Do you send lots of quotes, interact with a client, but can’t seem to secure those all-important bookings? The simple reason could lie in your profile. First impressions are incredibly important and your profile needs to be attractive to the client, it needs to hook them in and make them want you.  Extensive research shows that this makes your profile 15 times more likely to be viewed by a client.

“But how do I do this?” you may ask yourself, fear not for Poptop is on hand with our top tips on how to make a top-notch quality profile.

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Perfect Profile Features 📸

A related profile picture

It’s best to avoid using just a logo. A logo may look professional, but it doesn’t immediately tell the client what/who they are getting, which may discourage them.

Remember that you can add more photos to your profile, but make sure that your profile photo follows our tips below. There are two different options you can go to make the best impression.

A photo of you

100% Use: Live Music, Dance Acts, Magician, Children’s Entertainment, DJ

Could Use: Catering, Event Staff, Bars (if with customers)

Clients are drawn to a warm friendly face. This is especially important when you provide a service such as live music or dance. The client won’t want to know what your logo is, or what equipment you use, they want to know who you are.

If you don’t want to use a “posed” shot, you could use one “in action” e.g. band playing live, magician interacting with customers, dance act show etc.

Make sure that the photo:

  • Is clear
  • Is up to date
  • Only includes related people (so not your family, or your dog)
  • Does not include any contact details or website/social media links

A photo of the service you provide

100% Use: Transport, Caricaturist, Photo/Video, Photobooth, Marquee and Tent, Games and Activities, Event Equipment.

Could Use: Catering, Bars (if the photo is of the food/drinks you serve)

Clients want to know what is it they’re getting. If you’re a catering supplier, you’ll want a photo of your food that will entice the customer and make their mouth water.

Make sure that the photo:

  • Is clear
  • Is up to date
  • Looks appetizing (Catering etc)
  • Doesn’t include any copyrighted branding (that’s not your own)

Accurate & related tags/subcategories✔

These are important so that we know exactly what it is that you do, so we can send the right kinds of requests your way.  You don’t want to be getting a request for “Private Chef” when you’re a Street Food van.

If you sing and play guitar choose “Singing Guitarist”. If you’re a covers band that plays any kind of event, choose “Function & Wedding Band”.

A caterer might use “Private Chef” or “Afternoon Tea”.

Add all that apply to you, but try not to go overboard as too many tags can be a bad thing as it may result in you not getting as many requests as people may think “surely they can’t do ALL of that?”. (If you do in fact DO lots of different things, let us know).


Reviews are vital and instrumental in getting those all-important bookings. A client can be put off if you don’t have reviews on your profile, they want to know what other clients think of you.

Verified reviews can be added by your clients that book through Poptop, so always encourage your clients to do so. They show that not only we trust you, but so do clients. You can also add past client testimonials.

A Photo Album🖼

Your profile photo may have enticed the client in, but more photos are great. If you do more than one thing, this will be a chance to show off your talents and/or services to the client. Clients tend to avoid profiles with no photo album. Yes, you may have a great profile photo, but if there’s nothing else, this will discourage them. 

Remember that, just like your profile photo, the photos should:

  • Be clear (It’s 2018, so try not to use photos which are so pixelated as they resemble a bad jigsaw puzzle that you do not want to solve 😉)
  • Be up to date
  • Show what you do


Videos are a great way to show off things that a picture just can’t AND they increase your chances of getting noticed by clients. This is especially important for suppliers that perform (Dance Acts, Live Music Acts, DJs etc). Try to have more than one video uploaded, to really give clients that “wow factor”.


The option of adding audio clips is perfect for musicians’ profiles. Here you can upload your own songs or covers without limits of time and quantity. If you are working in a few genres, try to upload audios for all of them. If you have Soundcloud profile, don’t miss the opportunity to add it to your listing.

Don’t add too many though! Too much choice may discourage the client as it can look messy.

Set List

Here you can add a detailed list of services you provide. For example, musicians can add a list of songs they perform and caterers can add a standard menu.


We recommend that you add your price guide with all information regarding how your fee can change. Assume that clients are sometimes unaware of the standard costs for event services, so feel free to write a more detailed price list, it will increase the relevance of requests you receive.

The Perfect Profile Description📝

Once you have added all the features that you need to, it’s time to focus on the description. It’s all well and good having photos, tags and reviews etc but without a great description, clients will be wary. Here are our top tips on how to!


  • Company info
  • Company history & experience
  • Specialities/unique features
  • 8 – 20 lines
  • 150 – 200 words
  • Keyword phrases
  • Make it personal
  • Be easy to read with line breaks and short sentences

We’ve included two examples below to help you along:

Example No.1 – Catering

We are a small, family-owned company that specialises in Hog Roast event catering. My wife and I share over 30 years of experience in the catering industry. Now we spend most of our summer months touring the south of the UK, catering for various weddings and festivals.

We have a full mobile smoker suitable for a plethora of foods, and we operate from a small, fully equipped, decorative trailer – we call her Dorris! All certificates and insurance policies are in place, and we only serve the best organic ingredients – none of the nasty stuff!

With that being said, take a look at our photos and menu options below. We look forward to receiving your request.

Example No. 2 – Live Music (Band)

We are a funky, New Orleans-influenced Brass Band who play a mix of well-known pop songs, classic swing and jive numbers and original material, all performed in our own style.

We’re made up of seven professional musicians from Leicester, who, with a combined musical experience of over 60 years (!!!), have been playing together now for over 5 years. Our sound features horns, percussion, and a sousaphone, coming together to create the mighty ensemble which we are.

We are also fully self-contained and mobile, which means we can perform at gigs all over the county. So, be it a wedding or a festival, a castle or a field, tell us about your event and we’ll show you why we may be a perfect choice.

The Other (Important) Stuff


After your profile is ready, there is one more factor which has an important influence on the client’s choice — your professional reputation!

Fortunately, with Poptop it’s easy to get recognised! The more bookings and positive reviews you have, the better your rating on the supplier’s list is. You even have a great chance to receive some of our fantastic special Poptop Awards! They include Instant Responder, Best of the Year and Featured.


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❗Remember to keep your profile updated! Regularly update your information and visual materials on your profile in order to keep clients up-to-date with your services and achievements.














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