2019 was an incredibly exciting year here at Poptop. We became the first marketplace to launch Instant Quotes, and we’ve only just begun! 2020 is set to be our biggest year yet and we have some exciting plans in the months ahead. 

The UK events industry is thriving, with the market estimated to be worth over a staggering £40bn. Each year we do a review of popular event trends that we have seen not only for Poptop clients but across events in general. Our research showed that the common recurring trends within events for 2020 included many from previous years, however, although where these were once a trend they are now a necessity.

We chose several trends from the list below to dive into further, but you can see the full list of trends below.

  • Personalization For Event Attendees (see the prior year)
  • A Continued Focus on Sustainability
  • Interactive Live Event Entertainment
  • Continued Focus On Unique Venue Experiences
  • Focus on plant-based diets
  • Wellness focused events
  • Safety & Event Security 
  • Rise of Technology
  • Increased Investment in Training and Development 
  • Demand for Impact
  • Diversity and Inclusion 

Technological Advances

Technological advances have clearly made an impact on the events marketplace. Poptop itself was only established five years ago and last year we made the first of many revolutionary changes within the events marketplace. In 2019 we launched Instant Quote and with over 70% of our top booked suppliers implementing the new feature and gaining bookings. Currently over 4200 suppliers currently use Instant Quote, with a staggering 8450 packages created – generating over £1m for suppliers purely through Instant Quote. It is clear to see this technological change is working for our suppliers. 

Technology is a significant part of clients everyday life and this is reflected in modern event trends. Instant Quote addresses the need for change and provides the client with quick time realistic pricing. We are the first online events marketplace to launch this groundbreaking tech and we have several exciting launches happening over the next year!

Event planners are using technology within events in numerous ways. Read our list of popular trends and requirements for the modern client:

  • The rise of VR in events
  • Increased use of social media walls for corporate clients
  • Augmented reality 
  • Drone hire & drone photography
  • Instantaneous pricing (hail the launch of Instant Quote)
  • Cyber Security
  • Increased activity with venue and supplier sourcing platforms

A Continued Focus On Sustainability

Recent changes in public opinion, politics and the platform of activists have enforced the first steps of change, and whilst it is a small step – it’s a step in the right direction. While some trends may be a fad, sustainability is clearly not one of these as it continues to grow in prominence, with the EU even banning single-use products by 2021.  

Event organisers are focusing on becoming more sustainable to meet the consumers’ expectations. With venues and suppliers all around the UK changing their companies offerings to fit the clients’ needs. 

For suppliers on Poptop, there are ways that you can help improve your carbon footprint and offer a sustainable service for a client. Sustainability is marked by several factors and there are numerous ways to change, whether you want to start small or be completely zero waste. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites which can apply to all types of events:

  • Replacing single-use plastics with alternative biodegradable products. You can even get straws made from apple, avocado stones or pasta
  • Lowered carbon footprint with collective travel & public transport
  • Reusable crockery
  • Recycle and compost food waste
  • A Focus on renewable and solar energy
  • The use of greywater for plant feed
  • Reupholstered decor and furniture, shabby-chic is still on trend!
  • Bamboo products including dishcloths and paper towels

Interactive Live Entertainment

Many clients want to create something special and fun for their event, with a strong focus on their event being quirky and unique. In recent years, interactive celebrations have been growing in popularity: especially immersive experiences for corporate team building events. Interactive entertainment has always been a fan favourite and offers the client a chance to have active participation in their event.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite interactive entertainment to create a truly fantastic immersive event for your clients! 

  • Social photo booths
  • Interactive food & drink stations
  • Ipad Magicians
  • Robatic bar tenders
  • Attendee Hall of Fame
  • Laughter Yoga and Humor Therapists
  • Escape rooms 
  • Hidden interactive staff: singing waiters, secret performers
  • Themed Entertainment

Unique Venues 

Although traditional venues will always have prominence within the events industry it is clear that unique venues are in demand more now than ever. Unique venues will be desired by event planners, specifically corporate and wedding, over the coming year. Additionally, client requirements for their event will continue to include clarity on what is included within the booked venue, with cost and flexibility being a significant consideration. 

Some values clients consider to be a unique selling point are as follows:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable venues 
  • Bespoke, boutique and authentic venues 
  • Vacation like experiences
  • Mobile venues
  • Marquees 
  • Art Galleries and museums
  • Plant-based menu options
  • Historical and traditional venues
  • Barns and farmland locations

In April this year, Poptop will be launching a new department, dedicated to venues! Concentrating on London, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh – we’ll be expanding our system to include this vital requirement for client events.  Poptop will help to find the perfect venue for an event for a client, as well as that of a supplier!


Clients are consciously deciding to become more focused on their wellbeing, and this is being reflected in their events. Corporate wellness has increased across the UK, with many companies investing in services for their employees to relieve stress and improve the workforce, and this is reflected in corporate bookings. 

The modern age has brought the beauty of technology but sometimes it is nice to switch off and relax. Whether it is the full event focused or one activity within the event dedicated to wellness, it is clear that the focus on the individual and their state of mind and body is a conscious decision for clients. 

Some popular wellness-based events that we predict will expand in the next year  include:

  • Yoga & meditation
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Motivational lifestyle speakers
  • Team building exercises
  • Dance & sporting bookings 
  • Fruit & Veg platters
  • Healthy food options

Focus on Plant-Based Diets 

Plant-based diets are more popular than ever, with 2020 predicted to grow the number of consumers with this diet even more. In 2018 it was estimated 7% of the UK’s population was vegan. This has continued to grow, with predictions claiming the UK will have 15% of its population vegan by the year 2030. 

Studies have even claimed Bristol to be the vegan capital of the world, with Edinburgh following shortly after. The rise of veganuary has gripped the nation, with more than 500,000 people registered to the Veganuary site – although it is suggested that up to 10x this figure actually participated. It’s hard to deny the attraction for veganism when it correlates with sustainability and a focus on wellbeing. 

Some popular plant-based food trends which could be applied to clients events could include:

  • Vegan, rice-milk based mozzarella
  • Vegan and gluten-free desserts
  • Revamped kids menu
  • Plant-based meat: beef, chicken, bacon
  • Vegetarian Sausage Rolls
  • Plant-Based milk

We are also happy to announce that we are launching new tags very soon and this will include the vegan and vegetarian tags! Keep your eyes peeled for the update!

Demand for Impact

Activists such as Greta Thunberg has catalysed societies views and attitudes to create a demand for change. Sustainability, plant-based meals and wellness are all included within a demand for impact. With the inevitability of climate change and major political changes, it is clear the world is listening to these demands. We are no longer satisfied with a slight change and now we demand change – including event attendees. 

Clients now have a responsibility for their event for which clients in prior years were not required to consider. 

Ways that clients demand impact within events will continue to grow and these can include:

  • Required Recycling
  • A continued focus on sustainability (see above)
  • Cost-effective zero waste solutions
  • Solutions to noise pollution – many clients are now looking to silent discos to solve this need
  • Eco-friendly Venues
  • Minimising the carbon footprint of events
  • Charity initiatives

Diversity and Inclusion

The UK’s multicultural and diverse society ensures that not all clients will have the same event requirements. Whilst diversity and inclusion in corporate bookings is common, it is now becoming more popular for many clients to consider these factors when creating their event. Our research has identified that diversity and inclusion have already had a significant effect on corporate bookings, however, 2020 is expected to increase this need even further.

Some client requirements to ensure diversity and inclusion at their event are:

  • Diverse menu options to help cater to numerous religions and cultures
  • Venue accessibility 
  • Captioning and the use of sign language for speaker events
  • A continued focus on a code of conduct for all attendees
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Venues with nursing and feeding areas

Don’t fall behind the technological advances – start adding your Instant Quote packages now. Suppliers who are using Instant Quote are performing better than ever before.


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