Here at Poptop, we want EVERY client to have the perfect event and you, as a supplier, are a key part of that. The success of their event comes down to you, your services and how you provide them. 

The very first step of the journey with a client (and quite possibly the most important one) is the quote that you send them. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips for sending the perfect quote.

Actually, send a quote

This may sound silly, but sending a quote is vitally important. Yes, by all means, send them a message and a quote, but don’t just sent a message. A client wants a physical quote, not trying to hunt in a message to find the tiny bit about price.  

Don’t ask them to contact you outside of Poptop

When sending a quote and discussing with the client:
Don’t Ask them to send their contact details
Don’t Send your own details
Don’t Tell them to go to your site
Don’t Encourage them to book directly

This is all fine ONCE THE BOOKING IS CONFIRMED but not before.
Should you need details urgently, contact one of our concierges.

Read the client’s event description carefully

Sometimes, there may not be a lot of information in there, but some clients have a very big brief and it doesn’t look like you’ve taken the time to read their brief if they ask for a “singing waiter” and you send them a quote for a general wedding singing slot. 

Personalise the quote

E.g. a client called Tammy would like a magician for their wedding because the son of the groom loves magic 

DON’T just send “Hi, thanks for your request I’d love to perform at your wedding, I’ve done many weddings, here is my price”.

DO send something like “Hi Tammy, thanks so much for your request. The wedding sounds fantastic and I’d love to help make your day magical, as well as ensuring that your partner’s son is well entertained. I do a range of packages, which you can find below”.

If you have a range of packages include them in the quote

It may be that what you quoted is actually your “mid-range” package and you have one cheaper and one more expensive package. The client may have a different budget in mind and seeing the different packages you have may be beneficial.
Even if the client goes for the cheaper package, you still get a booking, rather than getting no booking because what you quoted was too expensive.
Even if you don’t have packages, tell the client what your packages include.

Be friendly and reply

Once you’ve submitted your quote, the client will want to discuss the quote further. It’s very important to remain friendly and listen to the client’s wishes. It may be that you cannot accommodate them, but it’s important to listen. It’s also important to reply as soon as you can, if you leave replying too late, the client may go with someone else.


If you have special requirements, let the client know. For example:

  • You’ll need to add money to the quote for transport there as it is very far away and you have no way of getting there.
  • You need certain equipment to be in the room.
  • If you need to be at the venue for a certain time and make the client aware of how long you need to set up.

Have a deposit

A deposit protects both parties to the agreement. It covers you if the client cancels and covers the client through our client protection programme if you have to cancel. It’s really important to make sure you’re both covered. 

Ask Questions!

Ask the client questions that aren’t described in their event information, this shows that you’ve read the request. This also applies to the discussions after the quote is submitted, it will show that you are committed to making their event special.

Ask us questions too. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with something regarding payments, or what you can/can’t send, contact us. We are not just here to help clients, we’re here for you too!


Quote Examples

Example of the perfect quote from Live Music Band 
Example of the perfect quote from Live Music Band


Example of the perfect quote from Magician 
Example of the perfect quote from Magician












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