In the digital world, where everyone has a computer in their pocket, it can be exhausting trying to win every new client.

Endless email newsletters, posts on social media, promotions, and quotes through your Poptop profile… Eventually, you sign the client and confirm their booking through your Poptop portal, and at that point, it can feel like the battle is won, but there is still so much to do.

When new client signs, that’s just the start of the journey. All the wooing you have done finally paid off, but it’s now time to set the tone for the rest of your relationship. It’s this onboarding process that makes all the difference to your clients.

Here are our tips for getting your onboarding process right every time:

Open communications

Whether you prefer email, skype or instant messenger, it’s important to let your clients know how they should communicate with you, and what they should expect back. Your onboarding communication is the place to establish expectations and boundaries for communication, which will shape your growing relationship, and manage the expectations of the people you work with.

  • Tell them the methods of communication you use, and give the contact details for each one
  • State your working days and hours, so clients know when they can and can’t expect a response from you
  • Establish a standard response time for questions and queries, and make sure it’s a realistic response time that you can stick to.
  • Lay out the next few steps for your new client, so they know exactly what to expect, and roughly when to expect it
  • Remind them about your Poptop profile with all your best images, audio, and videos for them to check out
  • Direct them to your online catalogue or blog posts with top 10 lists of first dance songs, engagement shoot outfits, or wedding favour gifts
Teach them to collaborate

The process of planning a big event like a wedding means getting into the head of your client, and for that to happen, you need to collaborate from the outset.

  • Invite new clients to join you on your favourite online collaboration tools in the onboarding email
  • Share links to existing inspiration boards, Pinterest pages and blogs to help them get started
  • Encourage them to spend some time getting their ideas online; once they’ve started, they’ll be hooked, and you’ll have all the info you need to create the perfect event for them
Share the plan

The planning stages for every event follow a similar set of patterns, so be sure to share this from the beginning.

  • Lay out the basics of the process, and details of some of the more exciting steps you’ll be taking them through
  • State key dates for when things should be completed by them, and by you
  • Prepare template emails for the different stages of the planning roadmap, with your top tips to help them through each step


A clear roadmap of steps and a comprehensive set of resources will settle the nerves of new clients, helping them to relax into the planning process, and reducing the number of questions they need to ask you.

An open, friendly and professional onboarding system is key to happy customers and a happy working relationship. By making sure your first contact after signing is as comprehensive as possible, you’ll save time, reduce stress, and set your clients’ minds at ease as you work together to plan the perfect event while nurturing your relationship right through to referral and a great testimonial at the end.

Poptop helps you to build a great relationship with your clients from the very start of a potential relationship, right through to the end. Make sure your clients rate you at the end of their journey with you, so more clients like them can find you next time!