We are very excited to announce that the new version of our website is almost ready and we will release it very soon. We’ve now invited all of our suppliers to see, and use, the beta version of it.

If you find any errors/bugs/issues – please, let us know via eugene@poptop.uk.com

Following the requests from our users and after the many sleepless hours of our product development and design teams we’ve introduced a list of improvements:

1. Improved Inbox

  • “Requests & Bookings” directory has moved to “Inbox”. The new inbox will contain all your conversations: including requests, bookings, messages, etc.
    See the new inbox here: https://www.poptop.uk.com/s/inbox
  • Conversations that need your attention are now highlighted in the inbox. These might indicate a new request, new message or new action (booking or quote decline).
  • You can switch between: general inbox, new requests you have not seen yet, archived conversations or bookings.
  • Archived Conversations contain conversations you declined and expired conversations. A conversation expires if there is no quote after 7 days of a request creation.

2. Improved Dashboard

Your dashboard now contains important information about your profile: your performance, review score, profile completeness and badges.

3. Improved Conversations

  • We’ve tried to make the new conversation interface as intuitive as possible both for suppliers and clients.
  • You can now attach images, videos, audio files. You can use both files from your current profile or upload new ones.

4. Improved profile information

We’ve broken down your profile into main categories: Contact information, Media Files, Listing Description, FAQ, Reviews, etc., so that you can have easy access to all segments.

What’s coming next?

We are currently working on the following features:

  • PDF attachments
  • Improved quote templates
  • Online card payments