Big news for our suppliers, We are extremely excited to announce that our financial model is changing, and it will have huge benefits for you as a supplier. The client will now pay their deposit payment through our platform.
We are currently working overtime, to implement this feature within the next coming weeks, and of course, we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Why have we made this change?

This change has simply been made because of the feedback we have received from you, our suppliers.

We are always looking to take our platform to the next level, and we are glad, we have delivered on this one. This is going to be a huge stepping stone for us, and it will make the booking process much easier, for both suppliers and clients. The days of chasing clients for a deposit will soon be gone, and you can focus more on getting more and more bookings confirmed.

Now, you may be asking how will the booking process work?

1️⃣ Client confirms the booking via Poptop

2️⃣ Client pays the deposit via Poptop

3️⃣ We freeze the deposit until you confirm the booking

4️⃣ Once the booking is confirmed, the deposit will be released to your  bank account

5️⃣ Our booking fee will be deducted from the deposit automatically

So, how will this benefit me?

  • You will receive deposit payment faster
  •  Less booking cancellations
  • More booking confirmations
  • Less work from your side, as we will do the invoicing for you
  • No extra fees for suppliers to accept card payment


  • Can I be accepting deposits outside of  Poptop?

No, we plan to take all deposit payments through our platform. In the rare case of a pay per check, we will allow this. Taking deposit payment outside of Poptop may lead to the suspension of your account.

  • Does the client pay the remaining balance through Poptop?

No, the remaining balance is paid directly between the client and the supplier. This is up to you, when you want the remaining payment, and can be specified in your terms and conditions.

  • What if I do not accept a deposit?

If you do not require a deposit then we will automatically create a deposit for you. This will be our booking fee at 7% +VAT of the overall quote.

  • How long will it take the deposit to reach my bank account?

Once you confirm the booking, we will release the deposit to your bank account. This could take up to 7 business days, but, in most cases will take 2-3 days.

  • Are there any extra fees?

There are no extra fees included, all fees are included in the booking fee which is 7% +VAT of the overall quote.

  • How do you know my bank details?

There will be the option to sign up and register your bank details on our platform. All bank details, are securely stored with a top of the line encryption.

  • What happens if the booking is cancelled ?

This will all depend on your terms and conditions. If a deposit is set as refundable, we will invoice you for this deposit and transfer the money back to the client. If a deposit is non-refundable, the deposit is kept by you.

  • Will I be able to add my own terms and conditions?

Yes, you will be able to add your own terms and conditions. For example, deposit is refundable until 14 days before the event date.

Please read the following citizens advice guidance, for a client cancelling a service.

  • When will Poptop start taking online deposits?

We plan to have this by the start of July. We will be updating you every step of the way.

🔷 Please, if you have any views on the following topics, please, make a comment below and we will respond to you. We are looking to make the process as easy as possible for suppliers, so all feedback will be greatly appreciated:

❓ Would you like Poptop to take the remaining amount in the future? We could release the full amount one day after the event has taken place.

❓ Have you any thoughts on supplier protection? Would you like us to freeze the full amount from a client, and release after the event as protection?

Also, any further questions, please email our supplier specialist:



  1. Wheres Turtle Reply

    Certainly a positive step forward from what I can see. If no deposit is required are we saying that the booking fee essentially becomes the clients deposit, in which case every client is now requires to pay a deposit regardless?

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Yes, that’s right. We will be asking a client to pay a “minimum” depposit that equals booking fee to confirm a booking.

    • Peppa Rachel Reply

      What we should have is the option to cancel an invoice with PopTop when a client doesn’t pay a deposit after contracts have been exchanged. Having to email them to cancel every invoice which deposits haven’t been paid is a pain.

      If the client doesn’t pay a deposit, I would rather not have the client after all. Not once have I had a client delay a deposit and then eventually pay. If a deposit is not received within 24 hours of contracts having been exchanged the client loses the date and the date becomes available again. Simple.

      What I don’t understand is how a client would pay a deposit without reading the terms and conditions of my contracts though. I wouldn’t pay a deposit for any service without first reading an agreement document.

      • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

        Hi Peppa, we’ll think about more strict terms for payments and contracts. Currently the booking will automatically go into cancelled if supplier does not confirm the booking within 7 days.

  2. Jim Harrison Reply

    Hi Jim here of Sexton’s Disco Karaoke, I agree though there is not really an option however one thing I would like to say at the moment is that there is currently a tick box allowing a client to cancel so many day before the event which is basically allowing the provider (14 for instance) to replace that booking. I personally would prefer it the opposite way round in that once a client has made a booking they have a certain time from point of booking to cancel.

    This is no different than what is suggested by CAB and means that as a business I at least have some compensation for the space in my diary that I am not likely to fill in two weeks. The point is it would be extremely rare that any client would leave it till even a month before an event to look around for a DJ, a Chef, A marquee or photographer. Therefore what I am suggesting is a cancellation period to be from booking point

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Hi Jim, you can now control your refund terms when you submit a quote, but we will be adding more detailed Ts & Cs along. Basically we can work around your Ts&Cs, so even if you go after non refundable deposit – it should not be a problem.

  3. Ben Targett Reply

    From the CAB Website

    When you don’t get 14 days to cancel
    If you went into the business’s shop or premises to arrange the service you won’t get this cooling-off period.

    You also won’t get a cooling-off period for:

    accommodation (eg a hotel room or a short-term let)
    transport of goods (including courier services)
    vehicle rental services
    catering or leisure activities for specific dates (eg hotel and restaurant bookings, theatre tickets, catering for a wedding or party)

    I would suggest many of the services listed on poptop fall into the catering or leisure activities bracket and do not require a cooling off period

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Hi Ben, yes – we’ve consulted our legal partners and have agreed that cooling off period is not applicable in the case of 99% of Poptop services.

  4. Peppa Rachel Reply

    I am not so sure about this yet as I like to have control of all my businesses and contracts. The client would pay a deposit without reading the terms and conditions of my contract? I don’t see how it could work. But I am willing to accept it and give it a go. One thing I would definitely not approve of is to have my clients pay the remainder to Poptop and they giving me the remainder 1 days after the event. My bookings are fully cleared 14 days before the date of a client’s event, and I have never encountered a problem receiving full payment 14 days before the date of an event. We will see.

    • Buffet Heroes Reply

      You bring up a good point that a deposit will be paid without the client reading the terms of service, the first line of mine reads, paying your deposit is the steps taken to complete a booking with a full understanding of the terms. Good point which then means if there are quibbles down the line, paying a deposit through pop top would then make my contract null and void. Hmmmmmm! I’m really not seeing any benefit to me, only benefit to pop top, getting their fee quicker. As there are much cheaper platforms with more leads maybe I’ll be swerving them altogether.

      • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

        Thanks for bringing this idea – we’ve now added a feature of adding your own Ts&Cs that client will be giving a consent to, when paying a deposit.

        • Peppa Rachel Reply

          This just increases the amount of paperwork the client will need to read and agree to. They will basically need to read two contracts. One which was posted via your platform (my terms and conditions) and another which is the actual contract I will exchange with my clients (event though they will be the same terms and conditions the client will still need to read both documents). It is a shame you have decided to take deposits on our behalf. Your service is now more like an agency than a platform for self-employed people. I unfortunately like complete control of my clients. I appreciate the leads brought, and the clients who do end up booking via your platform. But I already pay my monthly subscription and booking fees for this and I was enjoying the service. Having my clients pay a deposit directly to you will make my experience with these clients rather impersonal and feel as if I work for you. This is my opinion. I will need to see how things work out in the end with your platform.

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      >The client would pay a deposit without reading the terms and conditions of my contract?
      We’ve now added a feature of adding your own Ts&Cs that client will be giving a consent to, when paying a deposit. + we will not be processing balance payments without your approval for that 🙂

  5. Buffet Heroes Reply

    I also don’t like giving control over to a third party, so I’ll see how it goes but, taking full payment and not getting it till after the event, won’t work at all, I receive all funds prior to event.

    • Peppa Rachel Reply

      Agree 100%. They service is good at the moment. I hope they don’t mess it up. Already pay commission for the booking, I would not want to have a third party controlling my money. If they want to do that they should be the ones exchanging contracts on our behalf. I would then just turn up and play without having to worry about anything. Would I like to do that???NO WAY.

      • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

        Hi Peppa,

        As mentioned above – the new system will just affect how you get paid your deposits and we will not be holding your money – we will be processing the deposit payment and transfer the funds to your account.

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Hey there! The new system will just affect how you get paid your deposits and we will not be holding your money – we will be processing the deposit payment and transfer the funds to your account.

  6. Andy Ferguson Reply

    As a band, we definitely would not want our fee being paid to a third party (Poptop) and then have to wait a couple of days to be paid ourselves. Plus it will cause a lot of hassle because whichever band member’s account the monies are paid into, they would then have to find time to go and withdraw the funds to pay the other band members. No, this is definitely not something we would consider being part of. It is fine the way it is.

    • Peppa Rachel Reply

      I agree it is fine the way it is. I am actually really enjoying their service. I have secured a few bookings and have paid their commission. And I think it should stay as it is. If they over complicate and take my control away I may not be so happy, specially when dealing with my client’s payments, when PopTop are not my official representatives/agents. It would be a different story if they started acting like agents and start bringing a big flow of customers without my having to convince the client I am suitable for what they need. But even then I would not be so content, as I don’t like working with agents, hence my being my own business.

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Hi Andy, Eugene here. I did not completely understand the case with a hassle about your bank details. If client pays you a deposit – it gets paid to a certain bank account, not 3-4 separate bank accounts. Isn’t it? This is just the way it will work with Poptop 🙂

  7. Colin J Wilson Reply

    I don’t think I agree with this approach at all. None of the “benefits” listed above are genuine benefits as I can already do all of this without a 3rd party. Can I opt out?

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Hi Colin, Eugene from Poptop here. No, you can’t opt out.

  8. Peppa Rachel Reply

    The other thing I would like to ask is PopTop mentions we gave feedback regarding their taking deposits. I didn’t take part in that feedback and I am supplier. Did only a few suppliers receive this feedback document?

  9. I absolutely would NOT want Poptop to take the remaining balance payment on the band’s behalf. I am actually uncomfortable with Poptop taking the deposit payment before the client has received my contract and T&C’s and agreed to them. There is already confusion with some clients who believe the Poptop “concierge” is our “Agent” and has hand-picked and recommended us individually.

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Hi Nina, thanks for your feedback! We will not be handling balance payments + you will be able to add your own Ts & Cs.

      >hand-picked and recommended us individually.
      Well, we actually do recommend you individually 🙂

  10. Philip Simon Reply

    You’d like my comments…here are my comments!

    You will receive deposit payment faster – IT WON’T BE FASTER THAN IF IT’S PAID DIRECTLY TO ME



    Less work from your side, as we will do the invoicing for you – AGREED, BUT HOW HARD WAS IT REALLY TO SEND AN INVOICE?!?

    No extra fees for suppliers to accept card payment – THIS WAS NEVER AN ISSUE FOR ME


    Sorry, but if I’m being cynical I’d say the only reason this is being done is because Poptop have been losing business with people either not paying them their fees, or completing transactions outside the site, bypassing Poptop. Of course this is unfair and should be stamped out, but don’t dress this up as being for our benefit, when not one of those listed above is likely to be the real reason for this move. Very disappointed.

    Oh, and if I were a client, I couldn’t be bothered with having to faff about with more than one set of payment details! Simpler the way it was!

    • Evgeniy Shestopal Reply

      Hi Philip, thanks for your feedback! We’ve consulted our partners from the U.S. and Europe and from their experience the amount of cancellations after the similar system was implemented has reduced by 43% on their side. Giving a way for client to complete the transaction ASAP without being destructed for other options is extremely important. I do believe you will love the new system 🙂

      • Philip Simon Reply

        Ok, well, so long as you’re sure then what does it matter what I think?!? Thanks for asking for my clearly very valued opinion anyway!

  11. Annette Currie Reply

    This is a good move. You must have been losing money with the system you were using. It doesn’t do any of the suppliers on here any favours in the long run, if you guys aren’t maximising your earning potential. A good business won’t mind paying for a good service.

    The advantage of your pricing system is that it doesn’t cost anything to send a quote.

    I like the deposit idea. Sometimes I don’t ask for a deposit when I should, does the supplier choose the deposit level? It might also be helpful if all the money was done via you if you sent out reminders to the customer. That part I don’t enjoy.

    • James Oreilly Reply

      Hi Annette, James from Poptop here. Thanks so much for the feedback. We believe this is a great move, and I agree, we will be putting the money back into our platform to increase marketing and get more clients for our suppliers.

      If you do not ask for a deposit, then the deposit will be set at the booking fee (7% plus VAT). Once the client pays this, then the booking will be confirmed 🙂

      Cheers James

  12. Reading through the comments it seems that no one has asked for this, or indeed finds it useful. I suggest you give people the option to opt in, and see how many do before you roll this out.

    As others have said, I do not want my clients paying a third party that then you paying me.

    You are just an introducer, not an agency working on my behalf. It would be different if you were actively selling me and did the whole sales process, but then you would need to have significantly fewer acts.

    I have almost no cancellations so that’s not an issue. Having to wait up to seven days for you to pay me is an issue.

    Plus when you send the money, I have to calculate your fee and write that down as an expense anyway, so you are actually confusing my accounting procedure, and making more work for me with this method.

    Poptop used to be quite good and I have had work from here but things are just getting more complicated and less favourable for the supllier.

    • I also agree with what Peppa Rachel has said about increasing the paperwork for clients. I often have a different set of Ts and C’s per event, so the client can’t confirm until I’ve spoken to them, found out exactly what they want and offered it to them through my process.

      Not happy about this at all.

  13. Robbie Edwards Reply

    if I am paying a monthly fee to receive clients tel and email address, as you call it Lead. why are you still taking %7 plus vat per booking surly you are being greedy in taking 2 fee`s, once i have paid monthly fee surly once I have maid contact with the client and they have agreed to book you no longer have any right to take commission of any sort as monthly fee has been paid.!!!

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