Over the last 3 months, we have received over 10,000 requests for our catering suppliers. This has now well become one of our most popular categories. So, we wanted to create a guide for you on how you should be submitting your quotes, and some Poptop tips, that will be sure to increase your conversion rate.

We do admit that in the past catering suppliers may have found it difficult to send an attractive and appealing quote. We are pleased to say this is no longer a problem with our latest update. You may ask:

How does your latest update benefit caterers?

  • You can now attach menus, photos, videos to quote templates
  • You can now attach menus, photos, videos when submitting a quote
  • You can now attach menus, photos, videos to messages

Our latest update gives you no restriction on what can be sent to clients. You can now WOW potential clients with a variety of menus and photos of your yummy food. Follow these Poptop tips, and watch your conversion rate increase:

Tips On How To Attract The Client

  • Always submit a quote – Yes, I repeat always submit a quote. This is so important as the client will respond to physical quotes and not just messages. Remember, clients are using Poptop to receive quotes. Even if there are not enough details, submit a quote for the menu you believe would suit the event. (Clients can not “Book Now” if a quote has not been submitted)
  • Attach photos and menus to quotes – Give the clients options of menus to choose from and close the booking with photos of the amazing food you can serve on the day. The clients want to feel as if they can taste the food.
  • Tailor your quote to the clients’ event requirements – For example, if the client is looking for a certain type of food e.g BBQ. Include a BBQ menu with prices and photos of previous BBQ food you have cooked. Let them know that you should be the caterer for their event.
  • Include a menu in the description – Include the food you can offer to the client in the description. If you can propose several options, submit a quote for one menu and include all the rest as attachments, you can always submit a quote or edit later.Take a look below for examples of the perfect quote!

Quote example 1

Quote example 2

As you can see from the quote submitted above, they have been specifically submitted to meet the clients needs. The client has the option to view menus and look at the food that they could potentially be eating on the day. Now, I know you are wondering:

Will this take up a lot of my time?

No, you can now attach menus and photos to your quote templates. We advise to create different templates for your different menus and as many different options as possible. This may take some time now, but once created, you will be able to submit a quote straight away and become an instant responder.

Example Of Quote Templates

The next step is to go to go and set up your quote templates straight away. Remember, you are more likely to receive a booking if you respond before your competitor.

Go and update your quote templates now >

Finally any questions, or if you would like our supplier specialist to take a look at your quotes/quote templates please email james@poptop.uk.com


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