Dear Suppliers,

Following the latest announcement of the lockdown, we would like to issue a statement directly from the whole team at Poptop.

We can all agree that 2020 has been a devastating year for our industry. Due to COVID-19, the events industry has basically come to a halt, with restrictions stopping us from creating wonderful and memorable experiences for all our clients. We are all partners at the end of the day, and we understand your frustrations and struggles as our industry has been shown very little support and we really have been heavily affected by COVID.

At Poptop, we want to assure you that we certainly do see light at the end of the tunnel. Post COVID-19 we believe the UK’S private events market is going to flourish and bloom. Social life is a massive part of British culture, always has been and always will be. We have clear evidence every time restrictions are lifted – clients are coming back in their numbers looking to plan and enjoy special moments once again in their life.

During this time we must stay resilient and look forward to the busier days ahead. Once COVID-19 improves, we will all have a huge mission and task ahead of us. It will be upto us within the events industry to help support people’s mental health and social life by encouraging people to start having a great time by simply doing what we do best. 

At Poptop, the whole team has pledged that we will use this time to keep improving our service and product no matter what. We have built the world’s very first “request to book” marketplace and we are keeping to our plan to release to our most requested features ASAP for you.

When the events industry returns – our commitment is to have the best performing product – so you, our suppliers, can enjoy getting booked for what you love doing. We honestly can not wait for live events to return, so we can showcase all your skills and start spreading joy throughout the UK again. At any stage, you would like to discuss any topics or need any advice please feel free to contact the team.

–Poptop team


  1. John Blandford Reply

    perhaps the best way you can support us is by reducing your commission back down to its previous level.

    • I agree with John. I would also suggest that the commission should be based on our performer charge before adding travel costs, as I have found this can end up pushing the price too high, and taking my own margins as a performer far too close to the bone.
      When the country and the world return to live in-person events, anyone hiring us will be on a budget because of the global economic situation. We need to get ahead of the curve and consider pricing which is attractive to our clients, credible to support Poptop and also fair to the performers.

  2. darren graham Reply

    Yes I agree with the above, if we could sell a package online it would be superb and make us all money.
    I would like to see a package where you could sell a zoom session online.

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