a theatre in London, it was a musical theatre piece that i was doing. I have also been on Britains got Talent, i had made it through on to TV and a magazine the only thing Simon Cowell said was to work on my nerves so the past few years ive been working on my nerves. I do perform at like partys, and at the local fair i get asked to dance. I got asked in Dominican Republic to stay there for a year to preform when the workers seen me dance but i did not accept due too i was 17 at the time and my parents were very protective over me. I had also preformed for a show case for the Birmingham City Universty and also Dare to be Different what was to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Dance schools i been too
I started of at the dance school Adage dance company trained by Kerry Clarke then i was with the dance school Style dance academy trained by Mr Richard Dyke, but now i am with Body beat school of dance trained by Laura Hughes. I did help out last year in october time and novemeber teaching under 7s ballet at KLC dance.

I am very dedicated to dance as it is my dream to be a professional dancer, its what my life is about also its my heart and passion. Most people my age will go about clubbing but me at my age id rather stay at home and rehearse moves. I do mainly private lessons instead of class because i learn alot more and i always pay attention to the dance teacher. I do my exercises and stretches every night other the pratice other dance moves. I am very good at improv dance aswell because i have been doing that for a while because it lets my emotion out. I have cried a couple of times dancing in a routine but i look at it as a positive thing because everyone icluding audience and who ever is watching will realise how dedicated i am. I am a very hardworking young woman, i always go prepared and will always make sure i have full concentration. I would never mess about or anything because i take dancing very seriously as i would dream to have an amazing career for it.

Dancing Compentices
Ability to develop new versions of existing dance routines.
Posses a good sense of rhythm and timing.
Possessing balance, poise, posture, limberness, springiness, suppleness and relaxed movement.
Can work solo or as part of a group.
Excellent ability to coordinate body movements.
Physical fit with good stamina.
Possessing a naturally flexible body.
Knowledge of modern, acrobatic and classical dance styles.
Up to date with the latest developments in the music, dance and fashion industries.
Excellent flexibility in stretching, twisting and bending my body.
Quick in movement.
Fully aware of all health and safety requirements.

Ability to memorise complicated movements and roles.
Having a feeling for music.
Having a creative mind.
Engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden professional knowledge.
Patience and perseverance.
Can concentrate for long periods of time.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to give instructions as well as follow them.
Social Perceptiveness.
High levels of resilience.
Organisational skills.

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Im mainly a lyrical/contemporary dancer.