Based in London, Magio has been booked over 50 times through Poptop! His passion for magic and engagement with Poptop has awarded his profile with the best of 2018 badge. 

Magio has a Gold membership which offers him higher visibility of his profile and Instant Quote packages across the UK!

You can follow this link to purchase PRO or GOLD membership if you require more information on membership read this article.




When did you first want to be a magician?

I got into magic about 6 years ago but it was just a hobby until I met a street magician. I started doing street magic and then later transitioned into doing gigs.

What’s your key to over 50 bookings with Poptop?

My key to over 50 bookings is:

  • Have a nice promo video
  • Make sure to get good reviews
  • Try to stand out

How has membership helped you on Poptop? 

The membership helped me a lot to get further up the rankings and therefore be seen by more people. Also, it helps to have a client’s phone number.

Magio has 20 certified reviews so far on Poptop, all being 5 stars! A client of Magio’s recently left a certified review. Check it out below!

Magio was brilliant! Our guests loved his style of magic in our VIP area and amongst all the tables during our banquet. Well worth the money!

Jason Edge March

Are you part of the magic circle? 

I’m not part of the magic circle. Everyone asks me this all the time😂

What’s the strangest event you have been booked for? 

The strangest event was probably when Mcdonalds hired me to levitate a fry for their facebook ad.

Do you have a favourite magic trick? 

I can’t decide which magic trick is my favorite as it always changes. Although I usually feel most passionate about the once I invented myself as my main passion in life has always been creating something new.

How have you found using Poptop and the Poptop team? 

Working with Poptop has been an incredible experience and I can’t wait for Instant Quote to come out and make everything even better 🙂

To learn more about Instant Quote have a look through our blog. Alternatively, feel free to message or who will be happy to help!

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