We have more than 6000 event and wedding suppliers on our roster. Some of them have grown from a few events per month to a fully booked schedule years ahead. We are very proud of our suppliers and would like to continue sharing their success stories.

Meet one of Poptop 2017 best suppliers and Pro member – Celtic and World music folk trio Blag. They have generated more than £11 000 and received more than  280 requests through Poptop. Blag have shared with us thoughts on music entertainment business and a key to successful communication with clients. Find out more in their interview below and get inspired to conquer the event business!

How long have you been in the business and how did you start?

We have all been playing in various bands since we were teenagers. I played my first gig when I was about 12. As the band BLAG, we have been playing together for over ten years. It’s incredible how time flies!

What are the main challenges for you in event business?

It is hard to spread bookings out evenly, August and the Xmas season are always extremely busy as are Saturday nights, but clients rarely have events during the week.

Be on time, be pleasant and flexible and make sure you play well for every gig.

What are the newest entertainment music trends you’re seeing now?

Clients are very interested in having live bands again, they often prefer this to DJ as it makes the night more memorable.

What are the most important questions to ask a potential client?

Now that the client can hear our music in advance, they already have a really good idea of the music they want. It is important to make sure there is a good parking space nearby the event or we can spend the evening carrying equipment!

What is your key to success at Poptop?

To engage in a good conversation before the event, so we can really understand what the client is looking for. To check with the client after the event to make sure they were happy with our performance.

What is the standard kind of set that most people request for?

For us, it changes all the time, sometimes people want light jazz and Latin music, other time Irish Rock. We often work this out on the night.

Any advice for those wishing to succeed in this business?

Be on time, be pleasant and flexible and make sure you play well for every gig.





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