Photo & Video services are now more important than ever. Capturing the special moments that we have all missed for so long. As bookings rise, it’s crucial that your services are being advertised correctly to potential clients. We have learned from clients that simplicity is key. Clients want to be in control and book their preferred photographer/videographer for the number of hours necessary to cover their special occasion. Here’s how to sell your services on Poptop and attract more bookings from clients:

3 Key Factors To Remember When Creating Your Photo & Video Services

  1. You Must Only Have One Service Listing Per Type Of Event

Having multiple wedding or birthday services will distract and confuse the client on their booking journey. If you offer photography/videography for different events, we advise creating only one separate service listing per type of event. An example would be having one service listing for weddings, one for private celebrations such as birthday parties and one for portrait or boudoir shoot if you offer these services. Within each service, you can add all the hours that the client can book you for, which they will be prompted to select when viewing your service onour catalogue.

  1. Move Any Add Ons To Your Extras Section

Keep in mind when clients come to Poptop they are searching for a photographer or videographer for their special day. They are searching for the professional and any addons like “wedding albums” or “USB wooden boxes” are not top of the client’s priority list. Avoid adding any of these details in your service description. These are dedicated to giving the client an idea about you and your photography or videography style. We advise adding any addons in the extras section of your service listing. Clients will be able to add on any extras when they are at the checkout section of the booking process.

  1. Add Relevant Quality Content To Your Service Listings

Adding quality content to your service listings will determine your success on Poptop. For example, if your service listing is offering “Wedding photography” make sure all photos reflect previous weddings you have shot at. If your service listing is offering “portrait shots” then make sure all photos added reflect previous clients you have shot portraits for.

Add High Quality Photos & Videos  – Add high caliber images & videos which will reflect well on your service. Avoid adding grainy or blurry photos which may put prospective clients off booking.

Streamline Your Description – Clients do not have time to read through lots of detail, so focus on what matters. You need an introduction about yourself and why you fell in love with photography or videography. We also advise adding a description which outlines your photography style and what makes it so unique. Remember – clients want to understand who the photographer or videographer is, so don’t be scared to show off your personality. 

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