Rosettas Variety Entertainment has been with Poptop for numerous years. Not only did they gain the “Best of 2018” badge, but they also gained the “Best of 2019” as well. Two years in a row is exceptional!

They’ve gained an amazing amount of bookings since joining Poptop – 73 to be precise! Therefore, we had a chat with them to ask about their experience with Poptop and Instant Quote. Check out what they had to say below!

How did Rosettas Variety Entertainment form?

It began with four of us, who had all trained at the same dance school in Leicester, called Pat Sussenbach School of Dance. The principal encouraged us to form a group, and get ourselves out there dancing! 

I can see you have an amazing amount of bookings on Poptop, some of which are via Instant Quote. What is it you like most about the Instant Quote system?

It is very handy if I am unable to immediately respond to the inquiry myself. It is good for the person enquiring, as they do not need to be kept waiting for responses. 

What’s been the best/craziest event you’ve attended?

Every event is different! One of the best has to be an event held by Tamika Martin and Friends, which involved a Q&A with Kerry Katona. It gave an interesting insight into her life. We provided some glamourous showgirls for meet and greet plus a dance performance. 

You offer such a wide variety of services (Bollywood dancers, Irish dancers, stilt walkers to name a few!), which would you say is your favorite to perform?

My personal favorite to perform is vintage swing dance. It can be tiring, but I love how fun and lively this dance style is. The audience always gets caught up in the atmosphere which is great. 

How have you found using Poptop and the help from our supplier team?

I have found it very effective, and a good percentage of our bookings come from Poptop. Poptop has been very beneficial to me, and I am sure that it will be to others as well. I’ve found the support at Poptop helpful as I’ve found that any questions I have asked are answered quickly, and any matters resolved. 

You have an amazing 27 reviews on your Poptop profile! What do you believe are the key ways to ensure your clients are happy with your performance at their event?

Good communication is vital so that everyone knows exactly what to expect, and we can prepare properly to ensure we meet (and exceed) their expectations. Being friendly and professional at the event is a must – especially when interacting with guests – and ensuring dance routines are well-rehearsed, to deliver a slick performance. 

The girls last night were absolutely fantastic. They arrived on time and delivered three excellent performances. There were no problems with the management or the dancers, they were friendly and well-mannered girls. Thank you again ladies, I will be booking you again soon!

Mariyam, Poptop client

What do you believe is key to make your Instant Quote package successful?

Ensuring that the packages already have the answers that a potential client will ask. Good images are also key, as they will catch the client’s eye and make a lasting impression. 

It’s also been a benefit for us having more than one Instant Quote package on the system, as we have such a variety of entertainment to offer.

Based on feedback carried out with our suppliers and clients here at Poptop, we’ve noticed a huge increase in conversion with the Instant Quote system! Instant Quote allows clients to make a provisional booking for your services, instantly, without having to wait hours/days for a quote to be submitted. Create yours now

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