The first step to becoming successful on Poptop is to create attractive packages to show the range of services you offer. We have created a checklist for you below, to showcase the minimum requirements your packages must meet, to be published live on Poptop:


  • Your package title must reflect the service you are offering to the client.
  • Include unique, illustrative words that describe service or experience your offering.
  • Avoid using words like “Gold, Silver, Bronze, Basic, Standard, Premium”
Bad Examples Of Package TitlesGood examples Of Package Titles
Wedding Car1930s Vintage Style White Tourer
Stylish 16 Seater Party Bus
Buffet MenuBeautiful Caribbean Buffet
Spice Infused Caribbean Buffet
Pizza VanGourmet Pizza Presented From A Vintage Horsebox
Delicious Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza
3 piece bandUpbeat Live Music By Gary Nock
Incredible Ibiza Style Saxophonist
Gold photography packageFull-Day Photography By Dan Cooper
Fun Colourful & Quirky Alternative Wedding Photography
Private Chef DinnerPlates From Around The World by Matei Baran
Delicious 3 Course Meal By A Masterchef Finalist
Dance ActEnergetic & Upbeat Salsa Performance
Entertaining Belly Dance Performance
Close Up MagicianMindBlowing Magic By Jacob Taylor-Neale
Sleight Of Hand Artist – Jacob Taylor-Neale
How a bad title can be changed into a good title

Category & Subcategories

  • All categories selected must be relevant to the service you are offering.


  • Your main package photo must be in good/high quality. This photo will be used to advertise your package in our catalogue, so it must be of professional quality.
  • You must have at least 5 photos added to your packages (including the main photo). We strongly advise including a photo of the service your providing & a photo of the person who will be attending the event. This will build a trust connection with the client.
  • Each photo must be unique and showcase the service your offering. Avoid uploading any blurry photos or logos as this will not reflect well on your service.
  • Videographer, Music, Dance Act, Comedians packages must have at least 1 video example added to promote their service.

Package Description

  • A small intro is needed about your company/service. This should include information on your experience within the industry and why you believe your the best supplier to provide this service for clients.
  • An overview of the type of service you are offering and how your service will run on the day. Clients want to envision what benefits your service will provide for their event.
  • A small Promo line is needed to promote your service. This will be visual to clients when they are browsing our catalogue. It must be an inspiring sentence about the service you provide.

TIP: Remove any irrelevant information such as “thanks for the enquiry” “this quote offers you” “this quote includes” “kind regards” “If you have any questions just ask”

Package Q&A 

  • All Q&A’s must be answered which is relevant to your service.
  • Q&A is designed to leave the client with no hesitations before making a booking. Make sure to answer each question in detail.

Tip: Double-check your package description and Q&A section do not have the same information provided.


  • A package can have no more than 10 extras
  • Extras should complement the package

TIP: Extras should not distract clients from their initial purchase and only improve the service they are currently booking.


  • Make sure to uncheck any events you do not want to work at. This will improve your visibility and will make sure you advertising your packages to the correct clientele.

TIP: If the package is dedicated to a certain type of event such as a “wedding” then we remove other categories on this stage.


  • Review each step of the packaging process again. Double-check all rules have been met and you are happy for this package to promote your service.

TIP: Review your package from a clients perspective. Does the package include all the necessary information & is it attractive?

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