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Poptop Guarantee: Book Suppliers Safely with our Client Protection Program

We appreciate your trust! If you still have a fear of booking suppliers for your special event online, breath out — it’s easy and safe to prepare a dream event with us. Our aim is to make event planning easy and stress-free. We guarantee, confirming your booking through Popt...

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Top Tips for Big Day Budget

The average cost of a traditional church wedding, including an overseas honeymoon, for the modern bride and groom is £20,000. Traditionally it was the bride’s family that would pay for their daughter’s wedding, but changes in modern society means the responsibly for the weddi...

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How to make a wedding guest list

If you thought choosing your dress and reception venue was stressful then you are in for quite a shock when you have to make your guest list! Out of all the things to consider and plan then the job of choosing your guests is probably the most contentious and can cause disagreement and argument...

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Wedding Favour Ideas - The Definitive List of 40+ best ideas

The day of the sugared almond has been and gone. Nowadays, wedding favours are an opportunity for you, the bride and groom, to make a lasting impression on your guests, and send them away with a fitting reminder of your special day.Choosing your own unique wedding favour is a great way to cap...

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Getting started with planning of your wedding

There are many things to consider and plan about your wedding but the main thing to remember is that it is your wedding day. You are the one planning it and probably paying for all or part of it so it is very important that you get what you and your partner want from the day and not to be push...

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How to organize a civil ceremony

A civil ceremony doesn’t have to be carried out in a dull Register Office anymore. The law changed in 1995 which allows venues other than churches to hold licences for carrying out marriage ceremonies. There are many reasons why a couple will choose a civil ceremony over a church wedding...

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How to organize church wedding

If your idea of the perfect wedding involves walking down the aisle of a beautiful church in a white gown with the groom waiting for you at the top with a tear in his eye then you are no different from the vast majority of modern brides as traditional church weddings are still very popular. If...

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How to Choose Wedding Reception Venue

The choice of venue for your reception is one of the most important things to consider when you are planning your wedding and the most expensive. Choice of venue will ultimately be decided on cost and what you are willing to spend but there will always be somewhere within your budget; from you...

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Should I hire a wedding planner?

Have you just read all about the things that need to be organised for your wedding and decided you are going to need some professional help? Fortunately there are many wedding planners around the UK that can give you the assistance you require but you need some advice about how much help they ...

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How to choose a wedding cake

Your wedding cake will take pride of place and be the focus of much attention at your reception. The design of your cake can be personalised to your exact requirements unlike anything else on your wedding day so make sure it says something about your style and personality. If you are lucky eno...

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