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April 4, 2017

Poptop Guarantee: Book Suppliers Safely with our Client Protection Program

We appreciate your trust!

Poptop Client Protection

If you still have a fear of booking suppliers for your special event online, breath out — it’s easy and safe to prepare a dream event with us.

Our aim is to make event planning easy and stress-free. We guarantee, confirming your booking through Poptop, you can take comfort knowing you're backed and supported by our Poptop Client Protection Program, and what’s important — it’s absolutely free.

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Benefits of Poptop Client Protection Program:

  • With verified client reviews, ratings and special Poptop awards you can be sure about our suppliers credibility.
  • You'll never lose a payment made on Poptop. Your deposit is secured 100% by our money-back Client Protection Program.
  • In a case of last-minute cancellation our customer success manager will help you to find a replacement.

As soon as you confirm the booking and pay the deposit, our Client Protection Program and money back guarantee is automatically activated. You can see the whole booking process below.

poptop client protection

More than 5000 event planners a month choose Poptop, which makes us one of the leading event planning services in the UK.

Now then, if you have already liked one of our suppliers — don’t hesitate to confirm a booking through our platform, as you are backed and supported by our event professionals.

What Event Planners Say:

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