Packages are designed to showcase each individual service you offer in an attractive & organised manner. Clients are allowed to easily navigate between each service you offer, which can be booked directly from our catalogue, allowing suppliers to solely focus on providing exceptional service. With this in mind, we have an extremely exciting update today which will help improve your package structure and improve how your package information is presented to clients.

Over the last 4 months, we have conducted over 5000 clients interviews, to understand how the information presented on your packages can be improved. Over 60% of clients suggested that key information was missing from packages which may have stopped them from making a booking. Our latest update will allow you to organise your packages in a much better structure and help you achieve the following goal:

“All my packages must include all necessary information, that will leave the client with absolutely no questions or hesitations, before confirming a booking”

New package Q&A section

What Has Changed?

  • We have created a new mandatory step in your current packages called “Q&A” section as seen on the image. 
  • Each supplier will have a tailored & different set of questions to answer based on the specific service that they are offering.
  • All questions have been taken from our client research. We have conducted surveys and interviews for each event category, which outlines the key information that was missing from your packages for clients.
  • Once your Q&A has been added, it will be visible directly on your packages for clients to view before making a booking.
New Q&A section available on your packages

What Benefits Will This Have For You?

  • Completing your Q&A section will answer all the “small details” that you may not think about in your package description.
  • Clients will no longer hesitate when making a booking as all the information will be covered in your Q&A section.
  • Your packages will be much more attractive to clients, as your information will be neatly presented to clients in a structured & visual format.

What Should You Do Now?

  • We strongly advise to go and complete the Q&A section for each of your packages – this is crucial to improving the performance of your packages and showcasing all crucial information to clients. This will roughly take 2-3 minutes to do per package.
  • Throughout January we will unpublish any packages that do not have this step complete. Let’s use this downtime to really improve our packages and the information we present within your package. This will have huge benefits for you when the market returns in 2021.

New Package Description Boxes

What Has Changed?

  • We have created a new step in your current packages called “description” as seen on the image below.
  • Your package description has now been moved to this step and will be split into 3 text boxes rather than 1 generic text box.
  • Each description section will ask a specific question tailored to the services you are offering and will aim to get the most valuable information from you.
  • Each description section has been awarded a strict character limit. This was helped by client research, as we found out the optimal amount of information that should be presented to clients.
New description section available within your packages

What Benefits Will This Have For You?

  • By splitting your package description into 3 sections, will result in an organized and attractive manner to clients. 
  • This will also provide better consistency when clients are browsing between each different service you offer.
  • Each question is aimed to provide the most relevant information that has been requested by clients following our research.
  • As mentioned, each question is tailored to your service, so clients will have all the necessary information they need before feeling fully comfortable in booking your services.

What Should I Do Now?

We have now moved your current package description from the “overview” tab to the new “description” tab. You will now need to go to this description section and split your description between the 3 description questions which are outlined below:

  • Tell us about you – You will need to include a small intro about why you’re the best supplier to provide the particular service you’re offering.
  • Describe your service – You will need to include a description of how the particular service your offering will run and what exactly your offering.
  • Promotion – You will need to include a small description (190 characters) which will be used to promote the service you’re offering on the Poptop catalogue. It needs to engage clients’ eyes directly from the catalogue and outline what you’re offering in an attractive sentence.

Poptop will undergo a moderation process which will review every published package available on our catalogue. We will unpublish any packages that do not have the content to a certain standard including all the necessary information needed.


Our aim at Poptop is to help our suppliers achieve the best results possible and our latest update is one step closer to doing this. Our latest update will allow all your package information to be presented in a much more attractive and informative way to clients.

We need you to take the action today by completing your new package descriptions and Q&A. We really believe that the start of 2021 will see the return of live events, so these changes need to be made today. Once these changes are made and all information is added then you will achieve the following goal, which will have great benefits for 2021.

“All my packages must include all necessary information, that will leave the client with absolutely no questions or hesitations, before confirming a booking”

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