Meet the steel band sensation, Solid Steel! They are the most booked steel band on Poptop with 68 bookings to date. Their passion for their craft and engagement with Poptop awarded them the best of 2018 badge at the start of this year. 




Based in London, the band travel around for a variety of performances, even performing for celebrities like Paul McCartney! The band has a Gold membership to promote their services across the platform, including higher visibility of their Instant Quote packages. 

Here, Paul answers some questions about Solid Steel and their relationship with Poptop.

How did Solid Steel Start? 

Solid Steel started in 1984, but really, it was put into motion when my dad made the journey to London from Trinidad during the Windrush period in 1953 with his steel pan. His life as a musician inspired me to go down the same path and start Solid Steel.

How have you found using Poptop and the help provided by the Poptop team?

It’s been an absolute dream. Like everyone else out there, I’m sure we like to spend as much time at events as possible. This means the less time spent in the office, the better! Poptop makes it incredibly easy for us to submit a quote wherever we are, without a lot of the faff that usually comes with it.

What is your favorite event that you have performed at?

We’ve been going for such a long time that we could probably type up a novel filled with anecdotes from all the weird and wonderful gigs we’ve played. The one that sticks out to me at this point in time is an event Paul McCartney hired us to do. It was a private party for his staff at his estate in Rye, Sussex. We were fed fantastic veggie food and had the absolute pleasure of seeing Paul and Linda dance to our Calypso. My only regret of that day was that we didn’t get Paul up to jam with the band.

How has membership benefited you on Poptop?

It has generated a lot of inquiries – not all of them lead to sales, but the conversion rate is fantastic. It has made a great difference to our business.

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How many people make up Solid Steel?

Solid Steel is a collective of about a dozen of us. We each have our own musical ventures outside of Solid Steel, one of us has recently released a great Jazz album, another works with a community Samba drumming group called South London Samba and others have written music for films and TV. Usually, the client wants a trio, so when a gig comes up, I just put feelers out to see who’s available.

What is the most important thing to remember when building rapport with a client?

It’s pretty basic stuff, but the most important thing would definitely be to enter the conversation with a flexible attitude. Clients come in all shapes and sizes, some don’t really know what they want and would like to go with whatever you suggest and others have a very specific set of criteria they want to be met. The trick is to make sure their vision is met as much as possible, even if that means leaving your comfort zone.

Poptop Clients LOVE Solid Steel! Read this certified review:

The Solid Steel band played at our Engagement BBQ this Summer – really brilliant entertainment! All the guests immediately got into the vibe when they started playing. Great selection of hits that everyone knew. A really nice way to add something a bit different to your event which is both laid back but professional. Paul was very speedy with communication and also accommodated last minute time changes (due to the start time of the football quarter-finals!). Would definitely use again!

Jenni Le Pard

Any tips for new suppliers?

Make sure you maintain good relationships with everyone you work with. Clients and artists alike. At the end of the day, we’ve really lucked out. We’re working in an industry where we get to go to a huge variety of events and meet people from all walks of life. If you make sure you’ve got good people around you performing, doing marketing and admin, you’re in for a great time.

What type of events do you usually perform at?

We do anything from weddings, corporate events and private parties. We are definitely a big fan of events that provide us with great food. Honestly, nothing beats a gig where we’re outdoors, the sun is shining and on top of it all, there’s a great spread!

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