We have an amazing update specifically for our transport suppliers. We have now adapted our package services, so clients can view your live pricing and availability, directly from the catalogue.

This new system will help convert more bookings by providing a faster and smoother booking process for your clients. This will only take you a short time to set up and will save you a lot of time on your admin as you will no longer have to submit quotes.

Next Steps You Should Take

All you need to do is create a package for each vehicle you offer to potential clients. You will then need to enter all your package details, for what is included, and make sure to add a price for each hour you offer the service for. I have included an example of how this should look below (this should cover the cost you need for travel as well).

For example, as you can see in the image, my service is available to be booked from 1-4 hours. I can also increase and decrease my price based on the different hours the client can choose from.

An example of how to do your pricing

We will then showcase the client your package and allow them to select how long they need the service for (they should already have an idea in mind).

Ideal Package Example

Below we have listed what your package must include and an example that you can use for inspiration. 

Each Package Should Include The Following:

  • A clear title which states obviously what the service is and type of vehicle being offered
  • Detailed and clear description including the following: 
  • How many years of experience in the industry has your company got?
  • Whats comes with the vehicle?
  • What service will the driver provide?
  • How many the car can sit?
  • We also advise to include at least 6 images – showing both inside and outside of the vehicle
An example of how your package should look

Importance Of Packages & Package Quality

This is a vital step for you to take on Poptop as we will soon remove transport profiles and only showcase packages on the catalogue. Other transport suppliers in your area have already created the packages and are currently making the changes to be in line with what we have listed above, make sure you are too!

When creating and updating your packages, make sure your packages are of the highest quality, as this will result in more bookings for you. Unfortunately, if your packages are not of high quality, we will not be able to publish it live to our catalogue.

How It Will Work For Clients?

Clients will come through the marketplace and make a booking based on how long they require the service for. Clients will be required to enter a number of variables,  ensuring your packages are correct and you have availability by requiring the client’s event type, event date, number of guests and postcode. The client will then need to select the number of hours they would like to book the service for as can be seen in the screenshot below. We will only ever show the hours you have created in your packages.

What’s Still To Come?

We are still working hard to make our package system perfect for the transport category. We will soon be adding a feature where once the client has booked their trip, they are then asked if they would like to book a return trip. If the answer to this is yes, they will be directed to book the same package again as the return trip.  

If you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to ask by emailing jacob@poptop.uk.com

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