Here at Poptop, we understand how an accurate, easy to use diary system makes all the difference to your effectiveness as an events supplier. In this blog, we are going to outline some super exciting updates we have made to our calendar feature – based solely on feedback and ideas from Poptop suppliers like you!

Our latest calendar update will help you avoid double bookings, achieve more than one booking per day, and allow you to sync your business’ working calendar with Poptop. Sound’s pretty cool, right? Here’s what’s new:

Why Keeping Your Calendar Updated Is So Important:

Keeping your calendar updated on a regular basis is absolutely crucial to your success on Poptop. As Poptop offers live pricing & availability, clients expect their chosen supplier to be available on their event date. An up to date calendar will help you avoid cancelling a booking – an action that will lead to penalties with your profile. But there’s another brilliant reason to stay on top of your calendar. A low cancellation rate on Poptop will push you higher up the rankings in our catalogue, meaning you get seen more, and potentially secure more bookings.

We’ve put together a bunch of helpful hints, tips, and guidance videos to help you get your Poptop calendar absolutely perfect. Let’s take a look at what we can do with our calendars, and how we actually do it…

Setting Your Availability

Sync Your Working Calendar With Poptop (Highly Recommended)

Syncing your working calendar with Poptop allows you to automatically keep your Poptop calendar in sync with any external calendars you use. This is the single most effective way of managing your bookings on Poptop. By syncing your calendar, you can be fully confident that your availability on Poptop is correct, and you will never have to cancel any bookings. This will significantly improve your ranking and reputation on Poptop.

Example: Ok, let’s imagine you were booked from 11:00am and 1:00pm on 10/09/2021 on your working calendar. Once synced, your chosen services on Poptop would not show as available for these times and clients could only book you for late afternoon or the evening of the 10/09/2021. Ideal!

We have produced step by step guidance on how to sync your working calendar with Poptop here. We support all the main calendar systems such as (Google, Apple, Outlook & many other providers)

Sync Your Calendar

Update Your Calendar Manually

To help you achieve the best possible results on Poptop, we have made some really helpful of updates which will allow you to have full control of your availability when updating your calendar manually:

Block specific hours of the day – You now have the ability to block out certain hours of the day in your Poptop calendar. This means you can potentially secure more than one booking per day, should you wish to. For example, you could block between 11:00am & 1:00pm on 10/09/2021. This means that clients would not be able to book between those blocked times but could book you in the late afternoon or evening of 10/09/2021. Also, you can block out a whole day if need be. We’ve put together a video showing exactly how it’s done here.

Block specific services – You now have the ability to select which particular service listings you want to block as unavailable. This hopefully opens up opportunities for you to secure multiple bookings in a single day. This is a great advantage for larger companies which have a large base of staff members. For example, you could block your “private chef” services as unavailable and keep your “food van” services available to book. There’s also the option to block all your services out at once. If you are a smaller company then we recommend blocking “all services” to keep your availability updated correctly. Watch our guide video for more info here.

Update Calendar

Regular reminders to keep your calendar updated

We know how it goes – it’s so easy to forget to update your calendar, isn’t it? To help out, we’re planning on sending you regular reminders to stay on top of your availability. We will send you weekly reminder emails to make sure your calendar is updated and your availability looks in order. We will also send you an update if there has been no activity to your calendar within 30 days. 

We are super excited to see how these brilliant new updates will improve the experience for both you and the clients looking to book your services. Lets keep your calendar updated regularly and keep on top of your availability.

Update Calendar

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