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Wedding DJ Package

Verified bookings: 4
THE NEW WEDDING RECEPTION DESIGN 2020, PHOTOGRAPHERS LOVE IT! If you want an ELEGANT RECEPTION, an awesome atmosphere and a PACKED DANCEFLOOR, you’re in the right place! Welcome to VIP. I'm DJ Mike 'VIP' Francis #ukdjmf and I've been hosting weddings and special events for 25+ years, which means I'm a preferred DJ at many 4 & 5 star venues in the North-West. In short, I know what fills dance-floors and I create natural, fun and unforgettable parties. ​VIDEO INCLUDED My funky weddings, diva discos and elegant soirees are fantastic, and I can prove it because, every party I host includes a snazzy Highlights Video absolutely FREE. Believe me, your guests will love it! If you cannot access the prices page or download brochures it will mean this agency will not allow us to contact you without your permission, in which case if you send me your email address I’ll send you a brochure. Alternatively please provide a telephone number and a member of my team will contact you. Terms Apply
From: £395 per event
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MB Entertainment Ltd

Wedding DJ

Verified bookings: 10
Hi Thank you for your enquiry, We can provide a great disco with music ranging from 50s Rock n Roll, Motown, Rock, 80's Chart to recent chart/dance, indie. All of our equipment is PAT verified and we have full public liability insurance, for your piece of mind. The service also includes your own web page where you can create song lists, special song requests and keep in touch with us for any other requests. The price is based on 5 hours (plus an additional £25 per hour, or part thereof). If you have any questions, please feel free to message us. Kind regards Mike MB Entertainment Ltd
From: £375 per event
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Glynn Tee - Professional DJ

Wedding DJ Package

Verified bookings: 19
Thank you for enquiring to hire me as your Wedding DJ/Master of Ceremonies. What you can expect from me as your Wedding DJ? My job is to help to make sure that your Wedding Reception runs smoothly and feels perfect, presented in a way that you require with the music that you and your guests enjoy. It is more than just someone playing music. Presentation and announcements at your Wedding are very important especially for your first dance, cutting of the cake and any of the more formal parts to your day. Unless booked as your Master of Ceremonies during the day, I will set up during a 'room turnaround'. Setting up takes up to an hour depending on access. Depending on how you wish to start your evening, I can either invite guests in once you have checked the room (a good venue should always do this and not allow guests access beforehand especially when suppliers are setting up!) and announce you in just prior to your cutting of the cake and first dance. This allows you time to relax as a couple and/or for additional photographs. Alternatively, if you are happy to mingle amongst guests, I can play background music as you soak up the atmosphere before your formal evening events. I will always give your guests ten minutes notice on your cutting or the cake and first dance and any other events you have - perhaps a family dance or bouquet toss. I will introduce you for your cutting of the cake and first dance as well as announcing your buffet when it is ready. I always ensure I play your 'must play' songs - although its important that you are around and dancing to them when they are on! Guests will have all eyes on you and your main Wedding Party will drift with you be it to the bar or outside. For example, if you like 90s dance music but spend all night at the bar chatting, you are more than likely to see a huge drift of people who would actually like to dance to a bit of Motown or 70s. It's important to keep a happy medium if you're not big dancers. As the night draws to a close, I will play your final song(s) of the evening ensuring a great finish. If you book me to work during your Wedding Breakfast as your Master of Ceremonies, I will work alongside your Wedding Venue and other suppliers such as your photographer or videographer. I will play background music and assist your photographer and ushers to organise group photographs and, if required, organise a receiving line or invite your guests through for your Wedding Breakfast. I will conduct your Grand Entrance and play music during your Wedding Breakfast as well as circulating the Wedding Guest Book. I am always on hand to answer guests' questions and help with any unexpected issues that arise. For your toasts and speeches, I will make sure that everyone due to speak is ready and prepared and announce each speech individually and conduct a toast as required. If your venue require your room vacated at the end of your meal and speeches to get it ready for the evening, I will introduce your Grand Exit and ask your guests to join you. As your Wedding DJ, I offer: - High Quality Sound and Lighting Equipment - Face to face meeting to discuss your Wedding Reception requirements - No scruffy equipment or untidy wiring - No cheesy party dance routines - unless requested - Clear announcements throughout your evening - no waffle! - No smoking or drinking of alcohol - Online planning and music requests - Fully PAT tested equipment and Public Liability up to £10.000,000 Music Whilst your styles and choices of music are adhered to closely, my main aim - and the reason you're hiring me - is to provide a fantastic atmosphere to befit your Wedding. Over the years, mobile DJs and discos have become attached with a 'cheesy' stigma and that we all play Black Lace's greatest hits and get you up doing silly party games and dances. What I offer is a professional service, which takes on board your likes and dislikes and I fully respect your choices. I treat every event individually and cater for everyone taking on board your tastes and requests and mixing the into the night along with taking requests on the night. I have a lot of experience covering Weddings and have a great knowledge of all genres of music for mixed ages and the ability to keep your dance floor flowing all night. I offer a guest request system prior to your Wedding where your guests can have a direct link to add the songs they love to dance to, which can save you hours of work going through the RSVPs! Experience With a background that has spanned working in large scale nightclubs, holiday camps and arenas and on radio and television covering all types of theme nights including Rock/indie, Motown, 70s, 80s, 90s nights and, as a club DJ, covering everything from dance, trance, dancehall, RnB, Indie and cheesy pop - you can be assured that you are booking someone that knows what they are doing. In short, I have a music collection which covers all genres and decades. Your night is precisely that - yours. It is commonly misjudges by many DJs and a mistake I avoid. No two parties are the same. Some DJs will only play songs they consider to be dance floor fillers but it could be a case that one song played for relatives, that has a special memory for them, makes their night too. It is important that the songs you ask for prior to your Wedding are songs that you definitely will dance to and not songs that you like to listen to. Songs that you like to listen to are better suited to your Wedding Breakfast. Another key aspect to a busy dance floor is that you are on it. It is your day and your guests will want to be where you are. If you are not big dancers. it may be better not to make many requests and then allow your guests to enjoy the night. Guests can be fickle! If I'm playing music that you like but you're not up dancing to it, the chances are your guests won't be up either and will then start to look for reasons to leave early. A long list of songs that you like isn't always going to have your guests filling the dance floor and the finger of blame is pointed in one direction! I am happy for you to build a request list and my aim is play a minimum of ten songs from those you have asked for, however, should I feel that your choices are not working I will use my experience and judgement to ensure your night is a success. When making requests that you like to dance to, try to be specific. I often hear, "I like 80s music", but there's a massive difference between liking The Jam or Bad Manners to liking Kylie Minogue or Rick Astley. Unless requested by yourselves, I avoid cheesy party dances where possible. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea but if you are happy with the likes of 'Macarena' and 'Cha Cha Slide' just let me know. I always judge a crowd on the night by "reading" the room. It may sound like an old cliché but by speaking to your guests, taking requests and watching them tap along to certain types of songs allows me to get a feel for the music that will get your guests up as your night progresses. It is worth remembering that guests will not fill your dance floor at 7pm and stay there and most may need a few drinks. Having a very early first dance can mean that most guests will come over all shy and disappear to their seats two minutes after even if you have a song playing that would fill a floor later in the evening. It is also important to let me know any genres and songs you definitely do not want. This can be important than the songs you want! Hearing songs that you hate can be a real dampener on your day. I am always happy to take requests on the night as this often leads to a better party atmosphere. Unlike some parts of your day, it is impossible to plan your evening song for song as guests will have different tastes and to ensure a successful evening it is important to be as flexible as possible. Music choices must be received a minimum of seven days prior to your Wedding Reception. I cannot guarantee the inclusion of any deleted, obsolete or difficult to source requests either in writing or on the night of the booking. All of my music is legally sourced. A common problem of recent times is DJs using YouTube or Spotify to stream at events. This is an illegal practice and one I do not use. My music is CD based or digitally downloaded in WAV or M4A format, from DJ-only sites, for the highest quality of sound for your event. It will only take your DJ to be streaming music and a visit from PPL/PRS for your night to be closed down. Equipment My equipment is always kept clean, tidy and up to date. In this digital age, it can easily be assumed a 'DJ' sets up a laptop on a table and just plugs into a wheel-in speaker! There are those out there who will do that but that's not what I feel the job is about nor does it suit a special occasion such as your Wedding. I use a digital mixing desk and two CDJs (from CDs) that are set up inside a professional DJ booth. These connect into a high quality sound system which consists of two EV (Electro-Voice) top speakers which at 500w each (RMS) and peak of 1000w each and a subwoofer (bass bin) that is 400w (RMS) and a peak of 1600w. The subwoofer is placed inside the booth (to stop people putting drinks on it!) and the stands for the top end speakers are covered for a softer feel and can be lit in a colour of your choice if requested. This system has been used at venues that can hold over 500 people and gives a clear, crisp sound. During your Wedding, sound levels are constantly monitored using a Decibel Meter to ensure that you and your guests are not deafened and that the volume level remains consistent throughout. I balance the level of sound at the start of the night to its peak and know that I cannot take the level any higher. This eradicates any problems later in the evening and also means that any venues with sound limiters will not see your music getting cut off. Lighting The Silver Package consists of six lights of your choice depending on the age range and the feel that you would like to create at your Wedding. There are two moving heads (ADJ Inno Spot Pro), which are placed on plinths inside my DJ booth with your choice on the four lights placed on the over head bar. If you are looking for a more club like feel you may wish to go with and two additional moving heads (ADJ inno Spot Pro) and two scanners (Martin MX4) Alternatively, if you are looking for something more ambient, you can add two American DJ LED panels. A popular choice is two American DJ Led Panels with two addition ADJ Inno Spot Pro lights, which allows for both ambient and club like at the same time. For a Wedding, your first dance can be spot lit using two of the ADJ Inno Spot Pro lights or with a dance floor wash using the ADJ LED panels. It can even be a mix of the two with the spot lights giving way to the panels as your guests enter the floor if you choose this set up. All the lighting is controlled using a system known as DMX which allows me to have control of colour and pattern of lights. Meeting and Planning In an effort to cut down on my business' Carbon Footprint, your price includes a face to face meeting in Southport, which can be arranged at a time convenient to yourselves but preferably avoiding Fridays, Saturdays and evenings due to the nature of my business. This meeting will cover the schedule for your day, which suppliers I will be working alongside and go through your like and dislikes of music. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to cover everything depending on the level of depth of planning for your Wedding. Upon booking, you will be emailed a detailed plan based on your package in Word format for you to start adding details to. You will also receive an online log in username and password that can be used for music requests and planning online. Discretion I work alongside your venue to ensure that I am able to access your room/suite during the room turn around conducted between your Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception. It is not always feasible to be completely discrete when setting up due to access but I ensure that equipment is moved safely into place to minimise any inconvenience to you and your guests. I will always be openly honest with you about access to your suite and how this will affect the room turn around. Some venues will not allow access until every guest has left the suite - which will automatically cause a delay. Other venues will insist on my set up being in place early due to access. If the latter is the case, the is an additional fee for the early set up. From entering your suite, set-up will take up to an hour. Tidiness and wiring I always ensure that my equipment is tidy. I keep all of my speakers and lighting in protective carry cases and they are always cleaned before and after events to keep lenses and mirrors of lighting clean. My DJ booth white cloth is washed after every events with the black cloth (due to electrics) cleaned with the correct procedure. I cannot stand seeing wires left hanging loosely or left in a scraggy loop on the floor. All of the wiring that I use for speakers and lighting are neatly secured to their relevant poles, taped along the wall (where possible) and ran to the mixing desk or plug sockets. All wiring is then out of sight as much as possible. Hidden costs There are no hidden costs when a full quote is given. The Poptop Instant Quote System is convenient but may not be 100% accurate. What can often be forgotten is that it is not a five or six hour job on the night. With initial contact and paperwork (typing and posting contracts, setting up online planning and other admin), travel, meeting, typing your meeting notes, visiting your venue, arriving to set up and around an hour to take the equipment down not to mention loading, unloading, testing and maintenance of equipment and general preparation such as ensuring I have all the required details and songs. A wedding for myself can take hours upon hours to put together and it is why you should query why someone has offered to do it for £200 or less! On the day of your Wedding, I test the equipment is in working order, load up, double check your music and notes, travel to your venue, spend an hour setting up and take down is roughly the same time. The five hours seen can be a ten to twelve hour day for me. Legality and Insurances There is no such thing as a 'DJ Licence' - as I have heard some venues mention in a bid to make you use their DJ. Resident DJs will not offer the same service as you will get from myself. Unfortunately, this industry isn't regulated and this can cause a massive difference in prices. Everyone you speak to will know someone who will "do it cheap" but it's your big day and as 85% of your guests will remember the evening more than any other part of the day (selfish I know!) a cheap DJ will not provide the service require, will often let you down and not have the relevant documents your venue will ask for. As a professional, I need to be fully covered. My vehicle is covered with business insurance, I have public liability insurance (PLI) of up to £10m and all of my equipment is covered by PAT certificate. Your venue will ask your DJ for their PLI and PAT certificate. Presentation Styles Unfortunately, Peter Kay has shoehorned mobile DJs - but I can assure you I don't witter inaudibly over every song. I am a trained presenter on both radio and television and have worked at many large scale venues and events as a Master of Ceremonies/Event Host. You can be sure of clear and concise announcements without any waffle. Dress Code I always dress smartly for all events. I feel it is important to look the as - apart from yourselves - I will be the face of your evening and you want someone who befits that. The last thing you want is me starting my DJ set or announcing you on for your first dance in jeans and a branded t-shirt. I present your Wedding in a suit, shirt and tie to match your colour scheme. I may turn up to set up in trainers and jeans but these will be discarded for the main event! Photographs and Videos It is awkward to film at events - mainly my job is to fill dance floors! I do have an array of photographs and short video clips on Instagram but I cannot put the link on here! If I spent all of my time filming myself during your Wedding, you'd probably think I wasn't actually doing my job so I hope you can understand the lack of videos! Reviews I have a few reviews on Poptop with many other reviews on my website and Facebook. However, I am unable to give links to these pages. Price The price of the Poptop Instant Quote is based on the details that you have provided. It may not be 100% accurate. The quote will give a rough guide and includes: myself as your Wedding DJ, the set up and lighting featured, meetings, travel, preparation, set up and take down and your Wedding Reception itself. It may only look like five hours of playing music but there is a lot more work that goes into your Wedding Day than is seen as the end product as mentioned earlier. My fee is based on twenty-two years of experience, a high quality sound and light set-up, legally sourced music and being fully licensed and insured. In my twenty-two years, I have never missed a night nor double booked myself. You can, therefore, be assured you will not be getting let down! You will be booking a professional DJ, with an outstanding background in the industry, who will provide you with a dedicated service to make your day one to remember. Payment including Reservation Fee/Deposit The deposit payment is based on the total of the package selected through Poptop. It is non-returnable and is due to confirm your date after your verbal or written agreement. A contract is sent out once this fee has been paid. Given the nature of my work, and that I am very sort after, it is advisable to pay immediately to avoid losing your date. The remaining balance must be paid and cleared no later than 28 days before your booking date. The exact date will be specified on your invoice and is normally a bank working day e.g. if your Wedding is on a Saturday then the payment due date will be the Friday (29 days before). I am happy to accept part-payments to allow you to spread the cost and can work out a monthly payment plan if you wish. I take payment by bank transfer, PayPal, credit/debit card (via website) or in cash. Every payment is receipted with the remaining balance shown for the records and available on your Online Client Portal. Contract A contract is posted out to you on receiving your reservation fee/deposit for you to check through the agreed details and sign. Terms and Conditions. Terms and conditions are available on my website and on request. Deadline Your quote is held on file for seven days. My turnover and bookings frequency is very high so if I have not heard from you in this time, your quote will be deleted. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your Wedding in more detail. Kind regards, Glynn Glynn Tee - Professional DJ Southport DJ
From: £500 per event
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Sexton's Disco Karaoke

Wedding DJ

Verified bookings: 20
I have been a professional DJ since 1999, I Hold a wide range of music available to satisfy all your guest from the very young to the more senior members. It is never possible to please everyone, as long as the majority of your wedding guest go home happy then I've done my job. You can always choose to submit a playlist, as I am more than happy to work with playlist. Alternatively make request throughout the event. I am fully insured and carry 10 million pounds worth of liability insurance, accidents can't always be avoided, it is important, adequate cover is in place for re-assurance. Also, many venues require, appropriate cover is in place before an event can go ahead. I usually receive excellent feedback from satisfied customers no matter what the occasion and work on the basis, it's your event and the music I play should be for you and your guest' taste, not mine. I have a full lighting rig and smoke machine, where permitted that provide and excellent light experience.
From: £200 per event
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Alpha Mobile Disco's

Wedding DJ

Verified bookings: 2
Alpha Mobile Disco's have been entertaining people throughout merseyside for the last 30 years and i have a 100 percent success rate.I provide realistic pricing for any event.I'm always dressed accordingly and arrive at the venue 90 mins before your guests arrive.I always supply free uplighting to any event and have music from every Genre from the 1940s to the present day.Check my website to find my 5*****reviews and customers comments. Looking forward to hearing from you shortly. Paul.
From: £250 per event
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DJ Gum

Bronze DJ Package

We thrive on pleasing and making dreams come true for our clientele. Our DJ’s have been keeping UK dance-floors rocking for over 15 years. We have the knowledge and experience to create a very exciting and energetic atmosphere at your function/event which has been honed to perfection over several years. We can play all the latest music as well as all the golden classics and everything in between which will definitely leave your guests yearning for more. Please see the list below to see what is included within this DJ Package. DJ / HOST DJ CONSOLE 2 TRUSS PILLARS 2 MOVING HEADS DMX CONTROLLED LIGHTING SYSTEM SOUND SYSTEM RADIO MICROPHONE
From: £350 per event
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Tony Hannon Music

Mobile Disco, DJ, Karaoke Host

Verified bookings: 57
Thank you visiting the page, and your interest. We would be delighted to provide entertainment for your event. More than just your usual every day DJ service, whose prices offer great value for money and whose services ensure a memorable experience. Always up to date material available for DJ or Karaoke, we can build bespoke custom playlists on demand as well as take requests at events throughout the UK.
From: £250 per event
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Wedding DJ Package

Verified bookings: 4
1.Professional DJ set up 2.Disco lights 3.PA microphone system 4.2 speaker systems 5.Song requests from guests 6.Playlist based on Decades/Eras /Artists. requests with up to 40 individually selected songs. 7.Extra charges for additional hours.
From: £220 per event
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Entertainments with Mike Connell

Mobile Disco Entertainment with Mike Connell

Verified bookings: 14
This outstanding Mobile Disco is flexible enough to work with your overall room design, either in a small intimate venue, or providing you with a spectacular light show for a night club feel to your event. With over 25 years growing a fantastic reputation, “As our reviews will illustrate”, Our experience growing this Mobile Disco business has resulted in the company, including a few new services to the business; helping you create a fantastic atmosphere to your event. Services such as our Sparkling Dance Floors, Magic Selfie Mirror, Giant LOVE Letters and Room Uplighting. Making it easy for you to source these services from one supplier with big savings, We also have great package deals to suit your budget. You will always want great music, "it’s easy to say", but, we are the best with over hundred thousand tracks available. Song you and your guests will love hearing. Your playlist your favourite genres played. Making Disco Entertainments with Mike Connell your first choice.
From: £200 per event
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DJ - Lee Edwards

Verified bookings: 11
A professional DJ and compère, full disco plus TV monitors and an outstanding mix of popular disco and karaoke music. Lee Edwards is a karaoke/DJ and now a radio presenter, Based in Warrington and able to serve the surrounding areas of Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool. I have spent several years working on the Costa Blanca, and can entertain any size crowd, any party. I don't do disco packages, every occasion is taken on merit, and I will be 100% committed to ensuring it will be a night to remember. Prior to the event I will contact you to discuss the special songs, you require to get a feel for your taste in music, to ensure your night goes as planned. I am fully approachable for requests on the night. I am Fully insured(PLI), and PAT tested, I am a full time Professional Entertainer, who is not shy to get involved with the crowd.
From: £375 per event
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SK Disco and Karaoke

Normal Disco Set Up

Verified bookings: 21
NEW YEAR NEW OFFER Book any wedding by end of February and get a party with our wedding set up. Including disco or disco karaoke, light show, smoke machine and bubble machine/glow bands for the children. Also includes a sweet cart with 10 different jars of sweets! Bubble machine and glow bands free for children's events. Karaoke is FREE with any disco, And FREE bubble machine and glow sticks for children/teen parties FULL DISCO/KARAOKE and full LIGHT SET UP INCLUDING LASERS
From: £145 per event
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Make your wedding in Leyland, Lancashire memorable by getting your guests up and dancing! You can book one of our 212 wedding DJs near you. Among our top requested categories this month: wedding bands in London, jazz bands in London, string quartets in London, swing bands in London, DJ Hire London London, wedding venues in London., wedding bands in Manchester, DJ hire in Manchester.

Apex DJ/Karaoke Wedding DJ

Apex DJ/Karaoke

Available in Leyland from £20 ph
91 Verified bookings
43 Reviews:

Recent review: Absolutely lovely guys......really entertaining......thank you for making Matt's 18th so memorable.......xxx

Silent Discomania Wedding DJ

Silent Discomania

Available in Leyland from £75
142 Verified bookings
31 Reviews:

Recent review: "While this isn’t silent discomanias fault. Our event didn’t actually get booked in and although I paid a deposit and it wasn’t my fault we didn’t receive the service I will not get it back. As we are a charity we can’t change the event to a later date as we don’t know if we have funding. Very disappointed in the service by poptop"

Sexton's Disco Karaoke Wedding DJ

Sexton's Disco Karaoke

Available in Leyland from £150.00
20 Verified bookings
7 Reviews:

Recent review: Couldn't of got better , Jim was very good and attentive, Great nite was had by all Thanks to Jim 👍

Glynn Tee - Professional DJ Wedding DJ

Glynn Tee - Professional DJ

Available in Leyland from £300
19 Verified bookings
15 Reviews:

Recent review: We had a fantastic night and Glynn was a big part of it. He was so nice to deal with before the event that I felt very confident and he certainly delivered.

Age of Sound Video Disco/Karaoke Wedding DJ

Age of Sound Video Disco/Karaoke

Available in Leyland from £150
7 Verified bookings
2 Reviews:

Recent review: "Had a great night. The range of music played was what was requested. The karaoke was fun, even though I sang most of the time. All in all a great night was had by all, and I would definitely recommend Frankie (Age of Sound) to everyone."

Partyfriendz Wedding DJ


Available in Leyland from £35
11 Verified bookings
3 Reviews:

Recent review: Face painter was absolutely lovely and very friendly and understanding. Children absolutely loved their face paints and a lot of people asked about the company for their own events because they were so good !!

Lk Entertainments Wedding DJ

Lk Entertainments

Available in Leyland from £125
6 Verified bookings
1 Reviews:

About: A fresh new approach. With over 12 years experience in DJ'ing and using the latest professional sound and light systems we cover all functions and events. From 50's music to current. We believe the …

Sean Perkins Vocalist & DJ Wedding DJ

Sean Perkins Vocalist & DJ

Available in Leyland from £300.00
10 Verified bookings
9 Reviews:

Recent review: Sean was a huge success and was really good in being able to change the music/style to suit the audience at different parts of the evening

MB Entertainment Ltd Wedding DJ

MB Entertainment Ltd

Available in Leyland from £185
10 Verified bookings
5 Reviews:

Recent review: We hired Mike for our groups awards and party evening in Adlington at the end of Feb 20. Before the event he kept in touch to check what type of evening we were having with age range and styles of music. As we were also having karaoke we could access the list of songs to plan what we might want to sing. On the night Mike was there in plenty of time to set all his equipment up before guests started to arrive. The evening itself went well with a varied mix of music and karaoke, he was especially patient with the kids at the party and has a great singing voice to get the karaoke flowing. Overall we had a great evening and would definitely recommend M B Entertainments for your event.

Flossy Pots Events Wedding DJ

Flossy Pots Events

Available in Leyland from £100

About: Our Wedding Shop was established with the purpose of selling the best chocolate fountain in the Northwest until we found the demand is modern venue decor and styling services. Inspired by a combinati…

Lux Entertainments Wedding DJ

Lux Entertainments

Available in Leyland from £100
13 Verified bookings
3 Reviews:

Recent review: Ashley was fantastic, he had listened to everything we asked for regarding music. All the music played was appropriate for the occasion and all the guests commented how much they enjoyed the music and dancing to it. Ashley was very friendly and polite and was a big part in making a wonderful party for my parents.

Tony James, The Wedding DJ Wedding DJ

Tony James, The Wedding DJ

Available in Leyland from £235
6 Verified bookings
1 Reviews:

Recent review: "We cant say enough,it was a brilliant night with the best DJ ever,The music was just what we asked for,My friends and family are still talking about it, Thankyou so much for making our night so special. Steve and Marie MCclure,"

The Distance Wedding DJ

The Distance

Available in Leyland from £550
2 Reviews:

About: The Distance formed in 2011 and have quickly established ourselves as one of the UK's leading vocal duos. We have performed at functions large and small all over the world and our constant attention …

The Lytham Event Company Wedding DJ

The Lytham Event Company

Available in Leyland from £25
4 Verified bookings
1 Reviews:

Recent review: I was really happy with everything. I contacted them at short notice really. Paul came and set everything up for me and showed me how to work it. My speech was really successful thanks to them. I would highly recommend them.

Ian Lawton Music Wedding DJ

Ian Lawton Music

Available in Leyland from £250.00
1 Reviews:

About: Ian Lawton is a Wedding Singer based in Greater Manchester and offers live music and DJ packages specifically devised for wedding receptions & other corporate functions throughout the UK. Music can b…

DJ Speedy UK Wedding DJ

DJ Speedy UK

Available in Leyland from £150
3 Reviews:

About: This is DJ speedy UK blackpool music from 60s 70s 80s 90s and today's music and videos LED lights smoke machine lasers. birthdays weddings. you name it will do it. working in pubs clubs and hotels …

Easy tiger events Wedding DJ

Easy tiger events

Available in Leyland from £295

About: Shades-Entertainment A local reliable mobile DJ and Karaoke service Light and PA equipment hire and much more!

DJ Breaker Live Wedding DJ

DJ Breaker Live

Available in Leyland from £200+

About: DJ for party and weddings, using a first class PA system for brilliant sound with high volume capabilities. Playing the music that you desire. Anything from the 60's to modern day. Lights included.

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