Since 2013 more than 6000 event and wedding suppliers joined our roster. Some of them have grown from a few events per month to a fully booked schedule years ahead. We are very proud of our suppliers and would like to share their success stories.

We’d like you to meet one of our top caterers and Pro members. They have generated more than £25 000 and cultivated 31 bookings through Poptop. Introducing – Spice It Up Bar B Q. Debbie has shared with us thoughts on her Poptop experience, professional advice, and personal challenges. Read her interview below and get inspired to conquer the event business!

How long have you been in the business and how did you start?

I have been doing catering for 30 years and started my business 8 years ago with one Argos gazebo, two bbq drums, two tables and a cooler box.

Why did you choose Caribbean food as a specialization?

I chose Caribbean food as I knew it was going to be popular and Caribbean food can sometimes be hard to master. I knew there might be a need for this and also I have always cooked Caribbean food for my family.

What are the main challenges for you as a catering company?

The main challenge is that catering is not for the light-hearted and people seem to think it’s only food. A lot of people don’t realise the hard work that goes into catering from the start to finish so the challenge is to follow your dream and don’t give up.

What are the newest food trends you’re seeing now?

I feel the new trends is street food for weddings. It’s more relaxed and can be within a lot of people’s budget, instead of paying thousands for sit down meals.

What are the most important questions to ask a potential client?

As long as you can work within their requirements all questions will be answered.

What is your key to success at Poptop?

My key to success with Poptop is to answer all requests and be reasonably priced. Have a good profile and request your reviews. Also, the team at Poptop are fantastic with sending leads to your company.

Do you have any particularly memorable events that Spice It Up Bar B Q has catered? Any highlights or difficult situations?

Spice It Up Bar B Q enjoys doing weddings and private events as all our customer’s make you part of the family and we have traveled all over the UK to do these events. The most difficult times we have is if the weather is against us, but we still always provide the service that we are paid for.

Do you have any tips for people who just start their catering company?

Never give up! The first year comes at a loss, and you are all ways learning along the way. I gave my business 5 years to see if it was worth it. Now I have given up my full-time job and can spend more time with the family. What’s also important –  I am in control and at the stage in my business where I wanted to be comfortable and happy.




  • We at Steelasophical Steel Band are looking forward to sharing in similar success 😉 Nice account of and some great advice shared too! .. we ought to be working together LO … great Caribbean food with great Caribbean flava music!!