The future of events has indefinitely changed due to what we have and are still experiencing with COVID-19. As events and small gatherings are slowly starting to take place again, we need to make sure we are following all cleanliness protocols which will help protect clients, yourselves and employees at all future events.

We are extremely excited to introduce our new Health & Safety program which aims to bring our suppliers guidance on the steps that need to be taken at future events. Our Health & Safety program also aims at making clients feel comfortable in making bookings once again. From ongoing research & surveys, we found that clients overall are very hesitant in booking external suppliers, as they are anxious and unaware of the cleanliness steps that are going to be taken for their event. 

With this in mind, we have made our mission at Poptop to get the events industry kick-started again, by matching suppliers with clients knowing events will be carried out soundly and safely.

What Is Included In The Health & Safety Program?

Our Health & Safety program has been designed with the help of industry experts and top suppliers throughout the UK from each specific category. Our program has also been designed based upon the official government advice and the latest advice from the World Health Organization. Suppliers can sign up to our program and inform clients they can be confident in booking their services for future events. Our objective is to give our suppliers advice on what steps they should take before, during and after each event. There will also be recommendations on the cleaning supplies, cleaning tips and how you should now communicate with potential clients.

 By signing up to the program you are committing to:

📍 Increasing & improving direct communication with all your future clients

📍 Adhering to all the cleanliness guidelines we have outlined for your specific category

📍 Overseeing the safety of clients and your employees at all future events

📍 Working together and getting the events industry back on track

How Can I Commit To The Health & Safety Program?

We know that cleanliness is more important to clients than ever before – we really advise and hope you will make this commitment. To commit to the program, we are asking you to accept our terms and read through the guidelines thoroughly that we have outlined for you here. We expect these to be carried out at each and every event. We will continuously be updating the program and expect committed suppliers to adhere to all the new rules and regulations. Once you have made this commitment, we will send you the new guidelines before every new booking.

We understand that these steps lead to extra cleaning or extra preparation. But, by signing up to our program you are taking steps to keep clients and your staff safe. This will also further build your relationship with Poptop as we want to work closely with the best suppliers in the UK.

How Will Your Profile Benefit From The Health & Safety Program?

As well as showing your commitment to the safety of clients and fellow staff, your profile will have many benefits once signed up to this program. These benefits are aimed to bring confidence to clients in booking your services once again.

  • Visible health & safety badge on your profile – A badge will be awarded to your supplier profile and dashboard. This will make clients aware that you are taking part in this program and have committed to the health & safety at their event
  • Increased amount of recommendations by the Poptop team – Although, this program is optional for suppliers we will take preference to the suppliers who will take this step. Health & Safety is now more important than ever and we will look to work closely with suppliers who will follow the guidelines and commit to the program
  • Awarded with a health & safety certificate for your personal use – Once signed up to the program you will be awarded a certificate from Poptop. This can be used for your personal use and even be brought to bookings outside of Poptop. This will allow even external clients to trust that you are taking the necessary cleanliness steps
  • Visible health and safety banner on your packages – Clients will be able to easily see if you are taking part in the health & safety program. The following banner will be visible to clients when they are looking at your packages. This will for sure increase your chances of securing more bookings, and make clients feel confident in booking your services once again


We understand that you may have some questions about our new program. So, we have done our best to answer these below for you.

Is signing up to this Health & Safety program mandatory? What happens If I do not sign up to this program?

Suppliers can decide whether to participate in the health & safety program. Although, we strongly advise every supplier to participate in the program and to adhere to all health & safety guidelines. This is going to build your future relationship with Poptop and make future clients trust in booking your services once again. If you decide not to sign up to the program, then, unfortunately, clients will not trust in booking your services through Poptop.

What happens if I do not follow the guidelines at events?

If you choose to sign up to the Health & Safety program we do expect you to adhere to these guidelines to the best of your ability. Overall we will be putting a lot of trust in our suppliers but we will be getting feedback from clients to see if the guidelines have been followed. We will now be asking clients for feedback to see if you have adhered to the health & safety guidelines. This will then be presented to future clients on the review section of your profile. If a supplier consistently gets negative feedback, then we will remove the supplier from the health & safety program and this will, unfortunately, affect your relationship with Poptop.

Will the client also be made aware of the guidelines the supplier has to follow?

Yes, once the supplier has agreed to the program your profile will be immediately awarded all the benefits. Upon every booking, the client will be emailed with a copy of the guidelines the supplier has been instructed on. We strongly advise you to call every client upon booking and inform them of the steps you will take at their event. This will immediately make the client feel at ease and form immediate good rapport.

How can I stay up to date on the new guidelines from Poptop?

We will continuously be updating our guidelines as COVID-19 evolves and we learn more about how events can run. We advise to regularly check the updated guidelines frequently on Poptop. Once committed to the program, we will showcase a banner on the “Health & Safety” page of your dashboard, which will always have the updated guidelines for you to refresh your mind. Firstly, you will need to commit to the program and agree to all the terms, by following the link below and heading to the “Health & Safety section” on your dashboard.

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