Poptop can only be as great as our team and suppliers let it be! Here, we’d like to introduce our supplier department to you; meet James, Cole and Jacob! We’re here to help you from the moment you sign up to Poptop, to your 100th booking and beyond!

The Poptop supplier teams motto: We are here to help, guide and educate our team of suppliers so that everyone can achieve their maximum results!

Meet James, Your Supplier Success Manager! 

James (AKA Irish) was one of the first employees here at Poptop, starting in January 2017. He’s the manager of the whole supplier department, ensuring that we’re constantly getting the best outcomes for our suppliers.

James O’Reilly

Name: James O’Reilly. Click here to add James On Linkedin

Office nickname: Jeff/Irish

Favourite emoji: 👀

Dream holiday destination: Bali/Las Vegas

Link to James articles

Q. Describe yourself with 3 words?

A. Pint Drinker, Out-going, Very Irish

Q. What’s Your Favourite Podcast Right Now?

A. My favorite podcast for the last 2 years has been Joe Rogan. There are only a few episodes I have missed. My favourite guests he has had on is Elon Musk and Tyson Fury.

Q. What Is Your Favourite TV Show and Film?

A. My favourite TV shows are Peaky Blinders and Power, and my favourite film is “Remember The Titans” with Denzel Washington.

Meet Cole, Your Supplier Support Manager! 

Our Colio started working at Poptop in December 2018. Cole focuses on helping all of our suppliers onboard onto the system and aiding them to understand how everything works. She’s always happy to help and work with you to receive the best possible results, so feel free to drop her an email!

Cole Davies

Name: Cole Davies. Click here to add Cole on Linkedin

Office nickname: Colio

Role at Poptop: Supplier Support

Favourite emoji: 👌

Dream holiday destination: Iceland

Link to Cole articles

Q.Describe yourself with 3 words?

A. Fun. Pub-goer. Quirky.

Q. Favourite singer and album right now?

A. Sam Fender is my favourite singer right now and Mark Ronson’s new album Late Night Feelings is my most listened to album at the moment.

Q. Favourite TV show?

A. Black Mirror and Star Trek.

Meet Jacob, Your Supplier Support Manager!

Jacob (#longboy) first started with us at Poptop in March 2019. He’s our newest recruit and is a wizard at everything to do with Instant Quote. If you have any questions about Instant Quote packages then please read his blog articles or send him a message. He’s here to offer a helping hand!

Jacob Taylor-Neale

Name: Jacob Taylor-Neale. Click here to add Jacob on Linkedin                   

Office nickname: Long-Boy

Favorite emoji: 🧙

Dream holiday: New Zealand

Link to Jacob articles.

Q. Describe yourself with 3 words?

A. Outdoorsie. Outgoing. Hungry.

Q. Who is Your Favourite band?

A. Cage the Elephant

Q. Favourite Film?

A. Jurassic Park.

If you’re unsure who the right person is to contact or have a general enquiry please message support@poptop.uk.com, we’re here to help!

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