We have more than 6000 event and wedding suppliers on our roster. Some of them have grown from a few events per month to a fully booked schedule years ahead. We are very proud of our suppliers and would like to continue sharing their success stories.

Meet one of Poptop 2017 best suppliers – catering company Mark Country Catering. They have generated more than £12 000 and received more than  393 requests through Poptop. Jacci has shared with us thoughts on her Poptop experience, professional advice, and personal challenges. Read her interview below and get inspired to conquer the event business!

How long have you been in the business and how did you start?

Set up in 1995 by fluke, my friend asked if I could help her to cater for a buffet at our Local Village Hall when a client’s caterer had let them down, it gradually spiraled from there, as we were local, word spread and the bookings came in.  I am self-taught and my love for food has enabled me to grow and form a very successful business.

Poptop is an ideal platform for sourcing clients, I have been very lucky in acquiring lots of new and repeat business.

What kind of cuisine or particular dish is the most popular among the clients?

I am proud to source local meat, fish, and vegetables from Somerset and provide a Rustic Menu of Comfort food, firm favourites are Beef Wellington and Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks.

What are the newest food trends you’re seeing now?

 Trends come and go, but traditional cooking will always be a winner.

What are the most important questions to ask a potential client?

Although I have an extensive menu, I am always happy to discuss personal preferences and budget.

What is your key to success at Poptop?

Poptop is an ideal platform for sourcing clients, I have been very lucky in acquiring lots of new and repeat business.

What are the key success factors for a catering company like yours? And what are the main challenges?

Reputation is my key success, I am extremely lucky to acquire lots of business from ‘word of mouth’  and over the years have catered for some lovely clients who chose to request my catering services regularly.  The challenges are always client-centered, if the client is happy, everyone is happy.

Do you have any particularly memorable events that Mark Country Catering has catered? Any highlights or difficult situations?

Too many highlights to mention.  I have catered on film sets and stunning wedding venues, for WAGS, Stags, Hens, and VIPs.

Do you have any tips for people who just start their catering company?

 If you are passionate about food, go for it!




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