A frequent question asked by our suppliers have been, “Why have you released PRO/GOLD membership plans?”. Throughout this article, we want to explain the logic behind our membership plans and answer frequent questions from our suppliers.

Poptop has now become the fastest growing event planning service in the UK. We have now close to 6,500 suppliers on our platform, and the goal is to have 10,000 by the end of the year. As you can imagine with more suppliers signed up, means more and more competition for you. We are growing every month, and the amount of requests we receive from event planners is only on the up.

Rise above your competitors

With so many suppliers on Poptop, a structure had to be put in place, on who gets priority for leads. Before membership was introduced, it was up to the expertise of our concierges on which suppliers were getting requests for quotes. This was a difficult task with the amount of requests Poptop receives:

Now, PRO and GOLD members get priority for leads. We know we can trust in sending requests to our PRO/GOLD members, as they are the most committed and active suppliers on Poptop. Also let’s face it, if you are paying for a service, you want to get your money’s worth.

  • PRO membership allows you to get the maximum amount of leads within 60 miles
  • GOLD membership allows the maximum amount of leads nationwide

If you are looking to take on more leads than your competitors, win as much business as possible, then that is the type of supplier we want a part of our membership plans. Find out how James Howe “Gold member” has benefited already:

“Taking out gold membership was one of the best moves I could have made for my business. In the past week alone I had bookings worth £2k. That’s one hell of a Return on my investment!”

Obtaining certain luxuries, sometimes means taking a bit of risk

A lot of suppliers have been asking “why do I still have to pay a booking fee on top of membership cost?

Simply put, paid memberships offer a lot more benefits and exposure to your Poptop listing. We are giving you the chance to obtain more bookings, win more work and make a healthy profit through our platform. Once upgraded to a PRO/GOLD membership your profile takes advantage of the following features.

  • Clients phone number is emailed directly to you
  • Higher visibility and exposure in our catalogue
  • Priority for leads on 60 miles radius or UK wide

We wish we could release these features for all suppliers, but we believe these luxuries, need to come at a small cost.

A limit has also been set for how many paid members to each category. An overwhelming amount of paid suppliers is not what we want, as this defeats the whole purpose. We want to make it clear that free Poptop members are still very valuable to us, and we love working with every supplier.

We do recommend the free membership plan, for suppliers, who do not want to take on many bookings.

Look how David from Ole Catering has benefited and using the PRO package to his advantage:

“You have helped me to grow my business, advised me how to deal with clients and give us tips to improve quotes.

Poptop gives us a big showroom with a little cost. With the PRO membership, I have received more requests, I can now ring the client and discuss menu options, Pro membership has now helped me gather 30 bookings in a small amount of time”

As we grow, you grow…

Our goals are endless at Poptop, we want to become the largest event planning platform in the UK. We are using money from our membership plans to grow the company and grow the client base for you, our suppliers. The more successful we become, the more successful our suppliers become.

“Our mission is to make event planning as easy as booking a house at Airbnb, so people can enjoy the process and have more special events with their friends and family”

We have listed a few of our future plans and want to show that membership money is going to good use:

  • Platform development, make it more user-friendly for suppliers and clients
  • Investing more in marketing, which means more clients for you will be releasing online deposits and a venue category
  • Hire new poptoppers to take us to the next level
  • We are doing everything in our power to promote our suppliers on a much larger scale, as we know they can and will provide a brilliant service to event planners all over the UK.

If you have any questions regarding memberships at all, please, contact or support specialist: james@poptop.uk.com

Choose your new membership plan now!



  1. patricia iddon Reply

    If i am a pro member how much do I pay you and how if I get a booking

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  5. Sonia Nowell Reply

    How much does The Pro subscriptions cost
    At the moment we are paying a subscription of £14.99

    Thank you
    SCN Occasion Cars

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