How Poptop Client Protection Works

Our aim is to provide the best suppliers to suit all your needs and to make event planning easy and stress-free. We guarantee, if you confirm your booking with Poptop, you can take comfort knowing you’re backed by Poptop Client Protection Program.

How It Works:

1. You confirm booking via Poptop

2. You pay a deposit directly to supplier.

3. Supplier confirms booking at Poptop

4. Your booking is now protected by Poptop

Benefits of Poptop client protection:

  • We provide money back guarantee for your deposit
  • In case of cancellation our support team will help you to find a replacement
  • You are liable to leave a certified review, which will never be deleted!

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What Event Planners Say:

PR & Content Manager at Poptop - UK Leading Events Planning Concierge Service
  • zohra karimzada

    I booked with
    Mmmlicious for 9/12/17
    Paid deposit for which I have proof

    They text me to confirm that they will set up at 9am
    Then they messaged to say that they are running late but they will arrive by 11am then 12-1pm they will arrive

    My kids party started at 1pm
    2 o’clock they called and I stresed how badly I relied on this service.

    They said there was a mistake from their end and they did not turn up

    It was a disaster all 42 kids were disappointed
    We planned this party for months and this company runied everything

    My daughter is so upset and thinks that everyone in the school is going to call her a liar!!!!

    Very disappointment I am still waiting to hear from them! Very upset
    Very disappointed and the company did notting and they think that they are doing me a favor by returning my deposit