In our latest product update to Instant Quote – we have released our new catalogue design. Our latest update will now showcase your Instant Quote packages available on the catalogue. This now allows all the services you offer to be showcased to 1000’s of clients per day!

Instead of writing a step by step guide on how our new catalogue works, we have created a short video, which shows you the steps a client will now take. We hope this will showcase how Instant Quote works and how easy we are making the booking process for both clients and suppliers.


Q. What has changed in the catalogue?

  • Instant Quote packages are now visible on the catalogue for clients to book
  • We have changed the design of the catalogue to make it more attractive
  • We now allow clients to filter by event type, date, number of guests and category of service
  • The catalogue will update live depending on the clients filters and show relevant Instant Quote packages

Q. What are the benefits of having Instant Quote packages?

Instant Quote now allows you to clearly outline in your package the service you provide. It means you will now be getting requests from clients that are interested in your package and know exactly what you offer. Also, having Instant Quote packages will showcase all the services you offer separately to 1000’s of clients per day. You now have to focus less on admin and more on providing an amazing service.

Q. Why are Instant Quote packages shown above supplier profiles?

After many months of testing – it is clear that clients prefer to get an Instant price rather than request a quote. We will now give suppliers with Instant Quote packages priority in the catalogue. We advise you to update your packages ASAP and enjoy getting bookings without having to submit quotes.

Q. What happens If I have PRO/GOLD membership?

You will still receive all the benefits that PRO/GOLD offer. If you have Instant Quote packages it means that all your packages will have increased visibility to clients. We also will still send recommendations to clients and will give preference to PRO/GOLD suppliers. We have exciting updates coming in the next few months for PRO/GOLD members where you will be able to add outside reviews/bookings.

Q. How do I get a higher ranking with my package?

Instant Quote Package ranking works in the same way your profile worked. This is worked out by our algorithm which takes into account the following factors:

  • Location – how close you are to the client in comparison to other suppliers, the closer you are the more relevant you are therefore the higher you will appear 
  • Bookings – the more bookings you have as a supplier the higher your packages will appear in the catalogue
  • Reviews – the more certified reviews you have, the higher you will appear in the catalogue 
  • Membership – if you are PRO or GOLD you will be higher than if you are a Basic member

Q. What happens if I do not create Instant Quote packages?

Your profile will still show on our catalogue. You still will have the chance to gain bookings through the system. Although, it is clear that clients want an Instant price. It is clear that it will decrease the amount of bookings you receive on Poptop.

Q. What happens If I am not available for the date the client has selected?

It is important to keep on top of your Poptop calendar and availability. For example – if you are unavailable for the 22nd of March, you can lock this date on your Poptop calendar and you will not appear on the catalogue. This means you will never have to cancel any bookings.

Q. Where are my package extras kept?

Once the client selects “get instant quote” this will bring up your package and present the client with your base price based on the price variables you have added in your package. The client then has the option to add on any extras you may have. 

Q. Is this the final version of Instant Quote?

No – although this is a major step. We will soon allow clients to book directly from the catalogue. We understand over the last few months that Instant Quote may have seemed difficult to understand. I hope this catalogue update will show you the direction we are heading in. This is the future of event planning and we are confident our suppliers will reap the rewards.

Q. What are the next steps?

If you have already created your Instant Quote packages – please make sure they are as attractive as possible. Packages that are clear and attractive will gain the most bookings. It is so important to add a great description and add as much media as possible including menus, photos and videos.

If you have not created your packages then now really is the time. Create your packages and activate your instant prices to clients.

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  1. Patrick Jacobs Reply

    Instant quote is not working very well at all. I am not getting any quotes at the moment. Can I turn off instant quote?

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